Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yukky weigh in, yummy dinner anticipation

I promise to be refreshingly short on verbiage today - after the  extreme verbosity of yesterday!  Only a couple things to report:

1.  Weigh in today was not as horrible as I feared, but still craptastical - 210.0, after being 206.6 last Sunday.  The last 3 days I ate all kinds of crap, as well as at least one meal out each day.  Today I'm tracking my food - though not my Points+.  Have a 3+ mile walk planned with a friend in a couple hours.

2.  I came close to expiring this morning...from laughing.  Went to see Bridesmaids with a friend - absolutely hysterical.  Well cast, well written, well done.  Just what I needed - and maybe I even laughed off some calories?!?

3.  I'm currently unable to locate my digital camera, which takes much better food pics than my iphone.  If it shows up soon I'll take a picture of the crock pot garbanzo bean and assorted vegetables soup I threw together this morning, after soaking dried beans for 24 hours.  Never have used dried g. beans before, and I totally winged this concoction - combining ingreds. that sounded good from several googled recipes.  I'm optimistic though, because upon entering the house after the movie, the aroma is HEAVENLY.

4.  To go with the soup, I'm cooking a big pot of collard greens.  My time in Atlanta and eating at a couple of fantastic southern style restaurants rekindled my appetite for veggies cooked southern style - with a little ham or bacon for flavor.  Don't worry, I'm keeping it very lean, using thawed ham leftover from Easter.  It's cut up fine with all visible fat removed.  Be still my stomach!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I'll report on tonight's labor intensive but totally worth it dinner tomorrow.


  1. Dried beans are the bomb. Much better (IMNSHO) than canned, not mushy, not salty, and a definite "tooth" to them that you just can't get from a can. I'm even growing black-eyed peas this year! (Garbanzos aren't worth the trouble!)

  2. Collard greens! Never had them. Do love me some cornbread though.

  3. I'm waiting for the report--your soup sounds delish!

  4. Have you ever crumbled up cornbread and put milk and sugar on it as a breakfast cereal? Yum, Yum, Yum.

  5. Bridesmaids was so freaking funny - glad you liked it, too!

  6. It's on my list of movies to see! And what time is dinner? I'll be right over! Sounds delicious.

  7. Anonymous24 May, 2011

    Don't worry about the weight gain - you'll get back into your routine. :D

    The groom's sister, Megan, made the movie for me - I found out she's Megan McCarthy's cousin and she's from Chicago!

    Hugs to you! :D

  8. I want to see that movie once my daughter gets home we can have a girls night out!