Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gray lady down...no UP

2 days in a row of posting!  That's a record for me in the last few months.  I'm having a quiet day at work (know that I knocked on real and fake wook for saying that!) and thought I'd update a couple of other things I've talked about lately.

One is exercise - as I said yesterday, I've been doing very well with moving more, and after work I grabbed the dog and we hoofed it for 4 miles at a very brisk pace.  Only problem was that it feels like late July here instead of early fall - it was 82, and humid as a sauna!  My clothes were heavy with sweat when I peeled them off upon our return.  I am ready for highs in the low 60s, damn it!  Then I can really kick some a$$ with fast walking and outdoor moving.  Honestly, once I got home and did some stretching, I just laid on the floor with a fan blowing directly on my underwear-only-clad body for about 20 minutes (sorry for the unfortunate visual that may have conjured..).  I felt drained! 

After a shower and a little more down time I rejuvenated, and got to fixing a nice meal for vegetarian sonny boy who got into Philly about 8:30 last night.  He was a sight for eyes - looking excrutiatingly handsome though in need of a shave (think tennis pro Rafa Nadal - and I'm not kidding), and very happy from a great visit with his sister in the DR.  But also he gave me a lovely big hug, and I shot up a major prayer of gratitude for him, his safe journey, and the fact that he seemed happy to be back!

Mark's return was appreciated most, probably, but the dog, Wally.  Some months back we received Wally at the Atlanta airport from the DR, as Jean, our daughter in the Peace Corps, wasn't able to keep him once she relocated to the capital city.  Wally is a little over 2, and of the countless varieties of canine that comprise him, at least 50% is greyhound.  He runs like the wind, and Mark plays with him all the time - throwing a frisbee that Wally can actually jump and catch in the air.  In Mark's absence, Wally has been stuck with his "grandparents" who walk him and let him off the leash in big fields - but no where near the level of playtime that his "Uncle Mark" affords him.  Mark wasn't in the door 5 minutes before they went out in the backyard for some frisbee in the dark time!

The other thing I wanted to update on is the progress on my new OLD hair color.  Recall a month ago (?) that I finally made the decision to kick the dye bottle to the curb in favor of going au naturel.  Needless to say the gray is making an increasing appearance, esp. since I got a trim last week.  It's taking longer than I expected, but with the colored hair being replaced at the scalp by gray, it's taken on a sort of frosted appearance that I actually like.  Maybe I'll do something temporary once I see how it looks all grown out to maintain that look.  No more permanent dye though - I've sworn it off.  Here's a few pics taken just now - and also because of the humidity my hair is doing this weird wavy thing -

Yikes!  Girlfriend is getting grayer by the hour!  Worst thing to happen is that I'll decide to return to the dark side, but hopefully not.  I stood up so the light was shining right into my hair - my scalp isn't ever as evident as it appears here - let's pray the hair doesn't get thinner as it makes its big transition!

Finally - I had a GREAT food day yesterday - no snacking or bingeing.  Woke up in the middle of the night starving...a friend once told me that when your stomach feels that empty, you're losing weight.  Whatever - I didn't get up and eat anything.  I just revelled in that all too unfamiliar feeling.


  1. Hi Leslie! I know it's no to coloring your hair, but couldn't you just dye it all gray so that you don't have to grow it out so long? Or is that against your principle here?

    :-) Marion

  2. Oprah used to say that you had to go to bed with that little nagging hungry feeling to lose weight. I still remember that. Just wish I'd follow her advice sometime! My hair is much thinner now than it used to be. You know it is bad when your husband comments:( But, I've seen my future in my mom and I know what's coming. BTW - whenever I get too close to my hair appointment she always reminds me that gray is not my color. Leave it to a mom to tell it like it is.

  3. I admire your tenacity in going forth with the greyness.... every month as I color my hair I consider it but I'm not sure I'd have your patience!

    I don't know why we resist feeling hunger. At least for me, food always tastes better when I eat and I'm actually hungry!

  4. I've had some or "more than some" gray since I was in my very early 30's. Coloring is the norm for me, but I try to stay right in my color range.

  5. Im hoping to stay STRONG and do the "just let all go gray"

    Id join ya:)


  6. You mentioned liking the "frosted" look as it grows out. I've had more and more gray for years, and since I didn't want to douse my head in chemicals, one thing I did was get one of those home frost kits, the kind with the little cap that has holes in them. I would just pull some thru and highlite those, and it sort of broke up the gray with frosted strands, sort of blending it all together. That might help with the transition?? I've had success with Clairol's Hairpainting Nice n Easy kit, or their Frosting kit for short hair.
    It didn't hurt that my when I wondered about the gray, my sweet hubby would call me his "silver fox", LOL!

  7. Hi, I braved the malware warning so I could let you know it's on here. It is probably linked to a blog you are following. Google will do a free scan to check it out and make sure nothing is wrong. Also, Lynn at Escape from Obesity has some instructions for fixing the problem. Good luck. Hope I can start following you again soon.