Thursday, June 7, 2012

Still alive and kicking

It's been awhile!  I have so much going on that to even try to recount it here would not do justice to any of it.  I'm still reading blogs, but despite having so much going on, I don't feel I have much of interest to say!  Weird.  So I'm just checking in to say I'm alive and well and maintaining around 209 right now.  Not good, but better than I've been.  I haven't had any binges for several weeks and I'm thrilled about that.  (Hope I'm not jinxing myself by writing it!)

As a quick follow up, Mark made it to his destination of Tblisi, Georgia, and is just now settling into his small town that is pretty close to the Black Sea.  He had some interesting travel experiences in Istanbul airport, where he discovered that his airline was on strike, thus angering many humans of all different nationalities.  He said it was like bunches of wild animals at the ticketing area where he had to get his flight rebooked because his plane from New York arrived 2 hours after his connection left.  Sounds harrowing, and I'm glad I knew nothing of it until he sent us the "proof of life" email assuring us he'd arrived at his final destination.

The daughter in the Peace Corps who is supposedly coming home on June 18th still is coming home, but it may be temporary as she's applied for a couple of jobs in the Dominican Republic.  Wha??????????  I could try to explain it all, but it would cause disinterested 3rd parties to glaze over quickly, so I'll spare you.  Suffice to say that there is never a dull moment in the realm of adult kids!

I just don't have the ooomph to write much more as words are often so inadequate to recount the vividness and essence of the day to day experiences.  I'm really trying to knock off 4 more pounds in the next 2 weeks - it won't change the world but it'll put me solidly back in 14s and able to wear a shitload of clothes that are just a little too snug right now.  A girl's gotta be able to breathe, you know?

I'll be checking back in soon.


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    1. Well, I have a couple pairs of 14 capris with elastic waists that I can definitely wear at that weight. And I'm 5'9'', so that helps! Mostly though, I guess it will be 16s. When I was 197 a couple of summers ago, I definitely could wear 14 capris from Kohls 0 I think Lees, or Gloria Vanderbilt.

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  2. LOL! Yes, wearing clothes you are able to breathe in is good-LOL!

  3. That's one thing about the blogs: We just don't get the full picture. 5'9"?? Oh how lovely! I am 5'2 3/4" I always add 1/4 inch to that, but it just doesn't help that much. I'm definitely short, and it's a problem in many ways, but it is what it is!!

    Glad your son had a safe arrival and an interesting trip. Have a great weekend!

  4. Breathing is awesome isn't it??? Even just a few pounds help so much with that. I'm shooting for 2 a week right now which I'm hoping will add up over time!! Have a great weekend. You can do it!!

  5. So glad your son got there safe and sound - your kids are such world travelers! I've stepped my foot into Canada, and that's about it! And I haven't been further west than DesMoines - how sad is that?!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Leslie!

  6. Soooooo chic! Check my blog sweetie and tell me if you wanna follow each others blog! Kisses