Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wheels still on

Yesterday I tracked every molecule that went into my belly, and I stayed just under my daily allotment!  Made wise choices to enable that and ate nothing after 7:30.  Striving for 7pm being the end of the affair, er eating for the day, but hubby often doesn't get home until almost 6:45 and if I'm being social I wait.  I told him last night that I want to eat by 6:30 when possible and he was fine with that.  For some reason he likes to eat dinner with me!

Why My Fitness Pal?  As I said yesterday, it is the most user friendly tracker my feeble brain has found, and it doesn't feel too full of itself.  I'm still getting to know my newest friend, but the entering of food, and particularly portion sizes, is so much easier than any other I've tried.  I'm feeling the pull to write it BEFORE I bite it (thanks Helen) and then have a couple minutes where I think that I need to catch up with what I've logged!  A mind game, but I'll take it.

What a world, where you can document this stuff anywhere, anytime!  Reason alone to have a smart phone. That, and Words With Friends, my other addiction.

Hard to believe it's Thursday already - this week has flown by.  (Yikes, did I just jinx the last 2 days of this week?)  Tonight I'm going to dinner with a friend, and I'm going to suggest Panera, where I can preview the day's soups and menu online and have it all tallied before I even get there.  I also have a power walk scheduled for right after work with another friend, so it should be a good day.

On a different note - this morning at 5:45, I checked my email and also checked to see if our son Mark (who is in the republic of Georgia) happened to be on Google chat.  I try several times daily and rarely find him there.  Today he was on, and we had a wonderful 45 minute talk.   He was talking to his girlfriend at the same time (who's in a village about an hour from his), so that's likely why he stayed on so long.  It was an amazing gift, and I learned more about his life and the country.

I'm off to eat my already logged Fage )% with strawberries - have a good day friends!


  1. Just keep doing it Leslie. 21 days to a new habit! Glad you got the chat with your son - a wonderful way to start your day.

  2. Great job! Something else to consider, if you're brave enough, is making your food diary public to your friends on MFP. Also, you can tweak the percentages of fat, carbs and protein. I found that the default values they have are pretty high on the carb side. Since I tend to eat lower on the the carb end, I changed it so it wasn't showing me in the red with my protein. You can also track your sugar (this was a huge eye opener for me). Just a few things you can customize to make MFP even better! Have a great day :)

    1. Thanks again, Tiffany. I'm heading over right now to look into those suggestions. I agree about the carbs, and I'm always (2 days in) high on protein.

  3. I love MFP as well.

    You are on a roll, just keep going, the good days add up.

  4. Yes, I am still reading:) Despite my apparent drop off the face of the blog world. Kudos to you on tracking and you might just inspire me now that I am the proud owner of a smart phone. (LOVE IT!!!!) But when I tried tracking in the past I could never find a program that I loved that much. Sigh.

  5. It happens to me also that I need to eat at a different time than the rest of the house. Sometimes it even happens that I have just eaten and then someone decides they want to go out (mostly this happens when oldest is home). I still participate. I just sit and drink water and chat. It took everyone else a little bit of time to be comfortable with this. But now they are. I can give them my undivided attention in listening. It is not that I am depriving myself. I just ate.

  6. I started tracking my food today. I am seeing a new doc after the first of the year and she is very nutrition oriented. I have not tracked since 2005-6 when I hated it. I am not hating it now. The numbers speak to me in very different ways as my relationship with them is very different.

    Very good job on your tracking. In a way it is talking to yourself and listening and I think that is always helpful.