Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fear Factor

I haven't forgotten about blogging, nor have I gone over the deep end with eating.  My food has been pretty good.  No bingeing, though I have had some items with sugar, so I can't claim abstinence from trigger substances.  Happily haven't been triggered, but I know that the result of ingesting a trigger food can happen days or even weeks down the road.  Whatever - I'm okay today and happy to have not had any binges since my post last Thursday.  I'm not expecting to get too many miles in walking this week as the forecast is that it will be hotter than the hinges of Hell - but I can do an exercise DVD if I get off my sorry ass the spirit moves me.

Perhaps one thing making it easier for me to resist the siren call of overeating right now is the fact that I have a mild toothache on the upper right side - the last molar in the back.  It's been subtle and on and off for about 9 days - disappearing completely for a couple days and then asserting itself into my consciousness for a few hours here and there.  It responds perfectly well to ibuprofen, but I haven't had to use it more than once a day, and not even every day.  But I know this isn't going away...

This doesn't sound like a big deal except for one thing...I'm dental phobic.  Or should I say DENTAL PHOBIC, as in terrified of going to the dentist.  My dentist is a lovely kind funny man who caters to cowards - and yet I tremble at the thought of even picking up the phone and making the app't.  So I haven't.

I didn't grow up being this way.  One of my elementary school classmate's dad was the dentist to the masses at Madeira Beach Elementary School, and I had perfectly fine visits with him.  No fear, no pain, no emotional trauma.  I never needed braces.  I'm not sure when this all kicked in but I think it was when I was living in my mid 20s and went to a friend's boyfriend who had just opened his own dental practice.  I'm sure he was perfectly well trained and competent, but after working to do a root canal for 2 hours, he informed me, "I can't save this tooth," and ended up pulling it out.  That may have been the inception of my phobia.

Anyway - I need to call and get an appointment.  But the thought of having little metal items picking at my teeth literally sends shivers up my spine - I have goose bumps just typing about it.  You can imagine that feeling as I do about the dentist means that I'm slightly over due for a visit - like about 4 years!  I'm not this way about anything else.  I was just telling a work friend about my phobia, and she said she'd rather have a C-Section than go to the dentist, to which I replied that I'd rather have an unmedicated vaginal birth - and I'm not kidding. 

Am I the only blogger with this affliction?  And are you thinking that I'm the MOST neurotic blogger, if not human being, EVER?  I guess I need a pep talk, but no horror stories, please.  I have to make this appointment in the next day or so - maybe for next week to give me time to wring my hands and gnash my teeth in fear.  Thanks for listening!


  1. There are dentists now that will sedate you. They market especially to those like you who are afraid. You might check the yellow pages of your phone book or get on-line to find one of these or maybe your regular dentist would provide this service. The tooth will only get worse so take care of it.

  2. Anonymous19 July, 2011

    Haha. (Remember that I have poor vision--and I forget that I have poor vison so try to skim. always with poor results. Go figure.)

    When I "skimmed" the opening line of downsizer's comment, I thought "sedate" was "seduce." As I zipped past that, I suddenly put on the brakes and thought, "Wait. What?" Too funny. Just lol.

    Stil chuckling. But, on to the comment, I am also dentist phobic. And it seems that once I have a few okay visits and start to relax (not the right word, more like start to not hyperventilate as much) it seems like I have yet another bad experience and I'm back to super-freakout anxiety.

    I haven't been to a dentist in two years. sigh. I wish you well....and w/out dental seduction!


  3. You are not the only blogger with this phobia. I'm right there with you and it started for the very same reason - a root canal gone horribly, horribly, horribly awry. When I even THINK about that event, I want to simultaneously cry and kill that cussed man.

    I have improved greatly in the past. I keep some meditations on my iPod to listen to while in the chair, plus I now have an awesome dentist who does understand the phobias.

  4. I have heard of many others with this fear, so rest assured you are not alone. I actually talk about my own teeth in the next thumbs post, probably coming Thursday. I also have some intermittent pain but can't figure out which darn tooth or teeth and neither can the dentist. His suggestion is to replace the crown he thinks mostly likely is the culprit and hope that's it. NOT!

  5. As everyone has said, you're not alone. I don't know about comparing it to giving birth. But I'm pretty sure you won't have stretch marks when you're done.

  6. I HATE going to the dentist! The only person who was more scared of the dentist than me was my husband. I went because then my husband had to face his fears.

    Also we pay a nice chunk of change for Delta Dental each month, so we feel we better use it or we are wasting a lot of money.

    Good luck! :-) Marion

  7. I have been suffering with my teeth and have a dreaded appt. next month. I'm not really afraid of anything besides the cost :( Time to suck it up and do it though. Hope your appt goes well!

  8. Tooth pain makes me cranky - and that eventually gets me to the dentist, even though I don't like it. Maybe they can give you some happy gas so you don't care what they are doing - I understand that stuff wears off as soon as they turn it off, so maybe it would be ok?

  9. You are so not alone! My dentist had to order nitrous oxide for me so they could finish my cavity filling. I was so stressed I was bawling!! I also have to bring someone with me to hold my hand...it's crazy!!! (But it helps!)

  10. I don't share that particular phobia. But I do know the pain of phobias. I'm thinking of you!

  11. I neglected my dental health for years while I was drinking, and the result is predictable: I'm terrified of going to the dentist and my teeth are in bad shape, to say the least. I've found a dentist who has been good about working with me (not a sedation practice, though). I consider this whole issue one of my consequences.

  12. do I have the date right?
    Happy birthday?

  13. I have severe Dental Phobia too with good reason but I won't go into the gory (expensive) details. I've been putting off major dental work for years and tend to wait until the pain is unbearable before making the call. The anticipation and dread is usually worse than the actual visit. Hope your trip to the chair is quick, painless and inexpensive. Good luck!