Friday, February 4, 2011

Blogger Blooper?

2 people in the comments from yesterday noted that my background was blue - which it definitely isn't, but I had the SAME problem!  I don't know what happened, but for a few hours I couldn't read anything on my own blog.  It had to be a Blogger issue, but I am to tech-norant (tech ignorant) to know what it was or even how to communicate with Blogger about it.  I'm so sorry for the people who could read the post because it could have changed your lives!!! untrue, but the situation is very annoying for me.  I seem to have more issues with Blogger than the a-ver-age bear, and it may be my ignorance, but it also may be Blogger's blooper, to say it in a very unwarranted kind way. 

Lately there are a lot of blogs with the word verification that when I go to comment there is no word to verify so you have to go through the annoying process of sending it with no word verification, receive blogger's angry message that what you typed was wrong even though you typed nothing because THEY DIDN'T HAVE A WORD TO VERIFY - etc...  Sorry for the mini rant but this plays with my head big time.  It's actually beginning to make me want to switch to Wordpress, but I don't know if I can keep the whole blog and archives if I do that.  Any technomarvels out there?  Plus it even irritates me to have to type so many words about THEIR problem.

Okay - glad I got that off my chest!  And I want to be able to put a smiley face in that isn't a collection of cleverly arranged punctuation - how do I do THAT?  Maybe I need a professional to sit and guide me through the process.  I'm a very quick study, even with computer matters, but this stuff is definitely not intuitive for me!

Just slid back into mini rant - but I think I'm done and can move on.  Let it go, Leslie!!  But when the amazing Miz (Carla) can't read my post, know that I'm going in with bloxing gloves.

Both my special meals yesterday were GREAT.  And with both, I have no real idea how to quantify the points - with some stuff I could, but I've decided to rack them up as TILT (think pinball machines that go into hypermode at times, and yes, I'm dating myself).  I know I'm well beyond by 29 daily plus 49 for the week, but I also know that my eating has still been mostly on track most days.  I've done well 4 out of the 6 so far this week, and after today where I WILL stay on plan, it will be 5 out of 7.  That is such an improvement for me from what I was doing in December and beyond that I refuse to feel bad or engage in any self pummeling about it.

One thing I think I will do is something that Vickie and Baby Steps V sugeested which is to weigh Sunday morning at WW rather than Saturday.  That way I have an extra day to work off the sodium and assorted other items that may obscure my weight tomorrow morning.  Maybe that's a little gamey, but I have to play the cards I'm dealt, and if I show a gain tomorrow, or even a maintain after the good overall week I had, my eating disordered head will take the info and run with it!  Crazy yes - but better to know thyself than not!
Of course I'll post my weight on Sunday.

The other thing that I've noticed this week is that the lovely scale in my bathroom is not tempting me at all these days.  Again, it's knowing what my mind can do with the info that makes me not only NOT interested in weighing, but almost terrified to jump on my own prognosticator of doom or joy.  I think for now that's a good thing.  I also know that once I'm back in Onederland, that will likely change back to my usual magnetic attraction to the Scale God.

That's it for me...bring on 2:30 when my weekend begins! 


  1. Your blog was blue yesterday and today - but if you highlight (right click) you can at least read it. I wonder if it's something with the design template? Frustrating, for sure!

  2. So you're still dark blue, which you usually are when I come to read. So I highlight the text and then that turns white and I can read. I vote you change your template, as much as I like it when it's working right!

    I totally understand the TILT reference both figuratively and in reality!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I had to read you in my reader today, dear blue friend. So, I'm not techy but I can tell you that if you switch to WP you CAN transfer all your posts and comments pretty easily. If you decide to check it out, email me and I'll help as much as I can. Blogger frustrates me as a commenter because it often gives me an error message. Sigh. Glad your meals went so well:)

  4. Hey, girlie. Still blue. I was able to read your post by double clicking on it. It highlighted to white letters. :)

    Otherwise nave background with red letters. ugh.

    If you click HELP a screen will come up. Somewhere, and I can't remember, there's a line that says "Something's Broken" YOu'll want to click on that and type out your problem.

    After you initially click HELP, you may have to look on the right-hand side for a listing that includes the words "Help forum" If that's there, click on that and then the listing with the something is broken comes up.

    Sorry I can't be more specific. I have to flail around with it everythime I use it.


  5. For some reason I always have a hard time reading your blog. So I just select everything and it's easier for me. I don't complain cause it's usually worth the effort. :)

    I weigh in on Fridays so that I can counteract the bad eating on the weekends. The weekends are always the worst for me. I usually eat all my weekly cheat points. Do what's right for you and it will all work out!

  6. It's not blue now. Usually when I come to your site, it is initially blue, but when the page finishes loading it turns tan again. Almost like the blue is an old template and the tan was layered over it?

    Polar's Mom

  7. I'm seeing blue too but I think it's your template. Anyway, glad things are going well for you! Keep going strong...

    P.S. To make a smiley face like this ☺ hold down the Alt key and press 1 on the ten key pad at the same time. To make a ♥ press Alt 3.

  8. Yep, navy blue background for me too... Like the rest, highlighting the text makes it easier to read. :o)

    Hope you have a good weigh-in!

  9. Blue yesterday, back to normal today. I had something wierd happen on blogger, too, where a square with something about photobucket showed up. I went and changed templates until I found one where that didn't show up. It's actually still there, underneath, but at least it's gone after everything is done loading.

    Glad you're pleased with how things went yesterday!

  10. You were blue for me yesterday, but not today. I always attributed it to something that I was doing - clicking in the wrong place. And yes, that annoying thing happens where it takes about five submits to finally get a comment to "stick". I think that's the cause of some of my comments disappearing.

    You are sounding so good, Leslie.

  11. I did have issues reading your posts with a weird background thing earlier in the week - but if you 'highlight' the post (as if you are getting ready to copy it), the text pops out and it is easily readable.

    my favorite thing about the word verifications is - it accounts for those of us having a bad day. have you noticed if you miss it, the next one is in bigger, plainer text and has less complex letters? it keeps getting simpler with more tries.

  12. I couldn't read your blog either, but now it's fine. Glad your scale isn't calling you. For some reason I'm not as tempted to weigh between weigh days - whew.

  13. No problems reading today, so that's a good thing; however I completely understand the frustration when I go to post on a Blogger blog and submit everything I'm supposed to when POOF everything I've written disappears. That is the worst! Karen has a good point if you ever decide to move to WP. It's so much better than Blogger but I understand the headache of moving everything over. Hope you have a great weekend :)