Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Rag-a-logue

This has been a crazy winter for me, and the last 3 days are no exception.  Friday we had an inservice day with no clients - just some welcome down time having staff meetings and then presentations on some different topics.  I woke up feeling great - perfectly normal, but after sitting in the first meeting for about 20 minutes, I started feeling very weird and light headed.  I kept thinking it would pass, but it didn't, so I finally decided to take the last 4 hours of my day as a sick day.  Lightheadedness was the only symptom, but it was unnerving.

As I was driving the 5 minutes home, it dawned on me that I'd had that fall on the ice less than 2 weeks ago and maybe I should call my family doc and just see if he thought I should come in and get checked.  I talked to his tech and ran the whole thing by.  She was going to talk to him but thought he'd want me to come in.  Well, 2 hours later she called me back to report he said I should go to the emergency room immediately.  Really?  Are you kidding?  By then I was definitely feeling a bit better, but being a dutiful patient, hubby and I headed off to the local ER - the same one I went to the morning I hit my head.

It was open season in the ER, just packed with a horrifying variety of everything from broken fingers to what appeared to be life threatening conditions.  Because I was a possible "head", I got triaged fast by the same guy who'd triaged me 2 weeks prior.  We had a great rapport, and given that all seemed intact on me, he very nicely expedited me getting another head CAT scan.  He said if it was normal I'd go right to Fast Track and home, but if there was any change, I'd obviously have to come into the real ER - God forbid. 

Within 10 minutes I was being whisked off to get the scan, so I was thinking I'd be out in a flash (God willing!).  I came back and took my seat next to hubby in the waiting room, and then...not 1, not 2, but 3 hours later I finally got called to Fast Track.  By that time, my lightheaded was gone, and my biggest affliction was extreme pangs of hunger from not eating since about 6:30 a.m.  It was now almost 5!  During those 3 hours, we sat among bloody fingers, screaming babies, a serious eye injury and several folks who had loud hacking terrible coughs and respiratory symptoms.  I felt like I should get up and help some of these folks, and in fact helped an older lady get to the bathroom because she was limping terribly, and her ride had left.
I actually wondered if hubby was going to come down with something from the exposure to all the exploding germs and sickness...he tends to be a big baby if he so much as sneezes, so I was thinking purely of my own welfare.

Obviously the scan was fine, and off we went home.  I felt good enough at that point to have a yogurt and then take the dog for a 2 mile walk.  All was well, until I woke up Saturday morning with a distinct sore throat.  I decided to will it away, and carried on with my planned catch up activities from the lost Friday in the ER.  But as the dare wore on, my nose got stuffy, I got a bit achy, and was clearly getting something.  Saturday night I hacked, coughed and literally had to stuff my nostrils with tissue to keep them from constantly draining.  Just a bad cold, which on me invariably ends up with a sinus infection, and now I realize that was likely the cause of my lightheadness Friday.  I was a mess Saturday night, and Sunday after dragging myself to WW for my weigh in, spent all day on the couch sniffling, trying to get Afrin into my totally occluded nostrils...really lovely.  I literally watched 4 sequential 2 hour McBride movies on the Hallmark movie channel!  Very edifying, let me tell you.

This morning I'm a little better, and decided to get my sorry self up, shower and go to my morning meeting.  Just having stood in the steam of the shower helped clear my head some.  I started on an antibiotic yesterday that I always have to go on if I get a sinus infection, so I should be covered as far as being contagious, though sinus infections tend to not be anyway.

I'm starting to think I need to enter the geriatric blogging community (is there one?) instead of the weight loss community!  I'm really tired of being an endless rag with complaining, falling and being sick!  As I used to tell the frequent flyer kids when I was a school nurse...I'm the sickest healthy person I know.  Not really...but I'm just ready for warm weather and being able to walk around without fear of black ice that lands me in sickness infused waiting rooms!

On to my weigh in - the reason I was determined to get there yesterday morning was that I had a good week, and I was hoping for a big loss (~2-3 lbs?).  Well - to add insult to injury, my loss was .6 lbs.  Not stellar, but better than a gain.  I was annoyed, but not deterred in any way.

My big task today is going to be spending probably upwards of 2 hours on the phone with Dell's tech support getting my laptop off the critical list.  I really dread it - was going to do it yesterday but just didn't have it in me.  I feel like I've lost an arm not having it - which is utterly ridiculous.  But not having it is another reason my blogging has been sparse this weekend.  Hopefully later I'll be able to catch up on other blogs - but our only other computer is the desk top that hubby is on all day for work.  Since it's a holiday, maybe he won't be needing it as much.

Here's to a great week for everyone.


  1. Glad to know it was nothing serious with your head but sorry that you have a cold. Ugh. I'd bet that your weight loss was off a bit because the cold was coming on.

  2. Sorry about the cold. I hate those so much and especially hate how they can hang on forever. Sorry you WL was less than you expected, but I bet you will make up for it next week.

  3. Yikes! As for that loss, sorry it is not more, but it is a loss and you are going in the right direction:)

  4. Sorry you're not feeling well, but it was very smart of you to have yourself checked out after a bump on the head. Colds are so miserable! Going to the WW meeting when you were not feeling well is certainly a sign of your commitment to your weight loss program. It soundds like you're doing well. Take care of yourself!

  5. I have an inner ear issue on my right side, so any type of sinus issue and I am dealing with dizzies, so I can relate. Glad fall didn't didn't do anything more serious, and smart of you to think of it!

  6. So sorry you are sick! You are congested, my dear. Of course that affected your weight. ;)

    I know how you feel about geriatric blogs; some days I feel that way too. LOL

  7. What a weekend! I hate ER waiting rooms for that very reason - afraid I'm going to catch something worse than what I went in for! Glad your head is ok, now hope your sinuses clear up. :)

  8. Sorry about the cold - and hey, a loss is a loss! And you can't always expect the weight loss to show up just on the day you weigh in.

    I was looking over my WW books from 11 years ago when I lost 70 pounds, and sure enough, I'd have three weeks in a row of -.8, -.9 and then I'd have a -4.2, then small numbers again.

    hang in there!

  9. I hear ya about the geriatiric blogging. I'm wearing a heart monitor as I type this. Palpatations. sigh. I think it's anxiety, but MD wants to be sure. sigh. It's certainly not from lack of food.... groan.

    Feel better. Bad scale!