Monday, March 18, 2013

Don't even get me started

I was all set to write this morning but have had a work day where all hell broke lose early and is just now settling down.  Oh well, they call it Monday for a reason...

I don't have a whole lot today other than to say I'm still checking my blood sugar and have gotten my fastings down to 101, except for this morning when I couldn't test because I ran out of strips.  Now before all the naysayers rally to accuse me of not being prepared and not owning my truth, I can honestly say running out of test strips was not my fault.  I got my glucometer last Wednesday afternoon at my primary care doc's office.  It came with 10 lancets and 10 test strips.

The nurse practitioner gave me scripts for full bottles of testing strips and for the lancets with which one pricks one's finger to obtain one's blood specimen for testing.  (And yes, you may assume from my increasingly crisp verbiage I am in a snit over this episode...)  Saturday morning I took the Rxs to the drug store.  When I went to pick up the stuff, the pharmacy tech asked, "You just had the one prescription??"  I answered that it was really 2, with the strips and the lancets.  Well.  The pharmacist stepped over and told me that they couldn't fill the testing strips until they were precertified by my insurance company.  Are you kidding me?  They're more than happy to pay for the lancets to get the blood, but not the strips to test the blood?

I'm not lying - the pharmacist said this happens all the time.  The strips are expensive - the lancets aren't, so they (the insurance companies) give the patient the runaround and add to the bullshit nonsense busy-work for the busy primary care practice to have to call in and get a precert. for the strips.  In a million years it wouldn't have occurred to me that there would be any problem at all getting test strips for blood sugar.  This is such an example of the absolute shambles in which our country is regarding access to basic healthcare and such.

Had I known there would be drama getting my test strips, I'd have brought home my glucometer from work again, but being a rational sentient being, I assumed it would be a non-issue for a type 2 diabetic to get blood sugar test strips.  So until my precert "comes in", I will be using my work meter for the morning fastings.

It's almost time for me to go home from work and I have errands to do, so I'll stop for now.  But I have a lot of thoughts about being almost 2 full weeks in to fully acknowledging and accepting and OWNING my type 2 and dealing with it.  And also some observations of how I'm feeling physically as I clean up my food and other aspects of my act!


  1. That is just ridick, re the testing strips! Glad you have a back-up available to you.

    You are doing well! You have this! :)

  2. Be careful about taking/packing your breakfast if you have to fast until you get to work, I have a hard time when I get out of the routine on simple things like that. You sound focused and steady. Good job.

    I have one doctor's office where the doctor's office is NEVER on top of likely pit falls like your script. I make them fax the script and then I call the pharmacy while I am still at the doc office to see what the problem is. Because really doc office should have warned you to take the script in on day one (while you still had 10) or should have given you more.

  3. Ugh! There should be a better way on those strips.Glad you are keeping track and looking at what is working. Owning it is tough, and the outcome will be very worth it- IMO.


  4. Hope you have a good weekend