Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My new bestie

FBS this morning - 109!  Woot! 

No work today.  Doctor appointments 10:30 and 3.  The glucometer, my worst enemy for several years and thereby relegated to my INACTIVE file has moved to BFF status.  Afterall, don't real friends support and encourage, steadfastly hang in when we stray, and always care enough to tell us the truth, even when it hurts? 

Happy Tuesday, all!


  1. Your BFF is made of awesome. Woo Hoo! Happy Tuesday, Leslie. I hope your appts today go well.

  2. Nice! Amazing how you can look at your BFF in a new light now. :)

    Good luck at your appointments today.

  3. Glad your BFF is giving you good info so you can make data driven choices. Safe travels.

  4. Very well said, Leslie. I will adopt your attitude. My best friend is giving better news every day!

  5. Hi Leslie! You know, I've read a lot of blog posts. Like a mountain of them. Rarely, I notice someone who is truly making a super huge change. And I really think that *you* are. I think this attitude of yours is not just a superficial thing--but a really huge deep thing in your life. You're accepting certain important things and you are finding a way to be happy about change that you'll need to keep doing for long-term.

    You remind me of *me* regarding the attitude I had when I changed. I concretely realized that omg, this is forever. I came to peace with that. And then I started working on formulating a happy long-term plan. Because I understood these things, I figured it out. I believe you will too.

    I would bet money on your success this year. That's my confidence level. So yay you!

    :-) Marion

  6. "WOOT" is right! I'm sooooo jealous of your fasting blood sugar!!! No matter what I try, I cannot get that da*% thing down (morning reading). I don't have a problem during the day.


  7. So...what happened at your MD appt?