Thursday, March 14, 2013

Leslie's life class ensues

Happy Little Friday (a hopeful term coined by a friend of mine to bridge the gap between hump day and the ever popular Real Friday, aka Thursday), blog friends.  I took a day off from blogging yesterday and am eager to get back here.  The accountability in this arena is so important to me and is seeming to yield some good karma at this juncture in my life.

Wednesday morning I woke feeling amazing.  Brain fog continues to subside which makes my head feel so much clearer.  This has always happened when I've given up sugar and it's various relatives.  Why I have known that for years and continue to crawl back to the dark side is baffling.

My FBS was 109 again, 2nd day in a row.  I felt ridiculously good about myself for showing up at both my appointments on Tuesday  (more on that in a sec...).  I returned to work to discover that a couple of suggestions I'd made regarding 2 of our "consumers" had been followed, which was gratifying.

What was different yesterday was that I was in such a big hurry in the morning, in order to get to my 7 a.m. A.A. meeting before work, that I didn't have a lunch prepared.  I grabbed some things to throw together for a salad in my office, but by the time lunch rolled around, I didn't feel like making the salad.  I ate some chicken that was to go into said salad, and had a handful of almonds.  Cue warning music from offstage.  I've been trying to eat VERY low carb, as in Atkins Induction phase.  That plan reliably shuts off my cravings for junk within a day, so I felt fine and satisfied.

As the day wore on, I started thinking about what to fix for dinner that fit the plan (tossing in a potato or something for hubby) and realized nothing sounded good.  But by late afternoon, I started feeling empty stomach hunger pangs that are not present ever when I'm in my addictive crazy eating all day mode.  Obviously.  And still nothing sounded good.  I've noticed this a few times this week, which is a good thing.  But my new education about Type 2 is revealing to me that I need to not get too uncomfortably hungry because my blood sugar can also go too low.  It is just now dawning on me that the next time I experience that feeling, I will check the number, but it didn't dawn on me at the time.

In trying to stay on the almost no/very low carb level, I got some more almonds, and then more.  Then I had a piece of ham and a slice of cheese, and felt fine.  Turns out hubby a church thing to attend, and was happy to fix himself a PB&J sandwich.  He was out of the house by 6:45, at which time I cooked up some turkey burgers to have for lunch the rest of the week.  I had one burger, but after I wanted something else.
I ended up having popcorn - not microwave, but not air-popped either.  I probably had about 5 cups, and that was the last thing I ate for the night.  I figured that might not be a great choice, but it wasn't sugary or sweet, and it satisfied me.

Blood sugar this morning:  118.  Still much better than it had been, but up 9 points from the last 2 days.  This tells me several things.
1.  This is a learning process.  It will take time for me to figure out my body and its tendencies, especially considering how long I've ignored her.
2.  Getting my blood sugar to a normal level is not a one walk dog.  It is a dynamic process that will change continually.
3.  The Atkins induction plan is no longer sustainable for me over more than a few days.  I start feeling deprived quickly of fruit, some vegetables (like carrots), and just getting too focused on eliminating every possible source of even healthy carbs.  I believe low carbing to be a sound way for me to eat, but nothing extreme.
4.  This is a learning process. (yes, repeat of #1)  Emotionally as well as physically.  Even mentally - I tend to black and white thinking - I'm either all good or all bad when it comes to eating.  This has always been a set up for binges, overeating, and bad choices.  Moderation and reasonability are highly coveted states for me, and I know I can get there.

There's more, but that's enough for now.  I just got a wonderful book that is already a good resource, Diabetes Weight Loss Week by Week, written by an RD and Certified Diabetes Educator.  I am at the beginning of this journey (even though almost 4 years in) due to the fact I ignored it for so long.  I'm hungry for information, and ready for success.

The doc appointments went fine.  Especially good was with my Primary's Nurse Practitioner, who said that I don't need medication at this time, given my blood work, because I'm still at levels where I can reverse the course with diet and exercise and education.  She agrees that the classes would be too elementary for me and prescribed a few sessions with a diabetes dietician and educator.  Whether or not my insurance pays, I'm doing that.  She wants me to get bloodwork rechecked in 3 months, which will be early June, to see what's doing.  (translation:  what I'm doing!)  And at the suggestion of Vickie, I did say that my goal was to cure this, not just control it, and the NP agreed that is a doable goal. 

I'm on my way.  Sorry for this long post, but I needed to process some of what went on for me yesterday.  Stay tuned!


  1. Great news on not needing meds.

    Have you ever done a whole30? Also , good for you for finding clarity by choosing to eat clean foods. This is my very best tool for controlling cravings , binges, and being able to work my mind and body connection. Keep up the good work.

  2. I get that - the hunger, and yet nothing sounding good. I'm not sure if it's your body's way of subtly encouraging you to lose weight ("yeah you're hungry but I'm going to make you not interested in eating anything"), or what, but I've experienced that too. You'll have to come up with some "safe meals" - things that are perfect for your blood sugar levels and the diet, and (it goes without saying) very easy to prepare.

    Great news on the curing this thing front - you are lucky (?!!?) to have two diseases that are curable based on what you do or do not put in your mouth! ;)

    1. So true Shelley! You gave me a little chuckle :)

  3. Such positivity, Leslie. Great news on no meds.

  4. You're doing great Leslie! I was diagnosed 6 yrs ago and I'm FINALLY getting a REAL handle on what MY body can and cannot handle. Now, sometimes it tricks me (a food will be fine one day and totally throw me over the next - very frustrating), but all in all, I've learned so much through the years. There are a LOT of great sites for info. Blood Sugar 101 is one of the best.

    Thumbs Up Leslie!

  5. Wonderful new, Leslie. Your situation sounds exactly like mine--blood sugar that responds fairly quickly to dietary changes and no meds--yet. Like you, I am grateful to be in this stage, but I know I have to make the most of it, because it may progress if I don't. We can do this--and you're right--it is a dynamic process and not just one dog walk. Thanks for the great update!

  6. Good luck to you

  7. Things that help me -

    I think carbs, I do not think sugar. Because popcorn is actually a carb, even though it does not have "sugar" on it. Then I make the best (healthy) choices about carbs that I can.

    I do not think LOW CARB, I think balanced carbs. For most people, when they start balancing their carbs (with protein), it looks low carb, because they have been ingesting a huge percentage of their food in the form of carbs (I know people who, I would guess, eat about 90% of their food intake in the form of carbs).

    I always eat protein and carbs together.

    I only eat at meal time (whether that is 2, 3, 4, 5 meals).

    So when I eat, it is balanced and it is a meal.

    Carbs and protein (percentage of each within total calories) balance pretty close and then healthy fats are slightly lower percentage.

  8. And, I think it is really tough to be a vegetarian and keep blood sugar balanced and lose/maintain weight. I know there are people who do it. But it is tough. Vegetarians tend to eat a lot more carbs and a lot less protein, which does not work (easily) for insulin resistance people.

  9. One last thought -

    Roni said:
    There definitely is a correlation between what I eat and what I want to eat, if that makes sense.

    She is right. Karen (your first comment) would tell you the same thing. The cleaner you eat, the less you will crave the junk/sugar. You will start to be happy with real food and even crave real food.

  10. It's freaking amazing. I'm going to be blogging about that topic , soon. Karen p.

  11. I'm so happy that you are finding success and working so hard at this. I have nothing but good thoughts about diabetes educators. My dad (who was diabetic for many years) got to a place where he couldn't get his blood sugar down, and he called me and said, I guess I'm just going to die. So I asked the dietician in our unit (I was a NICU nuts) and she's the one who told me he needed to see a CDE (what was wrong with his doctor??? I won't go there...) ANYWAY, in short order the CDE turned things around for him, and he went on to have some of the healthiest (diabetic) years of his life.

    I agree with your assessment of "Nothing extreme, moderation, and reasonability." Its your body, and you have to find what works for you. And I don't need to tell you this, you know that a blood sugar reading is for just that very moment in time. I don't think there's a ton of difference in 109 and 118.

    Anyway, sorry to be so long. I am happy and hopeful for you!

  12. NICU nuts??? NICU nurse, I meant to say!

    1. LOL Debby! Nuts nurse is definitely what I am. I didn't realize you were a nurse. Thanks so much for the encouragement, and you're so right...a blood sugar is just what it is in the moment. You remind me I need to call my insurance about a CDE. If they say no, I'm going anyway, but if they cover some of it, all the better!

  13. Leslie, have you considered 'primal'...? Meat, nuts, seeds, dairy, veggies, and fruit? No sugar, grains, processed foods? is a really great source. Just a thought. :)


  14. "Pre - Diabetes" ? See Dr Mark Hyman (PBS, books) - there is no such thing. You are either diabetic or you're not. "Pre -D" is like being "a little pregnant".
    Be accountable. Face and own the truth.

    1. Helllloooo?! Have you been reading this blog? This is what I've been talking about for 2 weeks. I have it. I own it. I'm testing my sugar. Not sure where your comment came from!

  15. My grandmother, my father, brother and mother - all diabetic, my brother in his 20s when diagnosed. My sister and I are not. I eat right and work out in hopes of not getting it and hope that is enough. You can do this!