Friday, November 20, 2009

A New Strategery (thanks SNL)

I'm jumping on my first blog related band wagon, by signing on for's Christmas Challenge. Never one to blaze or even find my own trail, I stumbled upon this at Amy H's post today, where Amy declared her intention to take this challenge put out by 266, and decided this is just what I need to help myself stay on track and continue with my weightloss during the food-laden holiday season.

Since my post yesterday about not turning back on this journey, I've been thinking about goal setting, and stating said goals on the blog. I did that once a month or so back, but then didn't really follow through on most of my plans. I kept on doing what I'd been doing, which consisted of having 2 or 3 clean eating days, and then an evening or 2 of bingeing. Our trip to the DR and the normal eating that ensued for those 10 days really broke something lose inside me, and I'm ready to continue. So if you're interested, check out the link (which I don't know how to do, so with my blog you have to copy and paste it).

This challenge is going to run from Saturday Nov. 21st through Saturday December 26th, and basically you state your goal of where you'd like to be by G-day, and stay accountable throughout the time.

My goal: today I weighed 193 pounds. Don't know why up one from yesterday, but that's life. Anyway, on December 26th I want to weigh 188. If I'm less than that, I'll suffer it to be so! Knowing my body, if I stick to my program and don't binge, I can easily lose 10. I'm lucky that way, even post-menopausally. This ultra slow weightloss I've been experiencing has everything to do with my shoddy eating habits, not a sluggish constitution.
Also, I am going to do something physical each day during the time, either upper body aerobic, or strength training/Pilates type movements. I have the knee surgery on December 4th which will likely slow my walking and elliptical efforts for a bit, though the doc says the more I do (within reason) the quicker I'll heal and get back to my pre-injury status.

Those are my goals. I'm going to post them on the sidebar somehow under the Challenge Badge and update them weekly.

Next I want to briefly say that after my perky cheerleader post of yesterday (GO LESLIE! LOSE IT! MOVE IT! DO IT! RAH RAH!), I've been having a lot of food thoughts today. Maybe because it's Friday, or because I have 2 consecutive days of no overeating. Maybe because I get scared when I really put my desires, intentions and truth out there as I did yesterday. But at 11:45 this morning, one of the classrooms was baking something that smelled heavenly (this happened last Friday, too) and I started thinking, "I just need a day to eat what I want." Then came the mental mudiness that so readily emerges when eating thoughts start to percolate..."Yeah, I'm ready, but one day won't really matter"...and a thousand similar ones that so easily knock me off my square and muck up my clear intentions and desires to lose this weight and get where I want to be.

Today I employed Nancy's Reagan's First Lady Anti Drug strategy to myself, saying, "Just Say No." I paused to see what was going on in my wittle heart that was making me feel food-ish. I pondered how happy it would make me to shove a bunch of sugar and refined carbs into my mouth - happy for about as long as it would take to masticate and swallow. And then off to the races I'd go. I'm not doing it today. NO MATTER WHAT. But isn't it interesting that with all the determination brewing yesterday, the old instincts pop right back up? It's easier to stay binge-free than get binge-free. And I only have to do it today.


  1. No reason for you to blaze your own trail, it's perfectly fine to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, the bandwagon is what gets us all along sometime. Good luck meeting your goals!

  2. Love the post! "Just say NO" and do it today. With that attitude, you will make your goals!

  3. just say no, it's the best way to go...look at nancy, skinny as a rail lol.

  4. Just say no is a great way to think! (Unless it comes to exercise and then it should be, "Just do it!")

    You will get this done Leslie!

  5. Hi Leslie. Hope today is going well.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  6. Just say no! Love it! Seriously though, it is so hard sometimes to just say no. When I really sit down and think about where the impulses to overeat come from, it's usually stress related for me. Could it be something like that for you? Is there something specifically happening to cause this desire to eat too much?

  7. Thanks for signing up for the Christmas Challenge and for the shout out about my blog! I can't wait to get started! I hope it helps you meet your goals.

  8. when you are in your 'create' screen, writing your post, you highlight the word that you wish to 'hold' your link.

    there is a green blob thing on your tool bar (the tool bar is at the top of the box where you are typing; spell check and bold and font size, etc are there too) and when you click on the green blob - a tiny little box opens and you paste the link information in the line on the box and then click 'okay'.

  9. lovely post.

    And I like that you all are setting goals over the holidays - will really help to keep you on track.

    Did you say that you did stop by Sharla's knee conversations (I posted a link to her earlier in the week) - ???

    she had a knee scope this week and was back on her bike a couple days later. and she changed what bike she had - something that is better suited to her knee.

  10. I have been bad. If you read my post it was all food talk yesterday. I am off to a bad start and it is not even thanksgiving yet.I know you will reach your goal. Even with your knee surg. slowing you down. Good luck . And Just Say No.