Sunday, November 29, 2009

Overdue business! Part 1

We're home after a 15 - you heard me - 15 HOUR drive from Chicago to Philly in post holiday traffic. 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. The first 9 hours were a breeze - no traffic, nice conversation with hubby, some reading, knitting and listening to Shanghai Girls on CD (which is great so far!). Hubby definitely humored me with this particular book on CD, which I'd already started listening to before the trip. Anyway, things on the highway went slowly downhill (figuratively ONLY!) once we hit the PA turnpike, which was an essential parking lot for several hours, and midway through traversing the parking lot portion of the drive, the dog threw up in the car! Total groan and ugh. At least we had pulled into a service plaza, so were able to exact paper towels and extra water for cleaning up as best we could. Eventually the highway logjam opened up, and the last 2 hours were smooth sailing. We ate what I prepared, plus a few extra things like some pretzels and string cheese I got at a rest stop. Again, I thank Vickie at Baby steps V for the suggestion to prepare ahead. I feel so much better after the trip home than I did after the trip there! I'm glad to be home and feel ready and enthusiastic to resume my best weight loss efforts.

Over the last month, 3 different bloggers gave me awards (2 for the same one), and I've been very lax in addressing these awards, passing them on, and expressing my gratitude.

The first was given to me by Lori-ann at Amazon Runner, and Katie J at Katie J Is On Her Way, and is this:

I'm so grateful to Lori-ann and Katie J for including me as a recipient of this award. As best I can tell, it is for those who love to craft the written word in blog form; in other words, most of us who scribble our thoughts and words and hearts out in our respective cubicles of blogland. It is with pleasure that I describe it and pass it on to other deserving bloggers. Here are the rules:

Each recipient must pass the award on to five other deserving bloggers.

Each Superior Scribbler must link back to the author and the name of the blog from whom they received the award.

Each Superior Scribbler must display the award on his or her blog, and link to, which explains the award.

Each blogger who wins the Superior Scribbler award must visit the page noted above and add his or her name to the Mr Linky List. That way, the originator of the award will be able to keep track of everyone who receives it.

And finally, each superior scribbler must post these rules on his or her blog.

I'd like to pass this award to:

Bethany at The Great Reduction
Jodie at The Overweight Life
Karen at Mom,Me and Alzheimers
Vickie at Baby Steps V
Tammy at From Fat to Fab

I try to read a ton of blogs, and all I read are inspiring and heartfelt. I always feel everyone who's blog has helped me even one little time, in other words, virtually every one I read, deserves an award. Please feel free to retrieve this for your own if you're not a recipient. I also tried to give it to those who don't already have it!

It's now 11 p.m. and I'm bushed, so the second award will have to wait for tomorrow. It's wonderful to be home after a lovely visit with one of our sons. And it's wonderful to anticipate getting cracking on 266's Christmas Challenge for which I signed on. Monday, bring it on. I'm ready and determined to have a good week.


  1. We so passed each other. We left York, PA at 8:15 am and arrived in Chicago around 7:30 PM via PA/Ohio Turnpike. My girls loved going through the mountains on the turnpike!

  2. Hey leslie, wow...a fricken parking lot..reminds me of the staus they used to have in would be whipping along at 90 miles per hour and then suddenly, bam..stau.
    It could last two or three hours and one minute every one is sitting still, the next it's moving and you never get to see what happened...very annoying. Glad you enjoyed your is beautiful, especially in autumn.

  3. My legs would have totally seized up after a 15-hour drive! And I probably would have needed to stop 15 times to go to the loo! lol

  4. Hi Leslie. Wow! 15 hours! I can't even imagine that. And the dog being ill ...

    I'm sure the good eating really helped you stay sane through all of that and arrive home in a positive frame of mind. Well done!

    Hope you have a great week!
    Bearfriend xx

  5. Fifteen hours!? That is insane. I am glad you made it back home safely though.

  6. Welcome home my friend! There is yet another award for you over at my blog! LOL

  7. Thanks for the award . I Love it and you deserve it greatly.