Thursday, April 28, 2011

By the way...I'm okay!

Just another fly by post to say I'm doing well, and to thank folks who've shot me an email to make sure I'm okay.  I had last week off for spring break, and it was glorious.  I really used the time to get myself solidly back in my exercise routine - doing lots of walking and starting to do a Pilates DVD I've had for about 3 years and never had peeled the original cellophane from!  I've continued the exercise this week now that I'm back to work and I know it's helping me feel more energetic and positive.

The week off was also therapeutic for my mind and spirit.  I had ample time to read, meditate, allow myself to continue to process and grieve the loss of our dear pup, enjoy friends...just BE.  I'm sure it's been said in other places, but it was in AA I first heard that we have to remember that we're human BEINGS, not human DOINGS.  I tend to be an activity junkie - scheduling myself to the max with activities of all kinds.  I see this as yet another way I scramble to avoid being alone with myself.  AND YET...solitude and quiet are 2 qualities I crave most to add to my life.  The meditation I've been practicing is beginning to really help me find comfort and calm that extend to my day to day life.  A very positive benefit, indeed.

Speaking of solitude, I am home alone until Saturday evening, and without even the dog, more alone than at any time in the last 11 years.  Our 24 y/o son who was here for about 7 months working, saving money and being quite delightful, left Monday morning to begin a drive out to California, where he's going to work on an organic farm through October. While it was hard to say goodbye to him, it's great to see him pursuing something he's been researching and wanting to do for over a year.  In exchange for his work, he's provided room, board and a small weekly stipend.  Also, the drive will afford hi views of much of the country he hasn't yet seen.  Of course, Mom will be happy once I know he's arrived at his destination in the Sacramento Valley!

Anyway, then Tuesday morning I deposited hubby at the airport for a business trip to Texas, so it's bachelorette time for me.  As I've said before, being home alone always helps me do better with my eating for some reason.  It's a heady feeling of independence and not having to do anything (like cooking!) unless I want to.  But it is strange not having a big dog to serve as my best guardian and protector.  Lou was a big barker, so if even a squirrel, or God forbid a cat, set paw into our yard, Lou steadfastly guarded his territory (and his mommy - me) with gales of hysterical barking, sending would be intruders high-tailing it away. 

At the end of next week, hubby and I will be traveling to Atlanta for our youngest son's college graduation.  We'll be there for a whole week, getting our son packed up to return to Philly with us (where he will hopefully find a REAL job as opposed to working in the deli at the local Acme store!).  Also, my husband's whole family lives in Atlanta so we'll be seeing them a lot.  I genuinely love my in-laws and have great relationships with them, but I always have angst of weighing more than I should/would/could - an issue which is in my mind only.  Anyone who has read my blog for very long knows I always stress about this when we go to Atlanta, because I swear this family has more thin and highly attractive members than a supermodel's.  It will all be fine, and I think I'm less worried about that piece than I have been before.  Ahh,ever-elusive self acceptance.  It's definitely aided by knowing I'm doing what I can to get as fit and healthy as possible.

While in Atlanta, I'm planning to have dinner with fellow bloggers Tammy and Tina.  I met Tammy during my last visit, and can't wait to meet Tina as well. It's awesome to meet up with bloggers  "in the flesh"! 

So those are the highpoints from my little corner of blogdom.  We're expecting terrible storms and winds this morning, so getting our wheel chair bound clients off vans and inside at work should be an experience!  Happy Pre-Friday, all. 


  1. So when are you coming to Texas? Hmmm? I've got a trip to the tri-state area penciled in for next winter (I think?). Going up with the kid to see a college friend of hers get that PHD.

    Glad to see you are doing so well.

  2. Indiana is doing the storm thing too. I need to get in the yard and pull weeds and get the garden tillered. There's nothing I can do but wait. I have plenty of quilting to do. Glad to hear you are well. I like the human being not human doing thing. I too tend to overbook. Take care.

  3. Glad you are still kicking. Enjoy your alone time. I love it. Probably too much. Atlanta sounds like fun.

  4. Yes you always do have the angst about the in-laws and then you go and have a wonderful time because, guess what? They STILL love Leslie just the way she is!

  5. Glad to hear you are alive and well:)

  6. I'm SO excited!!! It will be good for you to get away from home. Can't wait to meet you!!

  7. So funny to read this post and see that your son is off to work on an organic farm since I just talked to my younger brother recently who is trying to do the same thing. He hasn't had much luck hearing back from anyone and i know he's pretty eager to embark on that experience--is there any info you can offer about that, or perhaps how your son got into that? I'd really appreciate it!

  8. Can't wait to see you again and meet up with Tina as well...I haven't seen her in forever either...but definitely when you get down here! :)

  9. So glad to hear from you! I checked your blog yesterday to see if I had missed a post. You would have been getting a "Just checking" comment from me today. :)

    So much emotional (pleasant & painful both) fodder in this post.... I'll spare you the comment, but know that I saw it and am praying for you to have a spiritually rich and healing time these few days of being alone.

    I have an amusing/interesting/unfair bit of info you may enjoy. My son--who is 6' 2" tall and has always been very thin--has put on a few pounds over the winter that came from spending too much time driving truck and eating fast food. Instead of weighing his usual 180 (180 at 6'2!), he now weighs 205 and is beside himiself. Personally, I think he looks healthy being a little filled out.

    Anyway, he asked for a Bodybugg for his birthday so he could lose "all of this weight."
    Here's the interesting/funny/unfair part. The first day he put it on was a work day. (He teaches people to drive trucks and operate heavy equitpment). He did no extra exercise. Just getting in and out of the truck a dozen times and standing watching students park when he wasn't riding along.

    You know how many calories he burned that day? 3900. 3900! Uh-hmmm. There's a reason thin people are thin. For reference, on a day when I'm very busy up and down steps, chasing a 3 year old, going on a two mile walk--the most I've ever burned is 1900. The day we hiked for THREE hours up and down hills, I burned 2200. Okay then.

    Love ya, Leslie. Enjoy your time. Eat well. And rremember, genetic count.


  10. I would love to meet up with you, but I'm going on vacay to Hilton Head next travels..glad you are well...

  11. Have a great meeting! Glad that you are doing well!