Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Odds and ends and a brilliant quote

I had another good day yesterday, though I did have some roasted peanuts (in the shell) with # 1 son while watching the Phillies and the Flyers tank last night in their respective games.  If I was the sport fan my sons are and living in Philly, my blood pressure would be through the roof.  Anyway, I figure I had 12 points worth which I subtracted from my weekly allotment of 49.  My intention was to have 5 points worth, which would have been 40 peanuts (with approx. 2 peanuts/shell besides the aberrant ones that have 3 or 1!), but after I had the 40, I knew I was pressing on deeper into the peanut gallery.  Still - according to WW, it was a "legal" and on plan day.

I have a question for you bloggers who are more nutritionally savvy than I - I could google about this, but would rather survey my posse of experts.  I have about 16oz of coffee each morning.  I've had it with 2%, 1%, and skim milks as well as half and half, which of course is my FAVORITE.  Being a milk hater, the dairy substance that goes into my coffee is all the milk I get, and a nice 16 or 20 ounce coffee tastes so much more pleasing, satisfying and yumalicious with Half &Half, but 2Tbsp has one point.  No big whoop when it comes to point totals, but this gal would rather rack up points with FOOD, and the amount of H&H I like to to add would be 2 points or maybe close to 3.  So I finally tried fat free H&H, and I like it fine.  On WW's P+ calculator, 2 Tbs of FF H&H has 0 points.  In my book, that means that 4 Tbs or more would also have 0 points, because 0 + 0 = 0.  This may be Lesliegebra - but it makes sense to me.

So my question is:  Is fat free half and half more chemical crap and therefore not the best choice, or is it okay to use in moderation?  Do you use it?

So all that verbiage likely has you understanding why my hubby says I can complicate the contents of an empty paper bag.  But inquiring minds want to know, and I'll stick to the real mcCoy if it's lite cousin turns out to be a carcinogenic nightmare.

Finally - I have a quote for the day - I was just talking to my dearest buddy Lisa (who I mentioned yesterday - my AA sponsor with lung cancer that is currently stable so she's doing well).  She was saying that she had a couple of symptoms in the last few days that were making her fearful, and how she's working hard to stay in the moment and not project and fast forward into the unknown/future.  (She is actually the person who has started the meditation and recovery group I've been attending on Wednesday nights and has established her own meditation practice daily that has helped her dramatically in navigating her cancer.) 

She told me that she's noticed that everytime she gets a symptom that's scary, she wants to get a haircut! She went on that it seems to be her default setting since the traumatic news of a cancer diagnosis 2 and a half years ago. Meanwhile, I was thinking that she actually needs a haircut as she's got a sort of Medusa thing going on right now (sans the snakes). So I said, "You know, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Maybe you really just want a haircut!" To which she asked, "Be honest, do I need a haircut?" And being the mistress of unstatement I said, "well, you could probably use a trim," and asked her where she gets her hair cut, because I also need one. She said where she went and that it's expensive, and then she said, (here is THE QUOTE:) "Hell, with this cancer, life's too fucking short! Every haircut counts!" God, I love that. Amen! How many things could we plug into that sentence in place of haircut?

Happy hump day =)


  1. I love that quote, and wouldn't it be nice if we could apply it BEFORE something like cancer enters our lives? Lisa sounds like she knows not to sweat the small stuff - what a gift. :)

    I drink my coffee black, thankfully, because I would be just as confused as you are with the "0+0=0" - love your Lesliegbra!

  2. Hmm, the quote. I could substitute CHOCOLATE for the haircut. :D How about ice cream? :D

    Oh. Wait. That's part of the reason my life may be so short, huh?

    Hmmm. Okay, how about CAKE!: :D ohhhhhh. Nope. I got nothing.


  3. I am a label reader so if there is stuff in there you can't pronounce it's probably a chemical. Sometimes there is rounding done and the second serving might have some countable amount but if you only have it in the morning I wouldn't worry about it. There is also usually the phone number of the company or a web site where you could investigate further. You are probably one of those people who ask why do farts stink. That was awful, I apologize (not). :-)

  4. EVERY haircut counts. Love that.

  5. I'd never heard this one before - "I can complicate the contents of an empty paper bag." Love it.

  6. I use sugar free Coffeemate Hazlenut. But I bet I don't put more than one teaspoon in it, and I only drink a cup a day. if that's gonna hurt me, so be it. LOL

  7. I go with the theory of using a little less of the "real" thing. Then again I still use flavored coffee mate! I have tried soy milk and almond milk which I do like in coffee. Whole foods has some less chemical-y options too. You are hilarious Leslie!