Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The worst laid plan

We have an in-service day today because my workplace happens to be a polling place on this election day.  So not much time for me to craft a prosaic piece of literature for my post today.  Mainly I just wanted to update my progress.

I made the dubious decision to come off very low carb eating over the weekend because I was craving an apple.  Hahaha - as I told a blog friend via email...of all the things I DID eat over the weekend, not one molecule of apple passed through my lips.  I didn't go totally bonkers, but I ended up having ice cream twice, 2 slices of pizza, and several other decidedly OFF PLAN items.  So after my weight last Wednesday being 208.4, it was 210 Monday morning.  But not to worry...I'm back on plan and have already shed the extra poundage which was most likely water weight.  Seems I'm not ready for a weekend break yet so I'm back to South Beach I, and no matter how intense my "apple" craving gets, I'm not coming off Phase I for 2 weeks.  Hopefully.  That's my intention.

Exercise is good, and I still feel the more clear headed benefits of cutting way back on sugar (was 10 days clean and then had the ice cream over the w/e, plus other carby things that surely got my blood sugar reeling).

That's it for now.  I'm feeling a trillionth Day 2 in the works here, and grateful for it.


  1. When I eat well, I really love things like apples. Yes, I might use the word "crave." When I am eating crap, apples don't do much for me. Not surprising. Imagine how much better you'll feel every day of eating well:) Let the momentum build!

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  3. You have done something good with your new food plan, because I don't think you would crave an apple if you were "in the sugar." At least I wouldn't. Keep at it--you're doing well!

  4. Yay for Day 2! No matter how many times you've had it.

    Eventually, the repeats will stop. I mean even "Groundhog Day" turned into the next day, right?

    I'm on my umpteenth Day 2 today, too. hahaha. I wonder who many ways I could include versions of "day two" in a sentence.

    Uh-hmm. Obviously, I'm deliriouis.


  5. and it's day three now right?

    we got this...


  6. I have to remind myself it's hard for everyone. I don't know why, but it helps me (although it didn't yesterday!LOL!) make the right decision when it comes to caving in.

    We have the power Leslie!

  7. Bananas are an evil fruit to me! I can't eat just one. And then I eat one and then I eat everything else in the house...something about the way the sugar gets released in my body! Crazy! You can do this!

  8. Hey, life is too short not to have pizza! Hope you had a great weekend!