Monday, November 21, 2011

Takes more than HOPE to help this Food obsessed girl!

Last week I wrote about the return of hope into my mental and emotional landscape that abstaining from bingeing was affording me.  It's still helping me keep a lid on my still frequent (though sometimes they feel constant) food obsessive thoughts.  And this morning I'm realizing something else that is helping me - reading blogs of others whose weight loss journeys are not a linear process from weighing too much to weighing "just right".  For whatever reason (misery loves company?), it really helps to see that even people who have had a lot off success in the weight loss arena still struggle, often mightily.

It also helps to read others' comments to frustrated bloggers lamenting about following their plan 98% of the time and having marginal weigh ins, close feeling snug - whatever.  This morning I just read Helen's post, which was great and REAL as always - and then read the comments people had already posted.  There I found a golden nugget to help me keep on keepin' on...Shelley had  pointed out that even on The Biggest Loser, week 2 weigh ins were usually crappy.  Not being a TBL watcher, I didn't know that, though my 50+ years of dieting has certainly sent me some major clues of that fact.  Anyway, I'm grateful for whatever can lighten my mind and reinject me with determination for just the day - TODAY - to stay the course.

My weigh in today was 206.  Down a pound.  (Actually .8 of a pound as last week's was 206.8 which I rounded up for reporting because I knew when I inhaled the .2 would would probably attach itself back to my waist.)  Anyway - I was not impressed, expecting something more substantial.  Why I don't know because I was anything but perfect in my low-carb eating for the week.  I continue to do better, but feel myself slipping up and thinking about just taking Thanksgiving week off.  WHA?????????????????Am I freaking kidding myself???

And therein lies another benefit I got from reading blogs and comments...maybe I can take TG day off instead of the whole week?  What a concept!  I can honestly say my mind was all over the map this morning, contemplating whether I was just going to surrender to the dark side today.  Reading those comments and Helen's post really helped turn it around for me.  For today.  Tomorrow isn't here so I can leave thoughts of that for when it becomes today.  In the meantime I'm grateful for whatever and whoever helps me stay sane in the only place I can - today.


  1. What IS it about breathing that makes weight attach itself? LOL!

    I too am grateful for blogging and blogging friends. Just about every day I get a little something from someone - glad I could be your someone today.

  2. Love when something out here saves me from myself! Wish I didn't need that.

  3. Freaky deaky-I just wrote a post about obsessive food thoughts-I think the holidays bring out the worst in my foodacizing! I think allowing a certain calorie content or items on TG day is perfectly fine, if you budget for it in the rest of the maybe you could cut 100 cals from every other day then you could have a small sliver of pie and some potatoes? Or something like that? I don't feel nearly as bad for eating a small naughty something if I have been a superstar the rest of the week. SOunds like you are ready to be strong-good for you!

  4. The longer I do this, the more convinced I am that it is persistence that wins, not perfection. I am not giving up. I will not lose.

  5. Don't go to the dark side. The dark side is just that--dark. Stay in the light with all of us. I'm enlightened every day by my fellow bloggers, including you! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  6. Sup? Been a week.