Friday, April 27, 2012

Drive through post

Hi Friends - Thanks so much for the supportive and positive comments to my brain dumpage.  I just ran home from  work to get something and am checking in quickly because this is the 2nd day in a row at work that we have no internet.  Zip.  Nada.  It's killing me, which shows me how much time I spend doing my own stuff on company time!  Yikes - I can't let on how disconnected I felt yesterday, not being able to read blogs or post, go to Amazon or wherever else my heart desires.

I do have a post in the pipeline of my brain, but it'll have to wait.  Hopefully the internet will reappear before the workday is over.  But I wanted to share a couple quick things.

I did weigh in yesterday morning and I'm 210.  As I suspected, I am maintaining.  Not good, but infinitely better than gaining.  Had a clean day yesterday in addition to a 50 minute power walk with a friend.  Drinking oceans of H20.  Sticking with it - gonna do this.

I also scheduled the foreboding appointment with my primary for a physical and bloodwork.  Good for me - the appt. isn't til May 17, and they want to give me the blood slip then - after the appt in case anything comes up to check.  So I actually have time to work on that damn blood sugar by keeping the carbs low and the sugar lower (which is at the crux for me).  Could also knock off a few pounds if I work at it.  IF.  I intend to, but you all know my intender has a bad history with follow through.

Also, for the last 2 mornings, I've come down to a clean kitchen with no dishes in the sink.  The counters are still not to my white glove standards, but progress is progress.  And I am no where near a white glove person - if you saw my house, you'd know.  But the kitchen is where those tendencies do come to play for me.  Anyway, I'm thankful for the improvements, temporal though they may be.

That's it for today - OH!  I'm wanting to change the name of my blog because I can't the title - if anyone who has a handle on me has any ideas - feel free to share.  I'm also going to change the template - hopefully into something much more interesting.  I need to spruce things up a bit.

Have a great weekend, all.


  1. I'm laughing because I do the same thing when I have to go see my own doc and know she'll make me get my cholesterol checked. I do try to eat well most of the time, but there is something about those tests!

  2. Hurrah for small favors like an empty that you got through to them!

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one who goes on my best behavior before a doctor's visit, LOL. Good that you made the appointment. Hope everything turns out to be just fine.

    Have a great weekend - and with the new blog template, you might want to create a fake blog to test things out - I did that and saved me some major "ut ohs" when blogger and I didn't see eye to eye on layout and design.

  3. Oh--the dreaded Dr.'s visit. I should have to visit every week!! My husband has to have an insurance exam in about a month. We refer to his plan as the "insurance diet." Sounds like you're ready to move ahead!!

  4. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.