Friday, April 13, 2012

Home Ec. 101 and assorted other stuff

Thanks everyone for the understanding comments yesterday, and for not telling me not to feel what I was feeling!  What a difference a day has been mostly peaceful and manageable.  My emotional clutter from yesterday is where it yesterday.  No emotional hangover either, because I didn't do anything self destructive or stupid.

I have several random and unrelated things to talk about, so here goes:

1.  I went back to the eye doctor yesterday for my first eye pressure test ("IOP - intraocular pressure in optometry speak) since starting the drops I talked about here when it was incidentally discovered that I had high pressure in both eyes.  In the interim, I'd gone back for some glaucoma testing which is necessary once high pressure is discovered.  Yesterday was good news X 3, because my pressure is down lower than they thought it would be after a month on the drops; I passed the glaucoma testing with flying colors; and I definitely DO NOT have glaucoma.  Turns out I have thick corneas (like you Helen), which can make the readings a little higher (though mine was more than a little), and that is a good thing for protection of the eyes.  The other good news is that it turns out that these drops will make my eyelashes longer, thicker and darker!  Woot - I'm one of the less hirsute individuals that's ever roamed the earth, so I'll be welcoming that "side effect"!

2.  This morning I opted to not go to my usual meeting so as not to upset that newly calmed applecart after yesterday's violations of snarky hair comments and know-it-all blowhards.  Instead, I decided to hang out at home and make another of the sweet potato/egg/spinach/sausage casserole of Helen's.  This time I did a photo essay, and also changed things up a bit.  I used more onion than the recipe calls for; I used Bob Evans' Turkey sausage crumbles - a 9 ounce pkg as compared to the 16 oz reduced fat pork sausage of last time.  I used more spinach, and most notably, I had leftover butternut squash.  Instead of sweet potato, I thought this would be a lower carb and lower glycemic index addition:
I had a piece for breakfast, and while good, it was nowhere near as decadently delicious as the first time I made it.  First - the butternut squash was MEH at best.  It also was still a tad firm even with the same amount of microwave and cook time.  Flavor much less satisfying.  The sausage was also not nearly as good - the first time with 16 oz, you really got a succulent savory blast of sausage goodness  in every bite.  This had less sausage, and it wasn't as flavorful.  Other than those 2 differences, it was good.  I'll still make it again but go back to red. fat pork sausage and use 10 0z.  And of course, the real McCoy for the sweet potato.

3.  I've recently discovered golden raisins - of course I'd heard of them forever, but was suspicious of their non-brown appearance.  Well - I used some in a recipe awhile back, and realize they are softer, more flavorful, and just a yummier version of their darker cousin.  Despite trying to stick with low carb and mostly Paleo type eating, I have oatmeal maybe 2-3 mornings a week.  Now I've been putting 2 Tbsp. of the goldens in for the last couple minutes of cooking, and it takes the oatmeal to a whole new level.  If you haven't tried it, though you probably have because I'm usually the last one to know about these little life surprises, definitely give them a shot.  You'll never eat brown again.
 4.  Inspired by Shelley of the Sit and Knit diet, I'm posting a picture of a baby blanket I'm working on for a pregnant niece.  She's due in July, and this is about a third done, so I'm pretty sure I'll make it in time.

 I'll get another picture when it's complete.  It's great to do while watching episodes of Dexter and Mad Men!

5.  Last but not least, I started this post at work, and now it's 4:15.  I left work an hour early and did a 3 mile power walk with a friend.  It's a gorgeous day here - the only downside is the voluminous pollen that is tormenting my nasal passages now.

Have a good weekend everyone, and thanks again for being such wonderful blog humans!


  1. I'm really gonna have to try that egg dish. I'm not a big omelette person but it does sound VERY that great husband of mine likes omelettes.

    Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog Leslie-I really appreciate it :)

  2. I like that blanket! What is the stitch called that runs diagonally through it? Very pretty color combination, too. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Yeah, I would think butternut squash would not be as good in that casserole. Sweet potato is actually pretty low glycemic so no worries there.

    Glad to hear everything is OK with your eyes. It can be worrisome and I hate that I have to have the dumb glaucoma testing every single year because of it but better safe than sorry I guess. My doctor did not give me any drops but maybe I need to ask for them as I would like longer lusher lashes!

  4. Sit & Knit..I love that :) - thanks for inspiring me to go take my latest needlepoint project out of the closet. I rememeber starting needlepointing in helped ward off those extra college pounds. And has such a calming quiet meditative quality to it as does knitting.

  5. Lynn
    I want to recommend a new(ish) book by Jack Kornfield after you said you read Pema :) It's a small simple book each chapter has an accompanying meditation. I comes with a CD of the 6 meditations which i stuck on my ipod. It is one of my most favorite books ever.It's called
    "A Lamp in the Darkness". I have given it away a few times as gifts already...a real beautiful work. Treat yourself to it :)

  6. PS forgot to suggest..go to Amamzon to look at book's first see if it resonates. Then read reviews..profoundly beloved book and root teacher. :)

  7. My SIL saw that I made Helen's breakfast casserole and has asked for it to be on the lunch menu next week - it is some good stuff, although I'll leave the onions off, thank you very much!

    Hugs to you . . .

  8. I don't know if you read regularly or not. But in case you do, I did not want to disappear on you. I have not yet dived into all the emails, so you may have sent me one already and I just don't know it is there. I am taking my blog private at the end of this week. If you are interested in having on going access, the information is in a post that is up right now.