Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday musings

My weight this morning was 213.8 - which is 1.2 lbs down from last Monday's weight.  I'm satisfied with that, given that I was not sticking to the pretty stringent food plan I'd written out a couple of posts ago, which I'll talk about in a minute.  I got a lot of exercise this weekend in the form of gardening, mowing, and 2 long walks.  In anticipation of a forecasted rainy week ahead, I rummaged around and found two good work out dvds for after work if it's raining.  I have a Pilates vid I've done inconsistently over the months, but the two others are cardio workouts.  One is by The Biggest Loser, and the other a Leslie Sansone walking one.

The reason I've eased back from the strict food plan I wrote about is that it turns out I'm totally out of the oatmeal mode.  My daily breakfast was to be 1/2 cup oatmeal, a cup of plain yogurt and a fruit - everyday until further notice.  I ate oatmeal for months at a time, every day, and continued to enjoy it plain.  But in the last 10 days, the 3 times I fixed it, I didn't want it and couldn't finish it because it just didn't taste good.  I can't jazz it up with all kinds of binge inducing extras like other bloggers, so it was tasting and going down like cement.  So breakfast had to change.  The yogurt is always a go for me - now that Greek yogurt is on the menu, I never get tired of it.

What I've changed is that I either have 2 eggs with veggies along with the yogurt and fruit, or a cup of plain cheerios.  The cheerios taste great and have never (as yet) catapulted me into binge mode.  Other cereals absolutely could.

The other change I mentioned the other day is that I'm not doing 2 salads daily either.  I love one - 2 is overkill and unappealing.  Probably because the one I have at lunch is BIG.  Poor hubby - he loves salad every night and I'm just not on board.  Lucky for him he's an excellent salad maker, and fines chopping, slicing and dicing therapeutic.  I wish his food prep expertise extended beyond raw vegetables, but alas, tis not so.  He did dinner Saturday night and cooked hamburgers that were pretty dried out and tasteless.  I didn't complain, though, because it was more than I was in the mood to do.

So I'm jumping on the bandwagon and starting to read the first Shades of Grey.  Anyone read it?  A friend at work described it as compelling and smutty.  It's definitely not my usual genre of choice, but I'm curious about all the hype.

Big family transitions are just ahead - our daughter who's been in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic for over 3 years is finally closing her service and will be home June 18th.  She'll be with us for awhile, and then I suspect she'll end up in Atlanta where we have a lot of family.  She's looking for jobs in Philly and Atlanta, so a lot will depend on where she finds work.  Another complicating factor is that she now has a pretty serious Dominican boyfriend, and they are already trying to figure out what's next.  He's on the the waitlist to get into an MBA program at Northwestern in Chicago (he already has a Masters in Econ but wants the business piece too), so if he actually gets in this summer, that will likely change her plans.  Stay tuned.

More news on the "sons" front, but it's time for me to pass medications - so off to work I go.  Happy Monday, all.   I'd sure like to get that scale back to 210 by next Monday, and I'm going to try.


  1. Anonymous21 May, 2012

    Is granola a trigger food for you? My Greek yogurt breakfast parfaits keep me full for hours - and each one is around 380 calories.

    Here's to both of us having a great week! Hugs!

  2. Nice going making that plan work for you! I'm with ya on the Cheerios - the original ones do nothing for me, but any of the flavored types, and all bets are off. Here's to another good week!

  3. Anonymous21 May, 2012

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  4. I'm convinced that greek yogurt is the only breakfast for me :) Glad you lost a little - that's always good motivation. Let me know what your daughter is looking for - I've got some pretty good connections in the ATL and might be able to help!

  5. My breakfasts usually consist of egg whites and eggs and a massive amount of veggies. Find what works for you, just keep tinkering. Every body is different. You'll figure it out. Have a great week.

  6. I still have not read it but any day now I intend to start...

    Exciting that your daughter is coming home, or at least nearer to home:)

    I am the same way with food - I can eat the same thing over and over then, boom, one day I don't want it anymore.

  7. I am so not a cold cereal eater but every once in a while I get a hankering for Cheerios with a sliced banana. Even as a kid I never put sugar on them if you can believe it!

    Any chance you can get your slicing, dicing husband to make extra every night so you already have your lunch salad ready? That would be heaven to me.

    Big changes afoot at your house, requiring adjustment for all of you, I'm sure.