Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still hanging on and in

True confession:  I got rid of that chocolate my son brought me that I mentioned in the last post, but that's not what I'm confessing.  I took a knife and cut off a tiny piece to just taste it (didn't put it in my mouth until after I pushed the rest down into wet garbage to be on the safe side), and it was flavorless.  It basically tasted like wax.  What a waste that would have been, yet in another frame of mind, I would have inhaled it and all it's tasteless sugar, fat and calories, and not even noticed that it wasn't good.  Yay me, for once!

I'm still doing well - sticking with the modified food plan of only one big salad a day at lunch time, and yesterday I substituted the yogurt in the morning with 2 eggs scrambled with onion and asparagus.  It was raining the last 2 afternoons so I didn't walk.  Today I have a dentist to begin the process of having a 15 year old crown replaced, so I won't get home til close to 6.  Tomorrow is the appointment with my primary doc that I put off for so long due to fear and trembling over my weight and blood work.  I'll get the slip for the blood work at tomorrow's visit and hope to go Friday morning to get it drawn.  I'm just doing it even though I don't want to.  You know, like a grown up.

Lots of big stuff coming up for the family with transitions of kids from one place to another.  I'll talk about it all more tomorrow.  But I wanted to check in and say I'm actually hanging in there for now.  I just keep picturing that horrific scale reading last week and that seems to keep me on the straight and narrow.  I know that won't work forever, but I'm grateful it's working for now.  Happy hump day, everyone.


  1. It's funny how even though you know the chocolate won't taste good, you have to be sure to dispose of it so that you aren't tempted to eat more. I've had to do the same! Hope the rest of your week is great!

  2. Yay for you! I'll be thinking about you at the dentist. I have having crowns replaced:(

  3. Smart to dispose of the chocolate before you tasted! It always puts a smile (and sometimes it will actually confuse my brain) when I taste something (usually not good for me)I think is going to be delish, but in fact, is tasteless. I like those times (unless it's something I made!LOL)

  4. As I've gotten older I've gotten picky even with the treats I allow myself. To the point where I've actually told people I won't eat crap and I only want Godiva or Ghirardelli or Vermont Country Store Chocolate Covered Cherries. It has worked and when I am gifted those things, I treasure them so much I eat 1 piece a day. To make it last, of course!

    Glad you are hanging in AND on - that's a very good thing!

  5. long ago a blogger wrote a post about eating only one thing (that we would normally inhale by the hand full) and really tasting it. And realizing it didn't actually taste good. I remember one of her examples being Hershey kisses. Not suggesting anyone repeat the experiment (the hand full thing), but I remember her writing how waxy they taste when you eat only one.