Thursday, October 4, 2012


Day 3 is in the can, and my last food was 1/4 cup (measured) of Trader Joe's 50% less salted roasted almonds finished at the stroke of 7:30.  I was 200 calories below my daily allotment, 120 of which was from a shortened exercise session due to rainy weather.

Interesting to note that I fell asleep before 8:30, so didn't see the debate, or even the end of what I was watching at 8.  Nor did I make any headway in the book I've barely started (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - excited to be starting it!), but I'm okay with early to bed...  Not quite as okay with crack of dawn to rise (4 a.m.) that the early to bed yields, but I didn't eat after 7:30!  I literally don't think that has happened in years. Wow.  Atta girl!


  1. Atta girl indeed! And now you know why I go to bed at 8:30 - because I WANT to get up at 4 so I can work out.

  2. I have not read Tree/Brooklyn but appreciate the suggestion and have added it to the list I save for my long standing classics book group. I have a book review post at least once a week now, usually Wednesdays

    Night time eating is a hard habit for many to break. Interested in all you have to say as you go thru this process.

    Glad you are posting more. You seem centered.