Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday report

I didn't post over the weekend, and the main reason is that I didn't complete my food diary on Friday.  I got through lunch and after work snack, then went out to dinner with friends and had a pasta dish, plus too much bread from the basket (arg - but it was homemade, hot and with ice cold butter), and when I tried to figure out how to log it all, I knew there was no way to be even close to accurate.  So I had about a cup of Edy's Slow Churned Pumpkin ice cream instead.  No bingeing, but I went well over my daily allotment.  I'm making no excuses - just stating fact.  And I want to add that I my lack of tracking wasn't because I went over my daily number - I've been a little over (75-100 cals) a couple days and am committed to tracking it all.  It was more the nature of what I ate at the restaurant (puttanesca, the italian bread - 3 pieces) - that I knew I couldn't come close to guesstimating, given the variety of ingredients and the olive oil that was clearly present - but God knows how much.  It really didn't serve me well to make the food choices I made that evening - but I love that dish and how it's prepared there.

Saturday and Sunday I logged every morsel again and feel solidly on track with the logging.  But as far as 21 straight days, I'm now 4 on, 1 off and 2 back on.  It occurs to me that instead of trying for 21, I'm going to try for a full week - 7 days - and hopefully move on from there.  This is much better and I'm more focused than I've been in months, so I'm not going to beat myself up.

I got in great exercise Saturday, but Sunday was a bit of a wash, as it was drizzly most of the day.  I did manage a 30 minute dog walk, but the dog was in the mood to linger over every blade of grass along the way, so I doubt it was more than a mini-bump in my metabolic activity.

Have I mentioned that Hubby has been away since last Saturday (9/29) and won't be home until this coming Saturday?  Now I usually love my bachelorette time, but 2 weeks is a bit much.  He's in Big Spring, Texas, working on a railroad development project, and when I talked to him last night he said he hoped he didn't end up having to extend his time, as they're having "issues".  One of his partners went for 2 weeks back in early September and ended up having to stay for 5!  I told Tom that had best NOT happen, and he agreed and thought it unlikely.  Funny thing is, once he's home for 24 hours or so, I'll be ready for my next round of singlehood!  Just kidding.  Not really.  Maybe a little.

Anyway, not having him there does simplify my food prep to some degree.  It's not that he requires or even requests any special fixins, but I tend to do more cooking out of a sense of wifely responsibility than when he's not there.  I made some marinated sauteed lite tofu to throw into salads and stuff - and that'll be a main protein source for my lunches this week.  Now he doesn't even like to know if there is tofu in the house - much less lurking in the fridge!

That's it for me .  Working on Day 3 (consecutive) as we speak.


  1. Okay Susan. Glad you are back on track. I do think that lack of tracking and going over daily allotment are tied together, but only you know for yourself. For me , the choice of trigger foods at a dinner like the one you had ( the best ingredients, homemade,) automatically gave me a slippery slope excuse to come home and eat more. ( think the pumpkin ice cream. ).

    So, what will be the plan next time? Do you visualize yourself changing not choosing the bread or modifying choices on the next meal out like that? Just something to think about.

    Enjoy your simple food prep. Just having fewer dishes and formal meals to make is a nice break. Karen P

  2. Ahhhhh you are not Susan, Leslie. Please forgive me. You look exactly like a friend I know named Susan. Lol. ;)

    1. thanks Karen - Iknow you're right about the choice of food/bread...being tied to the not tracking. For one thing, until I have a couple of weeks behind me, I won't go to a place other than Panera or somewhere I can eat more simply, and also know the nutrition information. I appreciate you gently "noticing" my self-deception/denial...helps me get real.

  3. Did you look really quick to see if there was something in the MFP database that was similar to the meal you ate? Many times (most times) someone has already done the "heavy lifting" and figured out the meal...or most of it anyway. There have been times I've gone out to eat and when I log it, it's not perfect, but it's pretty close. I'd rather be close(ish), than not log anything at all because it helps keep me aware. You are doing fine. Keep moving forward...

  4. I agree with Tiffany. Even if it's painful, find the closest thing in the database and use that so that you stay on your tracking streak. So maybe they didn't have your restaurant's food but I'd guess if you searched for Olive Garden or any other Italian chain they'd have something you could use!

    I also agree with Karen (even if she thought you were someone else lol!). The thought process of "I'll never be able to track this" probably opened you up to overeat a bit. I'm not judging you but rather speaking from my own experience!

    Great idea to work at getting it for 7 days in a row and what better time than now while that hubby is gone?

  5. I think you are doing great with getting right back to tracking the next day. It would have been way easy to chuck the entire weekend.

    I have to laugh at what you said about two weeks of hubby being gone was too much but you would be ready for him to go again soon after he gets home. Oh can I relate to that. I do like me some alone time but I have been getting way too much of it lately. I do much better staying on track with life in general when I have more of a schedule and someone to share it all with.

    I like the 7 days of tracking goal. You can do this.