Monday, December 13, 2010

Sugar coated

Yesterday after I posted about my virtuous lack of eating much party food, I got into the desserts that were left over from the Saturday night soiree.  Namely a chocolate "bombe" that was utterly sinfully deliciously wickedly worth the calories of the relatively small piece I had, however many they numbered.  I'd had a really healthy food day and just wanted to "try" it.  HAH!  Self, you fell for a line of crap from your inner binge-er who assured you she just wanted to try it.  It had a ganache outer layer, then a lushly moist devil's food cake layer, and an inner core of chocolate cream - sort of light and whipped.  The word orgasmic comes to... er, mind.  I stopped with just one ladylike wedge.  But then this damn red velvet cake started singing it's love call and I had a piece of that too.  Both these confections followed a healthy steaming bowl of leftover vegetable beef soup we had for dinner. 

Now, as binges go for this girl, one piece of each of those desserts in no way constituted a binge.  However, an hour later, I mosied back into the kitchen and discovered a large ziploc bag left by a gal who promised me she was taking it was chex cereal tossed in what I think she said was a melted morass of peanut butter, chocolate chips and something else, rendering each little chex square coated in said morass, and some squares sort of clumped together.  The clumps were REALLY tasty.  To be festive, she'd added some red and green m&ms for holiday color.  Anyway - I had probably a cup of that, then brushed, flossed and went to bed.  A taste and texture media extravaganza.

Can I tell you that all that sugar caused me to wake up with a true hangover - with brain fog and and slightly nauseous stomach.  Even achy all over, and no, I don't think I'm sick.  Other than sick from simple refined carbohydrates, most notably white sugar and God forbid, surely some high fructose corn syrup throw in for good measure.  I felt like total crap this morning.  I haven't had that much sugary stuff in one sitting for a long time.  I'd like to say I'm cured after how sh*tty I felt, but I 'spect it'd all taste just fine later today.  Which is why I took all of it to my morning AA meeting and it all got wolfed down by the masses.  Masses who apparently can eat a small amount and be satisfied (even though they couldn't drink a small amount...hmmm).  Anyway - I'm glad the contraband is out of the house.  I have a fantastic salad for lunch with some white meat chicken.  The hangover is about gone, succumbing to large amounts of water and a healthy Atkins type breakfast of egg whites and 2 strips of bacon.

I have to say that it all tasted good, and I didn't deep end it with any of the 3 confections - well, maybe a cup of the chex stuff was approaching the deep end.  Anyway - I'm just confessing it here so I can let it go.  And it's already gone.  Have a power walk scheduled after work with a friend, and that will further cleanse the body and soul of yesterday's iniquities.  I'm not upset or remorseful.  I was pretty intentional and deliberate about what I chose to ate.  I just don't want a repeat performance anytime soon.


  1. Yay for getting rid of it ! For the record, the Chex thin g sounds very much like something that is called Puppy Chow or Muddy Buddies in these parts. For me, two bites gives me absolutely killer heartburn instantly , so I don't have a problem with having it around ( for some reason all red wine does the same thing to me and I have no idea why). It's kind of a handy hassle to have refined sugar hurt me instantly, so I just don't eat or crave it. As a kid I just hated sweets , and then sometime as an adult they started giving me nasty heartburn. Dried fruit , real fruit and deep dark chocolate are okay, but the white stuff is right out, as is corn syrup. Gotta be thankful for weird small favors !

  2. It's a virus going around blogland right now, I swear! A sugar virus! Ack!

    I'm glad you're not remorseful because really, what the hell can you do at this point except move along.

  3. You know, Leslie, I don't know why we think we can have just a little and then stop. Really. I mean for the RARE times that happens, you'd think we wouldn't chance it.

    Although as one binger to another, "Girl, you did good!" You did. Although you made your way thru two more things after the just one thing... that was not bad at all, considering.

    Good for you for getting rid of what was left! Even if you regret that tonight, well, it's still gone. :D

    Again, good job!


  4. I have long learned that I just need to get rid of the stuff. Which is hard this time of year because the rest of my family wants it around and I too often succumb. Someday I hope to be at a place with my eating where I either just am not even tempted by sugary stuff, or I am so in control the rest of the time that I can have a little baby binge, like you had, and just enjoy it without the guilt. Glad you have let it go already:)

  5. Sugar is a nemesis for most of us here in weight loss blogland--especially right now--with so much of it around. I have found that if I don't get rid of it (binge-type food), it will most likely make its way into my mouth. I think you did very well to stop at the point you did. I also think it's good that you do not feel upset and remorseful. Reliving these events with emotional angst often seems to prolong a binge--at least in my case. I think you are handling this in a very wise manner.

  6. Great attitude about the whole thing Leslie. Good plan to take it to your meeting and get rid of it all. Drink tons of water today and move on!

  7. Cake? What cake? It's in the past...forget about it. :)

  8. Well, I have to admit, you are ahead of me on this. I don't even have it IN the house in the first place. I used to eat not 1, 2, or 3 pieces... rather, I would eat the whole thing! So it's just safer not to even have it around. Maybe someday... not this day. :-)
    You definitely did good.