Friday, December 3, 2010

Hot 100 Update

I'm having real trouble with my blog on my work computer.  My blogroll hasn't updated since early Wednesday.  This doesn't happen at work, and I keep getting messages that I need to update my browser, but at work my attempts to update are futile.  I always have more time to post here at work than at home, but am afraid my posting will somehow not "take".  Gonna try, because I have a busy afternoon and evening ahead.

First, my Hot 100 update.  I realized this morning as I read my last week's update that I didn't even set goals for this week.  Given that I haven't done much in the way of tracking or tallying my calories, I guess that means I don't have to post bad progress!  The reality is I have not tracked beyond lunch at all this week.  I had one afternoon (yesterday) of overeating, but otherwise I know I've stayed within my 1870 calories for my other challenge, Allan's.  I know because I've kept the evening snacking to a minimum, having only 400 calories (actually slightly less) each day after dinner.

The weather has been either torrentially rainy, or ass-freezing cold, so my exercise has been less than usual.  I walked at least 30 mins 3 times this week.  I always aim for 6 times, so that was half baked.  I've been drinking tons of water.  I haven't weighed since Sunday, and I'll weigh again this Sunday.  Almost hopped on today but remembered my blog friends telling me to knock that crap off!  Too much weighing makes Leslie Loonier than Usual, and that's saying something.

For this week coming up, I am stating goals:
1)  Limit after dinner eating to 400 calories.  This amount is budgeted from my maintenance eating amount.  If my total is less (I'm going to try to stay at 1500 total for the day a few days this week), the 400 is part of it.
2)  I'm going to have to track if I'm staying within the calories.  I will do it every day.
3)  Exercise 30 mins or more 6/7 days.
4)  Keep up with 96 oz or more water daily

I don't have much else to talk about today.  Instead, one of our clients and I are working on decorating the bulletin board outside my office for Christmas.  It's a work in progress but we hope to finish this afternoon.  If so, I'll take a picture of it and of my buddy and ever enthusiastic client Carl and post it next week.  The weekend is for that house cleaning required to decorate - then Christmasizing the house.  It's going to be COLD - highs in the 30s, so a pot of pea soup is waiting to be brewed while carols fill the air.  The goal...coziness.  Hope you find some yourselves this weekend.


  1. So... I totally forgot to track and until I read this forgot it was even a goal before! I guess I should have added it back this week.

  2. Coziness and pea soup are right up my alley! It sounds like you had a pretty good week Leslie!

    Hope you get all your cleaning done this weekend and the house decorated! All that moving burns calories - what a bonus!

  3. Don't you just love decorating for Christmas?? I am in Heaven right, love, love this season. I hope you find the Christmas coziness you're looking for this wknd...buying some of the Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Hot Chocolate helps, lol...only 60 cals a cup! :)

  4. I like that your eating is even keel even though you are not diligently tracking... you seem intentional at the moment. I like that.

    Maybe ad swimming or an aqua exercise class over the winter if the walking is not really doing it for you. :) I dare ya!

  5. Hey, Leslie! Just stopping by to thank you for your kind comments on my blog as I struggled thru post-op hell.

    I'm doing better. The Cipro is working and the episiotomy is calming down enough for me to sit at the ocmputer with a pillow. (I found some O-T-C products that have helped. It would have been nice if the MD had pout them in the D/C instructions!)

    Anyway, progress is happening.

    I haven't read your posts (Or anyone's posts much for that matter) lately, but I gather that the frontal lobotomy wore off r/t the call counting?

    Leslie, how does that happen? Really? How does the magical diet switch turn on...and then off? Please figure it out and tell me.

    I wish you well with the next week's Hot 100. Hey, you've hung in there! Wahoo, you!


  6. I wish I could set goals. I just want to eat all day long. I have not road my stationary bike but twice all week. You are doing so good even when you think your not. Cause you are always better than me. Pea soup and coziness sounds great.

  7. I liked the sound of "coziness" too!
    And I also liked that even though you weren't obsessive about the tracking, you did well. That is something I'd like to learn.
    Enjoy your pea soup, sounds yummy.

  8. Brrrr! Bundle up! Now I have a craving for pea soup this week for lunch. Think I'm going to make a batch and feast on it all week at work. You're doing great with the goals!

  9. Leslie, you are doing great! :)

  10. The cold weather sure does make it hard to get walks in, doesn't it? I hope you have a great week Leslie!

    ~South Beach Steve