Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Questions and quandaries

As promised, I'm "paying it forward" by tagging 4 bloggers to answer 4 questions, continuing the chain sent my way by Karen yesterday.  I'm picking people whose blogs I've either just started reading and am loving (Jane and PJ Geek), and 2 whose blogs I've read since I got here 19 months ago and have always loved (Roxie and Tammy.  I really love all the blogs on my blogroll, but for once am sticking to the rules.  Renegade, thy name is no longer Leslie!  I hope this doesn't feel like a burden to any you chosen folks. 
The 4 bloggers I'm tagging are:


PJ Geek



The questions are:

1.  Who has had the most influence in your life?  In what way has the person (or people) influenced you?

2.  What is your favorite quality about yourself?  Similarly, what characteristic would you like to change, lose or modify?

3.  When was the last time you cried?

4.  What was your very best vacation ever and why?

I love asking questions!  There are about a thousand more I wanted to write, but what with that renegade thing no longer being my "style", I acquiesced to those damn rules!  I may have to start a question day of the week on my blog.

***By the way - you don't have to be tagged to answer the questions!  Feel free;)***


I had a wonderful breakfast today that I haven't had before.  I actually didn't eat it until 10 because I slept late, and once at work was busy until my stomach started growling.  At first I thought, "Damn!  I must have had too carby of a breakfast to be this hungry!"  Then I realized I had NO breakfast.  Luckily I keep my office "dorm" fridge stocked with sanity - cottage cheese, yogurt, no sugar apple sauce.  Today I had a full cup of 1% cottage cheese (90 cals/1/2 cup) for a whopping 28 calories of protein, plus 1 finely cut up Winesap apple, a smidge of cinnamon and 1 packet of Splenda...it was GR8!  Who knew that could be so could.  I'm not a huge raw apple eater (a texture thing), but finely chopped with the cinnamon and eaten this way was really good.  So good that I'm heading for the store where I bought the apples to get more of the same.  Like any good addict - one's good, 5 must be better!  But I only bought 3 of them and cooked 2 the other night with sausage and onion.

Good heavens, how can I go on that long about breakfast and apples?  Where is the literature in that???

I'm happy to report the my low back and left hip that were killing me yesterday are 98% back to their pre-hurt status.  If the rain holds off, I'm going for a walk after work.  I didn't walk yesterday because it got increasingly uncomfortable as the day wore on.  The only remedy...hello couch.

One more thing - I have to confess that I've been doing well with food until after dinner, and then my inner binge-er wakes up and starts trying to call the shots.  The last 2 nights I've kept her sorry ass to a mottled roar and only had extra yogurt and a granola bar, but could easily go on for hours.  I've wondered if I should keep my calories limited so I can have 600 after dinner and stay within my daily limit or try and ride out the cravings.  I HAVE been saving 400 for after dinner, but when I do that, I end up eating the amount even if I don't want it.  I know that if I'm within my limit it's okay, but not a habit I want to sustain.  Whatever.  You've heard this before from me.  It's my pattern, and 95% of the time, my overeating happens after dinner.  Therapy time?  Meditation?  Evening aa meetings?  Early bed?  All are possible.  But I'm as therapized as any living soul on earth.  I WILL fall asleep if I try meditation after dinner.  Meetings are an option but there is often a smorgasboard of sweets at evening meetings (those darn addicts!). 

The main thing is I want to set myself up for success, not failure or half-assed success.  The brunt of the work lies within my head - it's a total headgame, with emotional eating standing in for feeling reality.  I'm gonna emerge victorious, here.  I feel it.  I'd just like the victory sooner than later.


  1. I wish I had some great advice for you, but I don't. I suppose all you can do is just keep changing things up and trying to overcome, until you are successful.

  2. I don't believe this is true for me but I just read that a lot of people overeat late in the day because they don't actually eat enough earlier. Mine is just habit or emotional or mindless snacking. So, I like apples but some are better than others. Cottage cheese... not so much. Funny thing is I eat my apples plain but the splenda (or sugar) and cinnamon on my cottage cheese!

  3. Evenings are my toughest time, for sure. I don't know if it's habit or what. It's like I'm two people - for more than half the day, I go on about my business and give food the proper place in my life. But in the evening, things just change. I've been scheduling things in the evening, just to keep me away from the fridge, cupboards, etc.

    Thanks for the nod - I'll have to give your questions some thought!

  4. As far as eating at night: have you thought about blogging in the evening or 5edaing blogs at that time. It helps me, might help you, too.

    I know Allan from Almost Gastric Bypass initially curbed his appetite by blogging.

    BTW: I borrowed your line as I passed on the questions after Karen tagged me (By the way - you don't have to be tagged to answer the questions! Feel free). Thanks for that line! Michele

  5. Evenings are awful for me too! I knew I had to try something different to kick start some weight loss so I've cut out my evening 100 calorie pack and milk along with every other things sugar which is my addiction.

    We've been eating dinner later and going to bed early and reading so I don't think about AS much. I'm hoping that eventually I won't miss it.

  6. Glad to hear that your hip is feeling a little better! Have a great day!

  7. I'm right there with ya at night. Those are tough questions for me--must be a reason / HP reason. Working on the answers.

  8. Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for tagging me. I have enjoyed reading others' responses to the questions, so I plan to post today with mine. Also, I appreciated your comments, on my blog, about my exercise/gym phobia. I'm glad your lower back and hip are feeling better. When I have physical ailments, I seem to be more at risk of eating junk or just plain overeating.

    Also, your evening snacking struck a chord, because I can have a perfect day, and the "munchies" come out at night. I have to struggle to stay away from the kitchen. Sometimes staying away from the TV is also helpful, because eating while watching can be habit forming for me. Take care, and have a great day. Glad to be doing this with you!

  9. I love having cinnamon and splenda on fresh apples :D

    I think if you eat bigger meals you won't even want to snack - most of my meals are around the 500 calorie mark, and I have no desire to eat anything in between, simply because I am full.

    Not sure that is much advice, but it works for me!

  10. Hey girl! Thanks for tagging me...I'll answer the questions in tomorrow's post. :)