Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Look at me...pop tart free!!

I'm very happy to report a pop tart free day yesterday, as well as a clean day where I didn't track my points but know I fell short of my 29.  Probably not good, but I had a very rare, never happens, there must be aliens approaching day of low hunger and no cravings or desires to eat too much.  I'd brought a big salad for lunch to work, along with some roasted vegetables, and ended up eating only the cup of vegetables while on the job.  I brought the salad home and ate it about 2:45, knowing if I didn't the universe would likely render me binge-y, crave-ish and hungry at some point before dinner.  After the salad I walked the dog with a friend - about 2 miles.  Not a huge chunk of exercise but 20 minutes worth of a good pace.

For dinner I made my favorite meatloaf recipe which happens to be low carb.  I got the recipe from Lyn's blog and my family and I like it better than any other meatloaf I've made, and we are big meat loaf lovers.  (That could sound pathetic, couldn't it?)  I've made it a point to make killer meatloaves as an adult because my mother's were so terrible;  I think she just used ground meat, maybe an egg and white bread, and it was basically like eating dry hamburger steak that was only palatable when slathered in great quantities of the off-brand ketchup she bought.  Wow - I digressed and got in a dig at my mom in one fell swoop, and both were unplanned and unintended!

Back to meat loaf - what makes Lyn's low carb is that it has no ketchup and no bread.  Actually I can supply a link to it if you're interested - it's a different taste, and DELISH.  Hopefully that second link gets you to the meatloaf, but if it doesn't, just click on menus on her menu bar and you'll see it in her list.  Anyhoo, for the menfolk, I fixed potatoes and green beans (esp. for the Mister who doesn't like what I fixed for myself in lieu of potatoes, which was a winging it concoction of steamed cauliflower and broccoli, mashed together with a little butter, s&p, 2 cloves of garlic and about a tbs. of fat free 1/2&1/2.  Wow, was the mashed mix really good - my son had 2 huge helpings, I had one, and enough left for some with lunch today.  I felt entirely righteous, dude, having such a low carb healthy alternative to potatoes. 

After work today I'm meeting a friend at Starbucks, and in the interest of keeping the WWP+ lower, I'll probably just have plain old coffee.  I generally don't like SB coffee and am a latte fan, but I'm pretty sure a tall, which is their stupid smallest size, has 3 points I think.  I'm going to google it later to see, because I'd much rather that.  Then I'm seeing my family doc for a few things like refills and slip for blood work.  I expect to talk tomorrow here about another topic about which I'm going to speak to the doc.  For the cliffhanger, if has to do with HEALTH.  And DENIAL.  And STRIVING FOR ACCEPTANCE. 

And I have to say that it's just beyond great to really be back here blogging.  Already my mind is back in the mode of filing thoughts for publication the next day.  Now if only I could get paid for the "published" products!


  1. Skinny Latte, with sugar-free flavor shots. 130 calories; don't know what that equates to on points. :)

    Congrats on yesterday! :)

  2. I had a weird pop tart craving the other day. I've tried to convince myself in the past that the Fiber One version is okay but then I looked at ingredients. Pop tarts just do not occur in nature :) Glad to have you back Leslie!

  3. I love the skinny cinnamon dolce latte. No idea of points but they publish all their nutritional info so it would be easy enough to figure out.

    I never had meatloaf until I was an adult. My mom never made it. Never. She did make some huge meatball things that I hated. Probably similar. The first meatloaf I ate was my MIL's and it was a pleasant surprise. I got a WW meatloaf recipe years ago that is very good. My husband even likes it better than his mom's:) Too bad my boys won't touch anything mixed like that. Anyhoo... if you are interested in trying a new one, email me and I'll send the recipe.

  4. I have another virtual friend through Sparkpeople who is currently on an only 2 poptarts a week challenge. She says they're just one of the foods from childhood that she loves so she's constantly tempted when she has them in the house for her 4 year old. So funny. I never knew poptarts were so mesmerizing.

    You know, intuitive eaters would not eat if they were not hungry for the most part. I don't believe I've ever seen one of them keel over. I think you made smart decisions yesterday.

    Anticipating your serious-er post!

  5. It's great to have you back, too, Leslie. :D And I love meatloaf.


  6. Mmmm of our favorites. And just describing the cauli/broccol mix got my mouth watering (when I think of the added butter of course!).

    Glad you're back - never feel like you 'have to' Leslie ... you are cared about no matter what! :)

  7. Glad you avoided the Pop Tarts. I know the steamed cauliflower thing, we make something like it for a potato substitute. Yummers!


  8. I made meatloaf tonight...but I'm afraid mine had carbs. Can't eat meatloaf w/o ketchup in Tammyland, and it also had Italian bread crumbs in it. Oops. :)

  9. I used to work at Starbucks, and they don't really advertise this (b/c of course they want you to spend more money, lol) but their smallest size is actually a "short", and it's even smaller than the tall. I can't recall exactly how many ounces...maybe 10 oz? maybe I'm wrong, but it's at least cheaper and smaller! you can order any hot drink in a short size. unfortunately, they dont' carry short cold drink sizes.

  10. I love a good meatloaf. I'll have to try Lyn's. One of the secrets to low-carb is that you feel so much better so quickly and that provides an incentive to stay with it. Good job.

    Pop-Tarts were never part of my life, so they hold no particular attraction for me. I'm much more likely to be derailed by a saltine cracker. Can't keep them in the house. Salty/crunchy is a siren call I have trouble denying.

    So glad that you are back!

    I get a tall skinny vanilla latte as an occasional treat. I think it has 90 calories, but I don't how to work points. Amazingly enough, I only lasted on weight watchers about two weeks twenty five years ago.

  11. I haven't had Pop Tarts in ages - kudos for not having one and having a clean eating day! :D

    I'll have to try that meatloaf recipe - hubs is a huge fan, I am on the fence - I guess I'd rather have a cheeseburger :D

    Most of the tall sugar free coffees at SB are 2 points, 3 points if you use soy milk.