Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spirit and flesh BOTH willing and able 4 today

It's 11:40 and I'm sitting at my work desk starting this post while wolfing down some celery heart pieces with a Blue cheese LC lite wedge.  (btw - the blue cheese LC lite is my fave of their offerings)  I was absolutely empty-stomach hungry (as opposed to my more typical "throat wants to swallow something" hungry) because I didn't have my complete power breakfast I described yesterday. 

******Work interruption (and how dare they?)********

I did have my oatmeal and flax early before I left for work.  My plan (and frequent m.o.) was to have the yogurt and fruit as soon as I got in.  Well, it's now 12:33 and I've yet to have the yogurt and fruit because I got caught up in work matters and didn't miss the protein hit until about 11:15 when my stomach started actually gnawing and growling (who knew it remembered how given it's rare sensation of genuine emptiness!).  The celery and LCL blue was quicker to grab than getting my yogurt and applesauce parfait arranged.  Now I'm thinking I'll just have the yogurt when I get home from work, b/c it's about time for me to eat my awesome, huge, kick ass salad and a serving of the roasted veggies I did this morning before coming to work.

I'm so excited to have NOTHING going on this evening.  A couch potato's nirvana.  As I said yesterday, I've had things to do every evening this week, and also tomorrow night, so it's going to feel nice to come home and not have to go back out.  It's Modern Family night, and I think I'll be able to stay up to watch it (all the way to 9 pm), given my new found evening wakefulness of late.  It's chilly and rainy here, so I might go to the gym that I quit (but can use through April) to log some time on the treadmill and maybe elliptical.  Then to the store to pick up something for dinner for which I hope to find inpiration by perusing my favorite food blogs. 

I often get my dinner inspirations from blogs - especially now from some of the WW blogs, like TJ, Danica, Tami, Biz and The Slender Kitchen.  Most of you probably read these blogs, but if you haven't they are all worth your checking out, so hit the linky dinks and enjoy.  Of course I have a slew of favorite recipes in my rotation of dinner ideas, but I continue to get great new ideas from blogs.   Sometimes I bring my laptop into the kitchen to reference the recipes while I'm throwing them together.  Makes me feel like a child of the NEW MILENNIUM!  My husband has totally appreciated the vast new array of meals he gets since I started blogging.

BTW - I need to say again that I HEART blogging and am so glad to be back to it.  When I needed the break, I needed it; but I'm glad that's out of my system now and back amongst youze guys!  (A little Philly talk for youze....)

My meditation class was fantastic last night.  I'm going to write more about it soon.  It feels like something that is really nourishing my whole self and I'm so happy that this new opportunity is availble at a time when my spirit is willing and so is my flesh.  So often I have one without the other when trying to pursue something beneficial and broadening.


  1. Nice to hear from you, Leslie. In case you didnk't know it, we just had coffee together. :)

    I just saw a Laughing cow commercial yesterday and was thinking that maybe I could give it a try. Glad to know there's a lite version. I'm a little leery, tho. Philly Cream Cheese and I have a history.... I'm concerned that LC mauy go the same way so I'll have to do the math and see how many cals are in an ENTIRE package before I buy it....just in case.

    Hoping yunz guys in Philly can get your pronoun right eventually. I know it's hard.


  2. I was at a conference recently in Seattle and Philly is the next scheduled location. The folks from Philadelphia were manning a booth, talking that way (for funzies, I think) and passing out Tasty Cakes?

    Glad to see you so peaceful and productive! Even the scheduled couchpotato time is good after your week of busyness.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LC french onion wedged (low-cal.) Haven't tried the blue cheese yet. :)

  4. My store just started selling the laughing cow cheese flavors on a regular basis - they showed up one week, a month later were all gone - I heart the blue cheese one too.

    Thanks for the shout out - and some new to me blogs to check out! I am glad that blogging is a good outlet for your Leslie - take your breaks when you need to - you know we'll be here when you get back! :D

  5. Doncha just love it when the spirit and the flesh work together (for good) like that?? Hang on to that great combo. You're being so smart and planning your snacks and away meals ahead--you inspire me. Keep it up.

  6. I hate to admit that I love, love, love evenings when there is nothing going on! I would feel differently if I weren't working, I think.

  7. Glad to hear that you had a great day!

  8. "I'm so excited to have NOTHING going on this evening." thing. I love having nothing to do/worry about. relaxing! :)

    ENJOY your evening!!!