Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It doesn't happen everyday that you suddenly see your computer screen, keyboard, and other objects on your desk start to shake back and forth!!  Especially here in suburban Philly.  We had ourselves an earthquake!

Actually it was Virginia that had itself a small earthquake, relatively near Washington D.C., but apparently it was felt as far west as Michigan, and in Boston, CT, and North Carolina.  And here in Swarthmore, PA, where I work.  Very strange.  Suddenly the most common phrase to be heard in the halls of my agency are, "Did you feel that?"  The forces of nature are remarkable and powerful.  There is little info on the internet yet as to whether buildings or utilities were affected, much less whether there were any injuries or worse.  Hopefully not and that this will be a reminder to us all that we really have very little control over much of anything, other than ourselves.  Anyway - can't wait to see the news later this afternoon to get the whole story.  Any bloggers feel the shaking and trembling besides moi?

I've had a GOOD last 2 days - 4 mile walks and sane eating.  So far so good today, as well, but I know to take it an hour at a time.  Or a minute, when a food thought or compulsion to eat or binge arises.  I'm grateful for every bit of sanity and peace with food that comes, and pray that more is possible if I pause between the impulse to stuff something in my mouth, and the actually stuffing.  It worked yesterday...to just stop for a few moments and reflect on the notion that once I put a bite of something off plan into my mouth and swallow it, dollars to donuts more will follow - and the more may include the donuts!  Or other garbage.

I've heard it so many times, but the other day I read something written by a blogger (for the life of me I can't recall who) about how she treated herself like a garbage receptacle, and it really jolted me.  More like a dumpster in my case.  Seriously - how can I treat the only body I'll ever have with such wanton disregard and hatefulness?  It, and I, deserve better.

I've been writing a post in my mind for a few days that maybe I'll actually get into the virtual world tomorrow.  It's about a BIG change I'm itching to make and coming very close to doing...and that I've mentioned in this blog at least a couple of times over the last 3 years.  I'm feeling excited and anticipatory, and am reading up on this particular upgrading of my image (so to speak).  So stay tuned, and in the next day or so I'm going to talk about it.

In light of the shaky events in the last hour, I'm compelled to say that it's okay to have your head in the clouds, as long as your feet are on solid ground!  (excerpted from The Big Book of AA - where else?)


  1. Lots of folks around here felt it, but I did not. My daughter, however, who works in DC was evacuated from her building. They told her she should go home but she doesn't want to get on the Metro although she is worried about her condo in Virginia...

    Looking forward to your big reveal!

  2. In the words of Rosannadanna, "It's always something." It seems that lately it's true, with shocking events occurring with what seems like more frequency, throughout the world. I'm glad that no one was injured.

    I am also having a very good day, Leslie. I have my head on straight for the first time in a long time, and I'm grateful for that. I am eating an abstinent food plan, and it really makes a difference. Take care....

  3. I was out walking and didn't feel a thing. Apparently, here in NYC it was felt if you were in an upper floor of a tall building and especially if you were sitting or laying down. The news reports are saying there were a few injuries in VA and DC but no deaths. Several buildings in NYC were evacuated by building staff ... memories of 9/11 still very fresh in our minds especially with the 10th anniversary approaching. Luckily, no damage in our parts.

    Keep having a good day! :)

  4. I was sitting on a picnic table in Cades Cove (part of Great Smoky Mountains National Park) and felt the oddest sensation. Just enough to make your stomach think, "what was that?" I looked around to see if a bear had snuck up behind me and was shaking my table!! Forgot about it till I got home and read about the earthquake. Sure enough, that's what it was.

    Excited to read about your changes! Although I like you just the way you are.

  5. I'd have no idea if not for social media. Facebook and twitter are all abuzz. I'm enjoying a bit of irony that one of my son's friends went to school where you are while mine is in California and guess which one got the earthquake! I'll have to catch up on the news tonight. Hope there was not serious damage or injury but have no idea the extent yet.

  6. We felt it up here, too. I wondered if you felt it since you're closer to the DE line...closer to the epicenter.

  7. Since I am at the wrong end of the states from you, didn't feel it. Hope all is well as far as no fallen 'stuff' at your place, or broken items.

    I think I have heard an analogy like that before. It makes a lot of sense...


  8. Several chimneys fell in the Pittsburgh area. Whole lof of shaken goin on.


  9. so so so glad everyone (including my parents) is ok.


  10. Wow, can't believe you felt it all the way there! Many of my relatives live in VA, and my Aunt who lives in Richmond said it felt like a freight train was going to run through her house - so crazy!

    Hooray for clean eating - can you send some of it my way??!! :D