Thursday, March 15, 2012

Overdue Update

Thanks Tammy, for reminding me it's been awhile since my last post - a week to be exact.  I didn't mean to go so long and had actually started a post on Monday while at work, but never got back to it after getting distracted with,

When last we chatted, I reported about the surprise finding that the pressure in my eyes was up for the first time ever.  That doc who inadvertently discovered this when I'd gone because I had a little irritation in my right eye had been pretty encouraging about the whole thing, noting that that structures in both eyes looked very healthy.  She had me return on last Friday morning for a recheck of the pressure by the senior guy in the practice.  Apparently eye pressure is always highest in the morning and lowers gradually during the day.

On Friday the pressure was still up, and a little higher than it was Wednesday midday.  The doctor also used some special lenses and mirrors to look into the structures within the eyes to detect any changes that could signal early glaucoma changes.  Again, he reported my eye anatomy "perfect", and that while I do not have glaucoma, I'm definitely at risk for it down the road.  The goal is to get  the pressure down; the treatment is one drop in each eye every night - for the duration, as in the rest of my life.  The condition is called ocular hypertension, is pretty common, esp. as one ages, and is very easy to treat.  I'll have the pressure checked in a month to make sure the drops are doing what they're supposed to do.  The final round of testing is today, where I'll have a visual field study and something else, to get a true baseline of where I am right now.

All in all, I feel very fortunate to have had this discovered before any serious changes in my vision had taken place.  One other thing I wanted to say is that when I wrote about this last week, I noted that I hadn't seen the eye doc in (turns out) 3 years, and since I didn't wear lenses and was having no trouble, I could have gone longer and not found out about the pressure.  Several of you were surprised that I don't wear lenses - what I meant was I've never had prescription lenses.  I've been wearing reading glasses since my late 40s - and I'm up to 2.00 with those!  Sorry for not being clear.  Yeah - age related changes have been happening for awhile, but this pressure thing was previously undetected.


So started this post yesterday and got as far as above the line!  We have a lot going on right now and I'm not always finishing what I start in a timely manner!

I had my tests at the eye doc yesterday and go back April 12 for results.  It was sort of a non-event, which left me free for the rest of the day.  I had a lovely day - lunch with 2 friends (I had a salad with grilled chicken and at < half.  Then did a 3 mile brisk walk with the dog.  I've been getting a 3 mile or longer walk in everyday, and it's not only helping my weight, but my sleep.  And when I get in a good routine, I'm less likely to be tempted by junk food.

The big event is that last night, we met our daughter's (who's in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic as most of you know) boyfriend who she's been seeing for about 6 months.  He has sounded like a great stand up guy, and he was in Philly yesterday to interview at Wharton Business School at U of P.  About 2 weeks ago, he said to Jean that since he was going to be in Philly, he'd love to meet her parents!  Now realize she wasn't coming with him - and this was his idea!  Very exciting, and said a lot to us about the fact that he's feeling pretty serious about about their relationship.  (I know she is!)

Anyway, hubby, both sons and I went into University City in Philly and met him at a very upscale hip restaurant for dinner, and we love him!  He's very handsome, speaks better English than I though he was born and raised in the DR, and we had a great time.  This was quite a big deal, and Cesar and I both were instructed by Jean to skype with her when dinner was done and we were home.  He got a hold of her first and said he felt very comfortable and easy with us.  All in all, it was great, and it would be even better if he ends up at Wharton because that would likely ensure Jean's proximity once she returns in June after finishing up with PC.  I don't want to count chickens before the eggs are laid, but for now, in this moment, we're very happy that she has such a nice, bright, stand-up guy with whom to be.

Food wise I'm doing better!  I'm at 208, which is not where I want to be, but I was vacillating between having a few good days, dropping 3-4 pounds, and then having an "open weekend" and having to start all over.  I was back at 211 early last week, and have been holding steady to sane days and slow loss.  The increased activity is helping to.  I'm still sticking mainly to Paleo-esque food, though I have been having oatmeal about 3 times a week.

The ridiculously amazing mild weather is helping me too - I always tend to shed a few pounds naturally as the weather moves from the dark days of winter.  It's happening early this year - maybe just for my benefit.  I've tried a couple of great recipes that I want to post and plan to do so in the next few days.

That's all from me.  Life feels very good right now, and that is great, because all we really have is the present.  I'm going to try and be here - with the Leslie Channel in my brain turned down to a lower frequency.  My mind is always spinning somewhere and I'm aware of missing just enjoying what is, right now.


  1. Thanks for the update...glad you're doing well!! :)

  2. I have high eye pressure too but I also have thick corneas. My doc said that the two counteract each other so no drops or anything for me as of yet. I'm sure it will all be fine on your end.

    How nice that you got to meet your daughter's SO!

    1. Actually one of my tests yesterday was ultrasound to measure corneal thickness. I'll get results next visit.

  3. "Life feels very good right now" - that's the part of this post that sticks with me:)

  4. Hey, Leslie. I'm glad your eyes are okay! And thanks for the suport on my blog. :} Just sign me: Deb, the Blog Stalker--or Debby BS, if you prefer. lol.

  5. I had pseudotumor cerebri years ago and had elevated eye pressure with it - my left eye still is not normal, but it hasn't gotten any worse. Well I say that, but now that you write about it being three years since YOUR last eye exam, I think it's been at least two years since mine...eek. Thanks for the reminder, and I hope the drops do the trick for you!

    Very very cool that you met the boyfriend and liked him!

  6. Leslie, thanks for the encouragement 'bout the hysterectomy (it really helped me t/know about your SIL).

    Glad to hear your eyes are a.o.k. It must be a relief to know your daughter is with someone YOU feel comfortable with!LOL! I know i'm on pins n' needles already - and my daughter hasn't even dated yet!

    BTW: My "NO" diet is going very well :)