Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scale Tale

I'm finding myself in a weird place this week.  Usually I would have gotten on the scale either Sunday or Monday morning, but I haven't, and didn't today either.  Me - the original member of the Scale Roulette Oympiad not wanting to get on the scale.  And get this...it's not because I've been doing bad - it's because I've been doing good.  Not perfect, but pretty darn good compared to recent months.  Not only that, my exercise has increased probably 80% in the last 2 weeks - mainly in the form of walking and some simple Pilates type stuff in my den when no one is within a 50 mile radius home.  I sort of sense that my clothes are ever so slightly looser.  You know how you sort of know when you're doing well, just like you really know when you're not? 

So why am I avoiding the scale like the bubonic plague in a very out-of-character way?  I think it's because no matter what it says, I know it has the power to make me feel better or worse.  Make my day or ruin my day.  It shouldn't have this power, as I am certainly bigger and stronger and have a sentient mind that tells me I'm more than whatever the scale says.  But I know myself well. 

It's about expectations.  Since I'm sensing some signs that I'm getting a grip here with eating, I'm imaging, hoping, EXPECTING that the scale will validate my effort.  I somehow conjur up an amount of lbs that I may have dropped, and anything less that my lofty expectations can deflate me faster than sticking a sharp pin a balloon.  If I think "oh, maybe 2 pounds.." and it's .5, I'll be angry, frustrated, certain this isn't worth it...whatever.  And if it's more than my expectation, I get this lofty sense of  "oh, I'll have a bit of a looser day today since I'm doing better than I thought".  Do you know that I just typed "ahead of schedule" instead of better than I thought, like I'm on a schedule to lose and if I'm ahead of the game I get to add in a few treats?

This must sound entirely crazy, and trust me that it feels that way from the inside.  But it's the truth.  The scale is a major mindfu*k for this additive person and I really see that since I'm on a decent roll, I'm better off just staying off the scale and avoiding all the mental abuse it triggers. 

Whew - this is where I know it would be good to have a support group, but you know I won't be going that route in the food realm anymore.  I just need to talk about this stuff and thank you all for listening and hopefully not judging!  You blog friends have never judged, so it feels relatively safe to just splat it out here rather than keeping it to moi-self.  Regarding judging others, I heard a great thing awhile back at an aa meeting - those who count don't judge; those who judge don't count. 

I'm sure some time in the next week I'll work up my courage and get on the scale, but I'm going to really work on surrendering the results, no matter what they are.  And when I'm sticking to a good orderly sane foodplan, I can feel okay about whatever verdict that scale bitch renders!  Maybe...


  1. lol...that last "maybe" cracked me up. Ahhhh...the scale. I hate her too. If you're feeling good staying off of it, then keep it up. It plays with my head too. I should follow suit.

  2. I understand this completely, and I never connected the addictive part of it, but yes, you are right...and that's probably the difference between us and those people who can weigh every day and see it as just a number in their arsenal instead of a personal condemnation. Wow. Mind officially blown!

  3. I totally understand your tactic of staying off the scale. I'm a scale addict, and believe me, it's not always such a good thing. I'm going to try to stay off for a while, also.

  4. I completely understand everything you wrote even though I don't have an issue staying off the scale, so I wouldn't say I'm addicted. I totally have an issue with what the scale says determining both my mood and my food. For whatever reason, I haven't had that problem with the Zero Scale, so at least that's working in my favor. I like the way you phrased it: "work on surrendering the results" because whatever that dumb machine says, it is most definitely not the sum of your being.

  5. I sooo get it! And kudos to you for ignoring the scale right now:) Some would also applaud you for putting the focus on your behavior, rather than a number. And as one who realizes that my own journey is about a relationship with food and my behavior and NOT just a goal weight, I think maybe that's a great focus for us all to have.

  6. Back when I used to weigh myself, I could have written pretty much everything you wrote in this post. I so totally get it. It's been just about three years and I haven't weighed myself...and, I've lost weight. I know it. There's a part of me that says I am silly and childish for not wanting to see that number no matter how "good" or "bad" it is, but there's another part that knows I am better off (and that means my weight is much more stable, I eat more healthfully, I exercise more joyfully) when The Number isn't part of my life.