Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gutting it out

I'm having a hungry day. Emotional, way overly sensitive about stuff, feeling fat, struggling to not go to the kitchen and empty the fridge of its contents...directly into my gullet. All I want to do is eat. I have been eating a little crazy for the last 3 days and predictably have gained 3 pounds. I know that weight is mainly water, but it still irks me and sends me into self pummeling. So today I've been on track, with my eating, but off with my thinking. This isn't anything I haven't encountered before, but it's hard to just have to sit with the hunger (that I know isn't physical) and not act on it. I just finished dinner, and so am going upstairs to brush, floss, and hopefully fall asleep early. If I do, I'll have had a solid day of healthy junk at all. And I have a feeling tomorrow will be a better day.

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