Monday, August 10, 2009

A few remains of the weekend

Monday morning finds me feeling TIRED and ever so slightly achy. This is interesting since I had an exercise free weekend for the first time in many months. No gym visits, no lawn mowing, no aerobic gardening...not even my usual walks, other than the obligatory dog walks, and even they were short. I had a 5 mile walk planned with a friend yesterday morning, but torrential downpours nixed that plan. Admittedly the sun did come out later but I guess it wasn't in the cards for me to work it in.

My tiredness today is of the dishrag variety - that is, I feel as limp and energetic as a used one. I think part of the reason is that yesterday I did Day 1 of a Quick Start 3 day eating routine my Healthy Inspiration program suggests to occasionally help break through a plateau or recover from some binge episodes. Guess which was my motivator? The plan includes mainly lean animal proteins and salads with a limited number of allowable carrots or tomatoes, and definitely no walnuts and feta (insert frowny face), but of course all the celery, alfalfa sprouts, scallions, cabbage and radishes your wittle heart desires and I truly desired very wittle but overdosed nonetheless as I was ravenous. Also allowed are steamed summer squash and broccoli...big whoop. The plan says to limit oneself to 1/4 tsp. of salt per day, but as the wanton renegade I am, I USED MORE. Lot's more, because it was the only thing that reminded me that I love food. Breakfast consists of 2 eggs, and a microscopic slice of cantaloupe which I didn't have on hand. Or you can have 2 oranges, but oranges in summer are disgusting - pithy and dry, so I didn't bother with them either. We're talking spartan fare here. You can have as much of all this, including the meat and seafood, as your stomach desires. I ate plenty, but even with the olive oil and balsamic dressing on the salads, it doesn't have much staying power. Around 8 last night I was feeling so listless and in such extreme grief over not having even yogurt that I capitulated and ate about 20 fresh cherries. They were good and I seriously doubt the 70 calories or so they contributed to the total will affect my life negatively. Given how truly without energy I feel today, I think I'm going to abandon the next 2 days of QuickStart and delve into Phase 1 South Beach. And I am going to the gym after work, and that will feel good.

So yesterday morning when the monsoon offed our five mile walk, my friend and I decided to look into seeing a movie (specifically Julie and Julia) and find a time early enough to get her home by 3. I went online and found that the movie is 2 hours and 2 minutes long, so even a one'o'clock show was too late. It was about 9:45when I was looking, and I suddenly noticed something remarkable. There was a showing of the movie at a local theater at 10:15 a:m! At first I thought it meant they started selling tickets for the day at 10:15, but turns out that most movie theaters have mid-morning showings of movies on weekends and holidays! And they're the cheapest tickets available. Who knew? This was a wonderful discovery for me, because afternoons and evenings on weekends tend to fill up with various activities, and it's hard to coordinate with friends who also have lives. Anyway, we saw the morning show for $6.00! Truly a serendipitous find on my part. Thank you universe.
And by the way...Julie & Julia was wonderful. Just delightful on many levels. Were I a movie critic, I'd give it 5 stars.

I have other stuff to write about that has nothing to do with food, dieting or movies, but will close for now and perhaps do another entry later. Bon appetit!

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