Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just a quickie

This isn't part 2 of the compelling post I began yesterday (shut up, it was too compelling) but rather a brief update of my weightloss efforts to date. Recall that Sunday, (the 9th) I began a 3 day Quick Start "cleanse" suggested by Healthy Inspirations to help blast through what wasn't really a plateau but rather the result of some bingey behavior. Anyway, I started out eating probably too little, but Monday and Tuesday I decided to eat as much of the allowed food as I felt hungry for. And today when I stepped on the scale, I had entered a new CENTURY!! That's right...this morning I tipped the scale at a svelte 199.8 lbs. Granted, after I swallowed my allergy pill I probably slid back into the previous century, but nonetheless, I feel GREAT about it.

Two summers ago I got as low as 196 on the Food Addicts Anonymous Eat Next to Nothing plan, but I got fed up (great inadvertant metaphor, self) and decided to go it on my own. I think I stayed at 196 for about 20 minutes, and then began the slow climb back up. I never regained it all over these 2 years, but I was starting to come totally unglued regarding eating this past spring and it was a matter of time before I hit new highs. I'm so thankful that the universe, my meditation teacher, and my tight bras aligned in such a manner that I hit a place where it became clear that I needed more help and support than I was getting, and that I had to do something different. Help came, and comes, from all realms as it usually does when we become open and honest with ourselves.

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