Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot 100 Update

TGIF!  This week has gone by fast and the weekend is hours away.  Next week will be full and busy, so I'm going to savor the weekend, though it is also looking to be action packed and with a few treacherous events looming.  More on that later.

Here's the update:
1.  Limit cals to 1700 a day, with tracking.  I have not been tracking, but I know that at least 5 of the 7 days I met this goal.  Tracking is something that I intend to do, but never get more than a couple of days doing before I'm glazing over with it.  After reading Miz' post yesterday, I feel no guilt about my deep resistence to tracking every morsel and micro calorie!  I consider this goal 5/7 achieved, which is better than 4/7 last week.  Progress!
2.  Exercise at least 20 min 6 d/wk.  100%!  And more than 20 minutes (a lot more) each of those days.  WOOOOT!
3.  100% honesty with reporting and weigh ins here on Friday morns - Yup.
4.  Weekly weigh in only - Friday ams - Yup!  No peeking at all during the week.
5.  Stay in challenge thru to the end.  Still here.  Sticking and staying!
6.  No Thursday dinners out.  Ate mondo salad last night at home.  Achieved. 
Here's a pic of said rabbit food.  Note heinous predator eyeing said rabbit food.

Anyone who has followed my  notable history - not - of challenges in the blog world knows that this is my best week ever in sticking to my goals.  When I woke up this morning, I gave myself a fist pumping high five!
Weigh in - 206.  Last week was 210.  Down 4 pounds without starving or depriving.  I'm pleased.  I'm hoping to unload a few more before my trip to Atlanta next Wednesday, and feel motivated.
On to OS (other stuff):

I did in fact go to the gym yesterday and did 30 mins on the treadmill and 20 on bike.  I also found my friend who works at said gym and got myself for the first training session to which I'm entitled.  Because next week I'm attending a conference one day and going out of town for 4 days, my appointment is on Wednesday, the 27th.  I could have gotten in sooner, but Vicky - the trainer my friend says I "MUST have and will love" is also going to be away and not returning until Tuesday the 26th with no openings, so I'm fine with waiting.  There's plenty of exercising I can be doing in the meantime.

So another item that's been lingering on my to do list for too long that I can check off - setting this up.  I love having a list and crossing things out.  I've been meaning to set this up for, um, months.

Now for my reference to treachery lying ahead with regard to eating and staying true to my goals.  This Sunday I have not one but 2 parties to attend - both AA anniversaries that are always great, but big eating events.  One thing you may not know about recovering alcoholics is that many of us are great cooks and card carrying foodies who can whip up some excellent grub.  2 events in one day!  For the first one I'm making (by request) a fresh apple cake with caramel icing - all homemade, that is beyond to die for.  It's actually good enough to be born for.  I've had several people say to me, "you ARE bringing your apple cake?"  I are, but my intention is to not have even one crumb of it.  Not nuttin', honey.  I'll be fine making it and I'm not a batter eater, thank goodness, so it'll be once it's cut into at the party that it will start seducing me.

There will be lots of other things - salads, meatballs, baked ziti, wings, veggie dishes, fruit and raw vegetables with dip, other desserts.  It is absolutely possible to attend and not overdo it.  In fact, I've even considered staying for the first hour, which is 2 people telling their aa stories, and then leaving so as not to be tempted.  I hate to do that, but I am not to be trusted around groaning boards of truly good food.   I know that my firm resolve today will avail me nothing when I'm staring down the barrel of this food explosion on Sunday.  My husband will come with me and I wish I could tell him to "not let" me dive in head first, but HAH!  I'd throw him under a bus if he tried to intervene.  Plus, he would never agree to it because he's been thrown under THAT bus before.

The 2nd gathering will be smaller and 4 hours later by eating time, but still with good stuff.  I'm very involved at both these meetings so to not go at all would be, hmmm... as I type I'm thinking that it would be fine.  If I was sick or out of town I couldn't/wouldn't go.   I really don't know what I'll end up doing, but after having such a successful week and feeling so good about it, the thought of backsliding makes me sad.  If I stay for the food, I don't know if my resolve will hold to not overeat.  Maybe I can stay for the food part at one meeting and not the other.  This is where honesty and acceptance are so key.  And self awareness. 

There are probably some of you who think I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but it feels like a real dilemma.  I know how to do the right thing.  I know I can.  But will I?  Am I willing?

Well - your thoughts, as always, are helpful and informing.  Those of you who've read me awhile know I've been struggling and am just now starting to climb out from the abyss of overeating and regaining.  You also know my history of disordered eating.  If you have an opinion, I'd love to hear it, because I NEED HELP! GUIDANCE!  BLOGGY INSPIRATION!


  1. I completely understand. Unfortunately I have no guidance because I'm not sure what I'd do either... try very hard to eat reasonably at each thing... which we know is sometimes not even possible. Sorry.

    In any case, I'm emailing you. I want that Apple Cake Recipe. In fact, I think I NEED it.

  2. First, I think you just need to post that bad boy recipe so everyone can enjoy the to die for apple cake. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

    Second, awesome job this week. Keep it up!

    Third, I don't think you are making a big deal out of any of this. Can you eat before you go? I find it easier to go to events if I've already eaten. Even if I do "graze", I choose the healthier options. If you don't think you are in the right mind set to NOT over-indulge then don't go if it's not mandatory.

  3. First I have to say that I loved the humor in this post and always appreciate the extra smiles you bring to my day:) I would not even have seen your dog if you did not point him out! Second - yay on your goals and weight loss this week. And scheduling the trainer. As to the dilemma, I so get it. I am the same way and I have three things coming next week and am already worrying about how to handle them. For two of them, my plan is to be like a Nike and just say no to the temptation. Fingers crossed. Because as Tami says - she never regrets something she didn't eat. For the third, it may be more complicated. I know how it feels to be on a roll and not want to risk messing that up. Maybe you and I need to make a pact about our upcoming social events.

  4. Nice loss- and the picture cracks me up !!!

  5. You did such a great job this week - I am smiling just reading your post! Congratulations on the 4 pounds gone while not feeling starved or deprived. That is (pardon the pun) huge!!!

    You know, when I go to "food events" I'm usually the most successful (and happiest with myself) when I don't eat anything. Because sure, there will be some healthy options, and I'll start out with them...and then I'll try just a little taste of this, and cut a brownie in half to try that...and before you know it, I've eaten way more than I intended to and end up mad at myself for losing control. Just my .02 - hope you find what works for you.

  6. Not really an opinion Leslie, but I will say this: Be Encouraged! You Are Doing Great! Those "little" things are NOT little at all (your achievements and the shingdid's you're going to attend). I don't think you're making a big deal out of nothing. These are big things to someone coming out of where we have lived for so long!!

    So KUDOS to you!! Have a super-duper great time!!

  7. Great job Leslie! Okay I wrote all about how to navigate social eating with success earlier this week. Check out my blog post.

    I suggest you make a plan right now on how you plan to get through this events with out a binge.

    Sometimes it is easier to not start eating something than it is to stop eating.

    Don't start eating anything carby on an empty tummy as you are very carb sensitive.

    Pre eat some protein and complex carbs before you attend as it takes the edge off hunger and allows you to make better choices.

    Choose what you plan to do ahead of time and then don't go off that plan.

    Use your AA skills and apply them to the food. You can do this and you will feel so good to report in on Monday about how well you did.

    I have never regretted something I didn't eat!

  8. Eat before you go, then just nibble on fruit and veggies. You are not required to eat. I know to be a fact. I like Shelly's comment about not eating anything. If I am feeling "ify" that's what I do.

    Willingness is the key! Action is even better. I know you can be successful this weekend.

    Great job on the 4 lbs....see you can do it!

  9. do what ever you have to do to take care of yourself and not self sabotage.

    Take your own food (salad) to both, eat before you go, don't go, stay for just the first part, do the same for both or different for each. Decide what you are going to do to handle this proactively and then stick to the plan!

    writing it down for yourself is probably a good idea.

  10. Great job on the Challenge goals this week. Get cracking on the tracking! (I crack myself up) As far as the weekend. Eat a snack before you goal and drink a HUGE glass of water before you go. If you are full, you are less likely to care. It's OK to say NO. Remember? I think they teach this in AA, right? See how you feel when you get there. If you don't feel you can manage the food part, say good night and eat where you'll be in control. You know from AA that you have to learn not to put yourself in positions where you might be tempted or feel out of control. You might be surprised and there will be veggies and salads and such. You are the ONLY one who can answer the last question. So...ARE you willing???

  11. Congratulations, first on good progress toward your goals. Now as far as the two gathering (and that apple cake sound great). Here is what I have done in those events: Pack and take along my little lunchbox type cooler full of foods I can eat. If it is a pot luck, I just put my own food on my plate and take a few items that appear reasonably healthy. This has worked for me many times. Planning is everything, that is what I say. If you are not comfortable taking something along, than I would encourage you to eat FIRST before you go. Michele

  12. I have found it really helpful to visualize the upcoming event in my mind - seeing myself finishing victorious. It works - when I remember to do it. Keep us posted!!


  13. hehe I loved the predator! lol Great job staying OP and with the WI! :) Congrats! :)

  14. Eat healthy before you go. Then keep a bottle of water in your hand. Hold one in each hand, if you must.

    Sorry, that's the best I can come up with. GOOD LUCK!