Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weigh in eve

Another good day yesterday.  It's funny - when I wrote the perky post, I was full of energy (recall lofty goal of kicking up exercise a couple notches from Tuesday), but when I got home from work I felt like a dishrag.  Instead I was kicking around the idea of not doing anything (wittle me was tired), but my inner sane healthy voice said, "Tough.  You're doing it one way or another."  Knowing I would likely make it the minimum 20 minutes I have as one of my Hottie goals if left to my own devices, I called a friend who was happy to join me.  And because we got yakking, we walked over 45 minutes at a good brisk pace, covering just over 3 miles.

Today it's raining and predicted to continue all day, so I have my gym bag packed and am finally going there again after many weeks.  A few minutes ago as I looked out a window and saw the bleak dreary rain, visions of the comfy couch, the remote and my book came into my mind's eye...hmmm, maybe I'll skip the stupid gym...Again.  Tough!  No way.  I'm going to have a 100% achieved weekly goal this week if it kills me, which it won't. 

#1 son is going to the Flyer's game tonight, so I put hubby on notice that we're having a big salad with chicken strips and roasted veggies for dinner.  He loves that kind of meal.  Unlike me, as he's gotten older, he eats less than he used to.  He's very disciplined, an ex Army helicopter pilot who is 6 feet tall and weighed 155 pounds for the first 20 years of our 28 year marriage.  He runs every single day unless he's sick.  Used to do marathons.  In the last 8 years he's put on about 10 pounds (and looks sexier with less angles to his face!), but still, I've outweighed him for most of our marriage, except the first 5 years.  Anyway - He's happy to eat whatever I fix, but tonight's dinner will be right up his alley.  Then he'll have ice cream with butterscotch still my heart.

Wish me luck at the gym.  I'm still due some free personal training sessions since joining the full gym rather than the abbreviated membership I had in the beginning, so I'm going to look into that today.  Hottie update tomorrow and the close encounter with the scale god.  And that, good friends, is all there is today.


  1. Man, that rain is headed my way! In fact it's supposed to be hard and super windy overnight. Not that I wish you'd keep it but I sure wish it would go elsewhere.

    I am rooting for you to stick to those goals and have the perfect week you've been after!!

  2. That is one skinny man! Good luck at the gym:) And glad to see that you had another great day. Me too. Let's keep up the streak!

  3. Have a great workout at the gym, glad your not listening to your devil telling you to couch it!

  4. Go Leslie for getting that walk in yesterday!!! That's the way to do it...get it over with come hell or high water! Have fun at the gym tonight and good luck tomorrow with the scale!

  5. You are one tough cookie Leslie! Wishing you Great Success!!