Friday, September 10, 2010

Dribs and drabs

Let's get the weigh in out of the weigh - hahaha.  That's as good as the humor's gonna get today, folks.  I'm feeling tired and achy and quite blahsville.  Anyway, I was 207 today, so down 1.5 pounds.  I'm happy with that.  Hopefully I'll get in a lot more walking and other exercise this weekend.  If I could lose 1.5 pounds a week with no backslides I'd be delighted.  This business of losing down through the same pounds again and again just works my last nerve and I'm done with it.  It's within my power to never weigh more than I do today again, if I'm willing to work for it and sit through food obsessive thoughts for awhile, praying for help to say no and feel my feelings.  I've definitely done better with this lately.

Our company comes tomorrow afternoon and these folks are not super foodies, unlike a certain blogger you know and (hopefully) like.  Food will not be the focus of our time together, so hopefully I won't overeat.  I'm excited to see them, but also in my usual state of wishing I was 20 lbs thinner to see any of Tom's family.  It's nuts.  It's crazy.  It's vain.  This sister-in-law is one of my favorite people in the world.  We really love each other.  We can always talk for hours, picking up where we left off last time, which in this case was a brief visit in March when we went to Atlanta for her wedding.  She was pretty "busy" that weekend, to say the least, so we didn't have our usual gab fest.  But we always have tons to talk about.

Bottom line...she does not judge or care that my weight is what it is.  She's seen me heavier (as much as 25 pounds heavier, God forbid!).  Yet I envision her going back to Atlanta and calling the whole family to tell them, "Leslie is still a bit heavy."  As though she has nothing more in her life to talk about than my weight.  Even if she didn't have more going on to talk about, she is not mean spirited or gossipy and wouldn't engage in character assassination by tongue.  But that's where my head goes.  In AA they use the term "egomaniac with an inferiority complex"...which is so accurate.  The egocentrism of negative self-esteem runs deeper than the deepest ocean, which I think is the Pacific?  Anyhoo - you get my drift.

So what else is on my mind??  Hmmm - oh - I've "invented" a great new healthy snack that tastes totally decadent, is satisfying and protein packed.  And ridiculously simple.  I was motivated by how much I love Chobani's pineapple yogurt.  It's great, but only 1/2 cup, and 160 calories.  Kind of a big calorie hit for a small amount.  So I've been using 1 cup of Trader Joe's 0% Greek yogurt, a splenda packet, and 1/2 cup of Dole's pineapple tidbits in it's own juice, for which the calorie count is 50.  I get a bit of juice with the pineapple and mush it together with the full cup of the yogurt (120 calories and a staggering 22 gms of protein), and it's great.  Much more satisfying than the measly Chobani, and lots more nourishing.  Who knew?  Also cheaper, ultimately, though I've never been a cheapo when it comes to food ;) .  The total is 170 for over a cup more of yum!  I've been having it as part of breakfast this week.

One more the beginning of this I mentioned I'm kind of tired and achy today.  Where I'm mostly achy is my thighs and knees, and I'm not sure why, because I've been sleeping well and haven't been doing any new exercises or strength training.  But there is one thing...literally since early December when I had my first knee arthroscopy, I've taken some amount of Ibuprofen every day.  Right after the surgery, I was taking 800mg ever 6 hours while awake, which I weaned down to 800 twice a day pretty quick.  (I stopped the Vicodan FAST because I liked the way it made my head feel too much and ibuprofen worked fine - recall the whole recovery issue)  Then I had the second knee done in late February and started with the big doses of Ibu again, then again weaned down to 800 (4 OTC pills btw) twice daily pretty fast.  Finally I was taking that dose only in the mornings, but every day.  Since then.  For all these months.  So last week I decided to get off it because I couldn't possibly still need it.  Went to 600 mg for a few days, then 400mg for a few.  Today for the first time I took none, and as the day has worn on, the achiness has really ensued.

Now really, could this be because of no ibuprofen?  I have no idea, but I am not going to take any.  I hate the thought that my body has gotten so used to it that it's crying out for a little hit, and a buzzless hit at that!  Not that Ibuprofen is a narcotic or anything, but I'm 6 months post op the 2nd knee, and 9 months from the 1st!  So I'm going to take a good walk after work regardless and hope that this is just a freaky achy day.  If it isn't, my body is on notice that it better settle down because the daily pharmacy is closed!

Sorry for the ramble rant, but every time I get up from this desk I feel the aches, so I decided to put it out there.  Don't know if I'll get a post in until Monday, what with entertaining, so I wish everyone a good weekend.  May it go nice and slowly!


  1. Leslie,
    Wohoo on the weight loss. Fantastic. Good for you. A great way (weigh!!!) to end the week.

    SIL: Would you be adverse to sharing your blog with her? It might be a way to get her to wag her tongue gently about you. After all you insoire many of us to keep on (including me!).

    I am going to try that little yougurt ditty. Thanks fro sharing, Michele

  2. Okay - you are moving in the right direction! (Which is more than I can say for me right now. Sigh.) I get the whole thing about wishing you weighed less when you see relatives. I am going to see some in two weeks and I am pretty sure that they are not going to be thinking much about my weight while I will be constantly thinking about it!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss. I see One-derland in your near future.
    re the ibuprofen. It could be that your knees still need it. Ask your doctor. I take a prophylactic baby aspirin every night (just 81 mg) and I'd swear that the few times I've forgotten it, I am achey creaky in the mornings.

  4. Did you see What A Splurge's post today? The first line is about how fun it is to lose NEW weight (rather than the same old pounds).

    Amen and amen again to a nice slow weekend. Hope your time with your SIL is wonderful!

  5. Way to go on the weight loss :)

  6. how come I never read about you swimming?

    I love the TJ's greek yogurt with all kinds of fresh or frozen fruits in it too! hadn't thought of trying pineapple yet though.

  7. Dang, sorry about the achiness girl. And that's a good idea with the yogurt! I love pineapple yogurt. The price of the Chobani just kills me though...I'm a total cheapo when it comes to food, lol. Hope you enjoy your visit with your sis-in-law...and yes, that thinking that she'd go back and tell the entire family is totally warped....sounds like MY kind of thinking!!! :)

  8. Greek yogurt is absolutely the best invention in the hisory of ever! And the addition of pineapple sounds yummy.

    Congratulations on the scale drop and enjoy your SIL time!

  9. Great idea about the pineapple yogurt! I will have to try that. Nice work with the weight loss - you're doing it, Leslie! Sorry about the achy knee - maybe a bit of icing will help? I understand about not wanting to be on ibuprofen forever, but it sucks to hurt.

    Hope you have a wonderful visit with your SIL!

  10. My crazy brain does the same damn thing when my sister comes. I set my expectations so high myself. So in turn I think that everyone feels the same way. That's one of most fave sayings in AA.

    You made me laugh about the buzzless thing. Can totally related.

    Enjoy your weekend. Life is damn short to worry about 20 dang pounds! Hope the knees feel better.

  11. I hope you're totally pleased with that loss. Many of us would be. Thanks for the yogurt recipe. It sounds wonderful. Enjoy your guests. Your sister-in-law will return to her people raving about the good time she had, not about your weight. She sounds like a peach.

  12. The pineapple yogurt sounds good! I love to try to get as much bang for my buck when it comes to food regarding calories! Yogurt is good for that! And you can do a lot with it!

  13. Hey Leslie!!!! I have been thinking about you! Thank you soooooo much for stopping by & congrats on the loss. Sorry to hear about the knee acting up-aches and pains SUCK! No other word for it.

    Your yogurt dessert sounds very yummy! I can't do it bcs of the pineapple (sugar)... it's too bad too becasue ME LOVE pineapple!:( But w/the "D" alive & well in my body, it's just not a smart move :(

    Enjoy your company!

  14. Great job on the loss. That's they key...sitting with the food obsessed thoughts and feeling feelings. It's a hard road, but one with great reward!

    I hope your achiness feels better fast!

  15. Sorry to hear about the sore knees. I think you are doing the right thing laying off the pain meds for a bit, but if it doesn't get better, you might need to look into a natural anti-inflammatory. I don't know what that would be, but it might help.

    Oh, I almost forgot, the yogurt sounds delicious!