Friday, September 24, 2010

Off like a herd of turtles - Hot 100

I got home from dinner last night and was just too pooped to pop.  Or to write up my goals for the Hot 100 that began yesterday.  I began yesterday, being mindful all day that I'm rededicating myself (again for the trillionth time) to this journey to weight loss and fitness.   My refreshed commitment helped me navigate some eating desires yesterday afternoon before going out to dinner.  I got in a couple of hot sweaty miles on foot in the hot and muggy neighborhood.  But I was in no way perfect.  I ended up eating more at dinner (a Thai place) than I intended, and then had ice cream at home.  But that was it.  Not a binge, but not useful to jet propel me down the scale, either. 

I've been thinking a lot about goal setting and what I truly want to achieve in this last 100 days of 2010.  In my lofty and limitless mind I want to lose 20 pounds.  I want to stop bingeing entirely forever.  I want to incorporate daily meditation into my life.  I want to exercise 6 days a week for an hour and include regular strength training.  I want to MAKE PEACE WITH FOOD.  These are all wants.

I've learned after a year and several months of goal setting for various challenges here in blogdom that it does me no good to set goals that may be doable for a non-food-addicted/normal/issuefree/energetic/determined/non-arthritic/ache-and-pain-free person. Because on some days, I may have  energy; other days determination settles in to replace the energy I had yesterday.  Many days my 57 y/o body is relatively un-achy, but some frustration or emotional hurt is asking me to eat something for "comfort".  I have been closely observing myself in action since I began this blog in June of 2009 and have learned a lot about myself and my tendencies.  All this helps, but self awareness avails me nothing if I don't use it to make the best choices for myself each day.

But I've also learned that a goal is just a goal.  An intention to do something.  If I shoot too low I sell myself short and have nothing substantial to strive for.  If I shoot too high, I set myself up for failure.  And btw, I'm ragging on about this because I've been a drop out and poor performer in many challenges over these 15 months.  I'm sick of it, and desire to do better.  I've seen others struggle mightily for many months and gradually find a right rhythm of weightloss and self improvement.  I don't have more issues than they do.  Nor more stressors.  I cave in quicker - more easily lose resolve in late afternoons and assure myself, "Tomorrow I start FOR SURE".  And that's why I weigh 10 pounds more than I did at my lowest point last October.  This has to stop or I really won't ever lose weight and will be blogging about accepting my lumpy soft body as is rather than celebrating weight loss and smaller sizes.

With all this in mind, these are my goals for the Hot 100:

1.  Limit calorie intake to 1700/day.  This requires tracking.  Daily.
2.  Exercise at least 20 minutes 6 days a week.  More is great.  Less is not.
3.  100% accountability and honesty with my reporting on this blog every Friday.
4.  Weekly weigh in only, on Friday mornings.
5.  Stay in challenge through the end - regardless of my adherence to or accomplishment of goals.  No dropping out.

That's it.  All this is what I try to do anyway, but I miss the mark regularly.  I want to do better.  I want to be a person who actually follows through on her goals regardless of hard it is in any given moment.  I know I CAN.  The question is if I WILL.  Am I WILLING to gut it out when it's hard and I'd rather eat on the couch?  If I stick to these few and doable goals, I can't help but lose weight.

That's it for me.  I haven't weighed yet this morning and am off to do the deed.  And to begin day 2.  Thanks for offering out this time of intention and attention for us all, Steve.  I plan to use it wisely.
*just added after weigh in - this morning's weight is 207* 


  1. Leslie,

    These are great goals, very reasonable. Hope we can all do a good job of encouraging each other because we'll all struggle at some point during the challenge.

    Your statement about losing resolve in late afternoon really resonated with me. That's my most difficult part of each day. Just last week I changed my schedule around and now do my blog writing around 4-6 each day. So far, that has really helped.

    I enjoy reading your blog.


  2. I loved this post and could so identify with it!! Great title too:) Glad to have another blog friend along for the challenge.

  3. Hey Leslie! I'm glad you're IN. I have a very good feeling about the great things that are going to happen for us during these last 100 days of this year. You're goals are doable and attainable. And your WI this morning is not bad either--I always have a definite gain after Thai food, but it goes away after a couple of days.

  4. The title alone drew me in and gave me a laugh.

    I love the way you worded this sentence: "Not a binge, but not useful to jet propel me down the scale, either."

    That is honesty without brutality. A very good thing.

    Your goals are not only doable, but reachable. I'm rooting for you!

  5. Great goals and def doable ones! Your a strong lady...we all know that! I constantly fall back into a bad routine/pattern, but I have finally learned enough about this weight loss game to know how to jump back in and rejoin. An ultimate goal for me is to never get side lined again.....sigh. Go for it Leslie! Im cheering you on!

  6. You can do it. Sounds like your being reasonable. Food really isn't the problem for me, like you, it's my realtionship and the way I use food.

    Go Leslie!!

  7. You can do it - on those days when you DO just want to sit on the couch and eat, come back to this post and reread it - make these next 100 days yours!

  8. "herd of turtles" LOL! I actually HEARD the dull scuffling sounds of turtle feetas I pictured them stampeding. chuckle.

    I am part of your turtle herd. I did well yesterday, but it was a horrible effort. It was like the gates of hell let loose here yesterday--and my response was, of course, to want to eat. The only reason I didn't was that it was DAY 1 ofn 100.

    Problem is--yesterday I was soooo determined and built up for it. Today I am exhausted physically and emotionally from yesterday, have the aches and pains of a lingering virus, and WANT SOMETHING SWEET.

    Your post helped. :) Thanks for that--and for the turtle audiovisual. chuckle, again.

    I think I'm going to my blog and putting up my determined turtle photo. :D


  9. My dad always used to say "like a herd of turtles".

    Great goals, I wish you well!!

  10. Good stuff... great goals! Love the title . :-D

  11. Herd of turtles LOL! You always entertain me Leslie!

    You are very self aware and it sounds like you have some new insights about yourself and the self sabotage you engage in later in the day when you are tired.

    That is a trouble time for many of us. We have to figure out what we can do to best put an end to it and the answer for each of us will be a different one.

    I do believe in having a plan otherwise it is too easy to fall back into the old plan of giving in or giving up.

    Wishing you well and much success over the next 100 days!

  12. Good luck with your goals I hope you accomplish them all. I got your name off the Hot 100 challenge list and I hope you don't mind me adding you as one of my favorite blogs.

  13. I have to admit, I love the last goal the best. You can do it Leslie!

  14. Everyone on the challenge is here to encourage you and lift you up, even on those days you feel like your about to give up. Try your best each and every day and that's all that matters. You can do it! I can't wait to follow your blog for the next 90 something days left in the year. GOOD LUCK!