Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A genuine quickie

My GBB (great blog buddy) Tammy just texted me and asked why I wasn't posting?  That's one of the many things I love about blogging...people miss us when we're mia for awhile.  I will keep this very short today because I'm swamped at work and will be staying late to catch up.  Thanks for giving me a kick in the a$$. Tammy!

Tomorrow I'm taking a mental health day as my mental head is going to explode if I don't.  I've already made plans with a friend for lunch.  I'm a huge believe in mental health days every once in awhile, and always allowed my kids one per semester.  They didn't abuse the privilige, were good students and didn't want to miss tests or test reviews.  I think I may have been the coolest mom ever in that way.  They told me theier friends' parents wouldn't let them take a free day.  My mom never did either.  I had to be a death's door or have HIGH fever to stay home.  Wouldn't you know I was the healthiest kid on the block, if not in the county!  I did get German measles in high school, which bought me a few days.  What do you think of that, young bloggers?  I guess they didn't automatically vaccinate for that in the 50s.

I'm doing pretty well with food.  Hubby is working in Texas this week so I'm a solo act with dog again, which enables me to keep a very lean cupboard.  Have been getting lots of walks in and plan to get to the gym later in the week to swim.  I haven't been to the gym in a few weeks with all the walking and beautiful weather, but I gotta get some of my money's worth.

I've also been on a reading frenzy, which has kept me off the computer pretty effectively.  Here's a question I posed before and got NO responses - do any of you have an E Reader?  (Kindle, Nook, Sony...)  I'm dying to get one but haven't heard how people really like them.  If you do, share your opinion.  I'm itching for a Kindle, esp. now that the newest is $139.

Tomorrow I'll post about starting Steve's new challenge, which officially begins on the 23rd.  Until then - enjoy the hump day eve!


  1. What have you been reading? Anything good?

    I got a Kindle for my birthday (before they reduced the price). I think it's convenient for traveling and commuting to work and not having to lug big heavy books but I don't think I'll ever give up reading a real paper book. There is something so gratifying about cracking the spine of a new book and turning the pages. The best part of having a Kindle is you can get lots of classics for FREE.

  2. I have no input on the ereader. I'm having trouble reading a regular book! Glad to hear from you, even if it is just a quickie.

    Be well and have a great week! Enjoy your mental health day. I am a firm believer!

  3. I love to read, but think I'm with MB in preferring a REAL book. I'll probably get a Kindle eventually, though. My carry on bags (full of books) will never pass the weight limits and the proposed excess fees would do me in! I'll be reading others' comments with interest. Have a good mental health day. I let my kids do that, though I never admitted it, I could tell if they really needed a day.

  4. I have an E-reader, I was very dubious for a long time because I thought I'd really miss turning the pages of a paper book. I do really only use it when on holiday or travelling (because I own more books than the British Library, borrow them from my local library as well, and can't afford to replace all that buying e-books, primarily). I think its excellent - I literally have thousands of books on mine, including great tomes like War & Peace (no I haven't read it) and Crime & Punsihment (ditto) and it weighs less than the average chick lit paperback!

  5. I'm in my late 50's and have been a life-long reader. For Christmas my son gave me a Kindle and my world has changed for the better! I could be a salesperson for the devices. I love that you can adjust the font size--it gives these ancient eyes a break. I'm one of those people who reads several books at the same time and I can now bring my whole library with me wherever I go. The charge last forever. It's amazingly easy to learn how to use--I figured out the basics in less than 10 minutes. Usually, I'll hear about an interesting book and then promptly forget the title/author etc. Now I immediately download a sample on my Kindle and can decide later whether or not to buy. We have moved twice in two years and after having moved thousands of books (with the hernia to prove it!), I've begun slowly divesting myself of "real" books and instead guard my Kindle with my life! I do occassionally miss that wonderful sensuous feeling of holding a spanking new book, seeing the great artwork on the cover etc. but I've been wowed by convenience. As you can see, I'm a total convert. Hope this helps with your decision!

  6. I don't know. I would do an iPad, if i were me. But you can't get that for $139. Kindle would be my next pick for exactly the reasons Anonymous describes.

    You sound good. I'm glad!

  7. Good to know you are okay. I always worry when bloggers all of a sudden stop posting.

    My daughter has the Kindle and she loves it. She is an English/Spanish double major and she loves books! She will never give up buying and owning books but she loves being able to travel with so many books on her Kindle that she would never be able to otherwise carry with her.

    She did a lot of research before deciding on the Kindle. It came down to the fact that she could get her books on line even though she is living in Spain this year, couldn't do that with the e-reader from Barnes & Noble if she was in Europe.I would have had to down load them on our home computer and somehow send them to her. It was going to be more of a hassle.
    Also the Kindle had more books that she wanted, a better Spanish dictionary and so on.

    Of course right after she purchased it they came down on the price!

    Hope that helps.

    I let my kids have a mental health day once in a while too. I think it is important, and even though I have been a stay at home mom forever, I still need a mental health day now and again myself. A day where I don't cook, clean, do errands or look after anyone other than me!

  8. My son just got a Kindle and loves it! He got whatever the newest version is. My brother and his wife have the last versions and love them. They gave their kids the first ones they had. Go for it!

  9. I got a Kindle a few months ago and love it. We're on vacation now. On the drive down (8 hours) I used it to check on all of my blogs that I'm reading with Whispernet. Glad you're back as I just became one of your followers. Hope you're doing okay.


  10. I have an ipad and love it for so much more than reading books, though the idea that I CAN download a book in about 10 seconds flat is amazing to me. I can also surf the web, check email, do everything a laptop does in about the size of a spiral notebook.

    And I'm with anonymous about the fact that you can adjust font size, background lighting (on the ipad at least), you can bookmark pages, you can go back to the table of contents, turn the pages, etc. But with the ipad you're actually using your fingers on the touchscreen. The kindle has button controls for this stuff.

    That all being said, I haven't given up my physical book addiction! I've only downloaded free books from ibooks so far (like the complete works of William Shakespeare!). Still like to hold a book in my hand...

  11. Ive been a fan of the ereaders for about 10 years.
    NOTHING replaces spending hours browsing in a book store but NOTHING :) will replace the amazingnessment of being able to carry 12 books with me in one tiny metal package!

  12. Wow , all these comments are making me want a kindle again!

  13. Oh no....I love the look, feel and smell of books way too much to even entertain the idea of an e-reader. They sound kind of cool I guess, but I'm an old soul. :)

  14. I don't have an e reader, but my new computer is ereader capable. I need to sit down and try it, I guess...

    Anyone who I've talked to about it seems to like the ereaders, if that helps.