Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hair affair

Hi Blog friends - I din't get to my abstinence post yesterday, and at this point I won't get to it today either.  It's 2 p.m., and I still have several work related tasks before I leave early today to get my hair cut.  But I wanted post something to update you on the scintillating and hopefully not endless saga of my weight loss.  More on that in a sec...

This could be a red letter day for me at the salon, as it will hopefully be the day where the last gasps of dyed hair get cut away from my now mostly white coif!  Recall that in late August (as detailed, with pics, in this post) I decided to stop dying of my hair after about 23 years.  It's funny, because when I started coloring my hair, I had but the faintest and fewest wisps of gray appearing around my temples.  Knowing me, this discovery was cause for a major freak out and prompt trip to the local colorist.  In the beginning, I was able to go every 7 or 8 weeks between dye jobs, as my hair was longer and somehow didn't show the early few offending filaments much. 

Over the years, the frequency of coloring increased until I really needed to go every 3 weeks, and even then I looked disturbingly unkempt for a few days prior.  But I finally got sick of sitting in the salon, paying the money, putting allegedly non-toxic but suspiciously awful smelling chemicals on my head.  My brain is in my head, for Pete's sake, and I didn't want to hasten the destruction of its cells.

So that was 4+ months ago, and I have a pretty short do.  I figured by Thanksgiving I would be my new old gray-haired self.  I've had about 7 cuts in this time frame, and have been shocked each time when there was still considerable colored hair remaining.  It actually started to look good - like natural frosting or something.  Many people said, "You should keep it like that!", however that woul have defeated the purpose of letting it go its natural course.  For once in my life, I'm lucky in the looks department, because as I said above, my hair is turning out to be a pretty good color of whitish silver.  Who knew?  I figured I'd have mousey gray, but the color is great, andd the texture is a little coarser so it lies differently and appears thicker.

I took a few self photos just now, and my plan is to post before and after shots tomorrow after the cut.  I'm ready to be done with the growing-out process, and fully embrace my white-haired, wise woman of a certain age self!  Details to follow.  I know this is an unbearable cliffhanger - hahaha - like, who cares?  But it's a big deal for me right now, especially since it took me years to finally make the decision to go au naturel.

On the food front, I had a clean day Monday, and a 93% clean day yesterday, with the exception of 4 cookies and a sugar free/fat free pudding.  Today is so far on plan, and will stay that way.  I have meditation tonight, and that is a great way to divert my thoughts from after dinner snacking.  My thoughts on true abstinence as defined by OA are solidifying so I will write about that tomorrow alongside my hair photos. :)


  1. I can't wait to see your hair!!

  2. Looking forward to the hair shots too! Have a great time at meditation. Keep pushing forward to your goals...

  3. Cannot WAIT to see the pictures! Gray hair is usually coarser, which probably explains why mine is suddenly curly after all these years. Makes for fun new hairstyles, though, as I'm sure you're discovering, even with short hair. :)

  4. I'm glad to know you like your whitish silver hair. I have friends with that color of hair, and I think it's pretty.

    :-) Marion

  5. I got mine when i was 19, i waited for my hair to be mature.
    gray hair