Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Unexpected company

My 3 day weekend with it's open-ended unstructured wonderfulness was somewhat derailed by weekend guests.  We knew my younger son's girlfriend was coming from Atlanta for their last rendezvous for awhile since today is starting a volunteer requirement for her upcoming Peace Corps assignment along with a job as a nanny.  She'll be busy, and my son is currently looking for opportunities to teach ESL somewhere in SW Asia since he just finished his online certification.  So they aren't sure when they'll next get to gaze into one anothers' eyes...ahhh, young love.  :)

Anyway, that visit was expected, but I also had a surprise visit from a friend from nursing school (over 30 years ago...yikes!).  Then our older son's birthday (the big 2-5!) was on Sunday, and his girlfriend came to help celebrate.  It was all lovely and fun, but not conducive to me staying on my food plan...and before I go any further, let me acknowledge that none of this required me not stay on my food plan.  I assume full responsibility for deciding to eat it all - the cake, the dinners an breakfasts out - and not consider trying to be at least moderate with my indulgences.  No bingeing, but lots of food I would not eat were I staying on plan.  Why would staying on plan and abstaining from the trigger foods of sugar, white flour and highly processed snacks seem like it would somehow detract from my enjoyment of the people and the activities.  Intellectually I know that eating on plan wouldn't take one thing away from that...but choosing to eat off plan seemed easier.  Oh crap - and I wanted to eat that stuff.  Damn it.

Anyway - back on track today and it feels good.  I haven't yet written out my thoughts about abstinence I've been talking about - hopefully in the next day or so I'll do it.  Also, I forgot my cable to post my gray hair pics, so more to remember and follow up on.  I just wanted to touch base here since I haven't been on line at all since last Thursday, other than to check email.  I'm feel ready to sit through cravings and food thoughts today, though it's easy to say that when the food thoughts aren't beaconing.

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