Monday, August 2, 2010

The boring, the scary and the usual

With the greatest respect I say Blogger is a jerk.  Now when I go to comment on posts, half the time the word verification letters aren't even there!  And I can't make them come up.  SoI go ahead and add in my user name and password, hit comment, and Blogger then admonishes me in its angry red letters that what I typed in didn't match their letters.  No, jerk Blogger, because there was no "word" there so I typed nothing in.  The letters do come up the second time with the angry red letters, but then I have to re-enter my password.  I realize that you are all glazing over reading this, but I have to vent, as this ridiculous scenario has played out with the last 3 times I've commented on blogs today. 

I just had a scary redux from last week's breast cyst experience in the form of a phone call from my lovely Gyn. doc.  When she identified herself as Dr. Rosen, I felt a global release of adrenalin throughout my body, fearing she'd gotten some additional info about my tests.  I hadn't even contacted her office about it, knowing the test results would get to her quickly, and since I got the "all is well" from the radiologist, I didn't give it another thought.

She was calling to follow up and ask if the "large cyst" was causing me any discomfort or problem, because if it was, it could be aspirated.  I assured her it was not bothering me in any way but asked if she thought it would be advisable to aspirate it anyway.  She assured me that there was no reason to do so unless it was bothering me, as it was entirely fluid filled with "nothing else going on".  She did recommend a follow up ultrasound in six months.  Whew - okay.  But the level of DEEP anxiety that ran through my body on its very own circulatory system is lingering.  It'll subside, and I have to say it's good to know she's on top of things.  I had my first appointment with her in February, having to switch from another woman who retired.  I liked Dr. Rosen a lot at my first visit, but the phone call adds many points to her competency level in my mind, and it was plenty high to start with.  In good hands.

On to weight loss matters - my food wasn't as spot on yesterday as I would have liked, given it was the first day of Tammy's August challenge.  But it was okay, and today is going to be clean.  My vow.  A clean Monday.
I also signed on for another little challenge that is also for the month of August.  It's Loretta's Just 1 Thing Consistency Challenge, where you pick one area of the weight loss journey only and focus on consistency with it for one month only.   My focus is going to be on water drinking - getting in 96 ounces of water each day.  I usually get 64 with the water bottle I tote to and from work.  But I want to add an extra amount.  This always helps me when I begin steady clean eating.  Keeps me full and makes me feel detoxified after a few days.

That's it from me today.  Have a good Monday, everyone!


  1. I'm sort of glad to read about your experience with BLogger, as it's doing the same thing with me! Half the time I just give up in frustration. At least I know I'm not alone :-)

    Glad your news was good and hope your "rush" will disappear soon.

    Happy Week, Leslie!

  2. I have sometimes found that the captcha words are cut off halfway down! And some days I get the darn error messages. Frustrating.

    I am impressed with your doctor.

    Day 1 (again)of clean eating for me:)

  3. I've been having some blogger issues too

  4. Hey Leslie. So glad the phone call turned out to be routine follow up. I know that scary feeling. Not fun. I like your idea for the just one thing challenge. Water was my first goal when I got restarted in May. I still drink it, but occasionally miss out on the total volume. Your post was a good reminder. I've got a full glass of ice water right here. Cheers!

  5. I feel for you on the anxiety. Out of the blue, my poor Mr. had a bad test result from some bloodwork around 6 months ago - but they waited 6 months to have him retest. His results came back completely normal and then the doctor had the nerve to say, 'I think you had a false positive last time.' Whaaaat?

    Glad your doc was being so proactive. It must give you comfort to know she actually looked at your results! Maybe the extra adreneline is burning some calories...

  6. Yes, Blogger has been exceptionally difficult recently. I've had trouble getting it to cooperate with posting pictures. Once I get them up, the little bar that says "small, medium, large, left, center, right" won't come up or only blinks at me, but won't stay long enough to capture it. annoying and time consuming.

    I've often wondered about the error message, too. sigh. But, friends, it is free, ya know? so, I'll live with it.


    Ummm, and Leslie, even though you ditched me and then went and joined TWO other challenges, your name will still go in prize pool for the second prize. :) Just cause you're so good-looking and witty. :D

    Well, that, and you understand my neurosis with 169 pounds among other bizarre food addictey behavior.

  7. Ugh...that stupid comment word missing thing has been happening to me too. So annoying!!

    Good luck on all your challenges :)

  8. So I am not the ONLY one that blogger is driving up the proverbial tree? Hm. Blogger, are you listening? Or reading?

    I am glad your doctor took the time. So often, it's just a card via snail mail, even when it's important, here.

    One thing at a time, one day at a time. You'll do it!


  9. Glad you got an all is well from your Doc! I go on Thursday to get results of the MRI's I just did. I get nervous before hand- but I'm sure all will be ok. :)

    Blogger word verification is my enemy. lol ggrrrr

  10. Stupid blogger does that kind of stuff to me all the time.

    The one thing challenge sounds doable. If
    I could change one thing it would be

    Have a great rest of your day.

  11. Leslie so glad to hear that the test results are all okay.

    I love to drink water, it is so refreshing and fills me up!

  12. Yes, August vil be vetter! In many ways, we can use some vetter. Including jerky old Blogger. Sometimes, he really gets on my nerves.

    A toast to clean eating this month! A water toast, not bread toast.

  13. Hopefully the anxiety issues will calm themselves, I will pray for you!

    Blogger can be annoying, I've had similar things happen. Computers were made by men and men are far from perfect. Now women...

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  15. I've had this problem with blogger occasionally... Glad the cyst is only fluid-filled! :o)

  16. Thank you! I thought it was just me that couldn't comment half the day yesterday! It is so annoying.

    I thought you would be proud of my yesterday - I didn't have wine with dinner last night! :D

  17. glad to hear the call wasn't bad news! I go in for my first mamo this year,not looking forward to it, but eager to get it over with!
    My eating last week was H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E!!!! But...I doubled my exersize to make up for it. End result, I didn't lose or gain any weight, but worked my butt off to get to that point! I need to sit down and fiqure out where the hidden anxiety making me eat more than I should is coming from, because if I'm going to work out THAT much, I better see results lol!!
    Eagar to see the results of your mini challenges, they sound like good ones :)