Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend update

I had every intention of posting yesterday but got busy at work and didn't stop running around after I got home either.  Part of the running around was actually walking...I got a 3.5 mile walk in yesterday and Thursday, which felt great.  I hope to walk later today as well, but am experiencing some knee stiffness that seems to randomly occur now that I know officially that I have arthritis in both knees.  Knowing that it's legitimate and not my mind coaxing me to be a lazy ass helps, but it's still annoying that some days the knees feel better than prior to arthroscopies, and other days I feel like I've been stowed in a trunk for a week when I get up from sitting in one place for longer than an hour!  One thing I know for sure (ala Oprah) is that the more I move, the better they feel.  The better I feel all over in fact.

I don't have a lot for today and hubby and I are going to go out and do some shopping for the room redo I have planned to accomplish in 2 short weeks!  But I wanted to report that I lost .5 pounds this week at my Friday weigh in, with which I was more than satisfied.  I'm at 207, which would have appalled me 6 months ago, but I'm grateful now, because I'd been hovering around 210 for several months, and other than the week at the end of June when I ate clean 7 days in a row and got to 203.5, this is the lowest I've been.

I can honestly say that I've had episodes of overeating, but few true binges in the last month, and none this past week.  It seems that if I keep up the exercise and just eat normally, my weight gradually comes down.  If I put real effort in like that last week in June I see big results.  But also I'm getting that if I do too good for too long, in that I restrict everything other than lean protein, fruit and vegetables, eventually I unravel and once I have "forbidden fruit", like a piece of bread, I go bonkers.  By moderating a little more, actually having an occasional sandwich, for example, I am much less likely to feel deprived and ultimately explode into a frenzy of food gorging.  Maybe little changes are happening.

I do desire to ramp up the  weight loss a little so I'm going to establish a FEW specific goals for next week and will post them tomorrow.  They will be realistic and doable and will include tracking every bite I take in.  I haven't done that for a long time and it always helps when I do it.  I might even plan to log my intake on the blog for accountability.

Have a great Saturday fellow bloggers!  I hope the weather is as beautiful where you are as where I am!


  1. It sounds like you are figuring out what works for you and going with it. I have wondered if I should, like you, have some "forbidden fruit" now and then... to see if it keeps me from binging. Maybe.

  2. great job on the walk & the loss! WHoohoo! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Superb on the weight loss and the exercise.

    Just like you, I have found that if I restrict "too" much that I will ultimately rebel in a big, bad, bold ugly way. I do better with small incremental changes - taking my losses when I'm in the "zone" and holding on to those losses when that's the best I can do. And I have to let it all be okay.

    I know you will figure out what works for you in the long term and it may be a variety of things - this for a while followed by doing that for a while, whatever this and that is. The important thing, I believe, it so enjoy your life in the meantime. And it sounds like you do.

    I'm anxious to hear about your room re-do. If I lived closer, I'd make all those trips to the home improvement store with you. I love that stuff! Well, for other people, anyway.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Great job with the weight loss. You are at the same point that I am--weightwise, and with figuring out your program. I have decided that I can't completely restrict myself all the time. I am finding substitutes that are healthier than the real thing--for example, substituting Attune bars with almonds for Hershey's with almonds. We have to find what makes it work for us!

  5. Sounds like you are having a very nice weekend. The weather is beautiful here, too.

    I'm like you, too, in that I can't overdo the restrictions...brings out my inner rebel, too.
    We'll get there!

  6. Walking, eating good food and losing weight! Sounds like a good week to me.

    We are having a quiet weekend.After last weekend spent getting our daughter ready to go to Spain we need to rest.

  7. You're on a roll! Two weeks for a room redo? Wow. You can come out my way next. I've been thinking about paint colors for our bedroom for about 3 months--and that's just paint! Conrats on the loss. A loss is a loss--.5 is two sticks 0' butter in my book. Great job.

  8. Glad your doing well! It's great to hear positive things!

  9. This text really resonated with me:
    By moderating a little more, actually having an occasional sandwich, for example, I am much less likely to feel deprived and ultimately explode into a frenzy of food gorging. Maybe little changes are happening.

    I am getting better and better and factoring in some of the food that I enjoy so that I do not feel deprived. That is exactly how what I am doing now is so different than what I did before and of course why I was not successful before. Stay strong!

  10. I'm glad you're doing so well girl...hope you're having a fantastic weekend. :)

  11. I saw on your comment on Tammy's blog that you might be coming for a visit to the ATL! We should plan on all meeting up!! Keep me posted.

  12. Love the tone of this post Leslie! Hope you are having a good week!

  13. I am definitely an introvert, but in my work as an academic, I must work toward being an extrovert as I am basically required to interact with people. But, I LOVE time by myself and can’t function without it. Nice goals. Keep at it. .5 down is better than .5 up. Michele