Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Ketchup

It feels SOOOOOO good to be even starting a post!  I've been genuinely busy, but didn't intend to take such a long vacay from blogging!  I've managed to read and comment on a few of my 2,000 favorite blogs, and been composing posts in my mind since whenever my last entry was;  but finally putting fingers to keyboard has been hard to work in.  I planned to post yesterday from work (blogging being a most excellent way of goofing off between doing legitimate stuff) but ended up having a day from H - E - Double Hockey Sticks!  I'm the only nurse for 135 clients at this adult day program, and yesterday we had two 911 calls!  We've had one many times - but 2 is new.  In addition to the 2 bona fide emergencies, there were several other Monday mini-dramas unfolding at various points along the day.  I felt like a REAL nurse, instead of the glorified medicine pusher that this job often allows.

Actually, I love when things get hairy and crazy as a nurse.  Reminds me of my days working in hospitals where I routinely utilized skills and nursing judgement for which I was well trained.  It's hard to believe I used to function at such a high and intense level of patient care, and I always loved it.  But it's been 25+ years since my hospital days and I know I'm rusty, if not petrified, when it comes to high tech patient care.  Anyway - days like yesterday put me in mind of how much I love nursing as a profession.  And while I'm glad to no long be in a hospital setting where there are chronic nursing shortages, mandatory overtime and round the clock shift work, I do miss being called to perform at such an optimal level.

Now the above was a tangent upon which I didn't expect to travel!  Whatever.  I've been doing pretty well - a fact belied from my recent absence from blogging.  Usually when I don't post for more than a couple of days, I'm doing the wrong things regarding food and exercise.  But since Friday's weigh in of 208 (a one pound loss for the week), I've done pretty well.  Not perfect, but absolutely no bingeing, which is a big deal for me.   And each day from Saturday on, I've done better.  I got in a 5.5 mile walk Saturday and Sunday, and about 2.2 miles yesterday.  The first 2 were with a friend, and the endless talking really gets my mind off the speedy walking!  Yesterday on my own with the dog, forgetting my ipod, I felt every step, was copiously sweating (an attractive image), and ready to be done.  I'd intended to go much further.  Oh well, it was still a good walk and better than the nothing I could have done!

From yesterday until Thursday (maybe Friday), I'm home alone as youngest son is away with friends at a lake house, and the mister is on a business trip to Chicago.  I'm insanely jealous of the husband because he's staying with our older son who's been living in Chicago for the last year.  Actually son #1 is getting ready to come back and embark on some interesting volunteer work (you'll hear about that in the coming weeks).  He and Tom are going to a Cubs game tonight and hubby is thrilled.  I'd love to be there with them!

Being alone gives me the opportunity to really have the house empty of all crap and junk food, which greatly helps my eating efforts.  Also, I can just make small meals for moi, and not feel compelled to boil potatoes or cook some other starch products for the men folk.  Can you say simplicity?  Love it! 

I've recently started making myself a sandwich that is a throwback to my single and skinny days - this has been my Sunday and my dinner last night.  I'm using the 100% wholewheat sandwich thins, and using 2 tsp of lite mayo, lettuce, a BIG handful of alfalfa sprouts, chopped up scallions, avocado and a slice of swiss cheese.  Here's a couple pics over to the left.  Not only do these taste delicious, but they take me back to 1976 when I was in my optimal state of flat stomached, bikini wearing youthful health!  I'd forgotten about this yummy concoction until I saw sprouts at the farmer's market.  I used to be a sprouts addict!  Hey - I could (and have been) addicted to a lot worse.  Wonder why I got away
from them? 

The other new food thing I just found is at Trader Joe's...it was being sampled the other day.  It's a clear plastic container with chopped salad - cabbage, carrots, radishes, celery, and probably other stuff cut up in small chunky pieces.  I realize I can do that chopping myself, but since they were sampling this the other day with their Goddess dressing (delicious but calorie excessive so I didn't buy the dsg) I bought some.  It's a great starter for a big yummy salad where I add tomatoes, cukes, scallions, etc.  Here's pic of my salad yesterday, plus some okra fries I tried for the first time ala
KERF.  They were yummy!  I'll be doing more of them this weekend if I can find good fresh okra.  It's not as available in the northeast as in the south, where okra is a part of everyone's backyard garden!
Well, that's about it for me today.  I'm feeling very grateful that for right now, my inner binge-er seems to be lying dormant.  She's in there, for sure - but she's not kicking my ass today and keeping my mind stuck on visions of sugarplums and saltines with butter!  And with a nest that is empty of even the father bird, I think I can have a really good and losing week.


  1. Sounds like things are going well for you all around:) I cannot eat those thins. That is what hubby buys at Costco and I kept pigging out on. Sigh. Hope your week is fabulous!

  2. Nice to see you. I was getting ready to hunt you down via email.

    I love okra and haven't had any yet this summer!

    Do you have a Jimmy John's near you? If not and you ever see one, you've got to try this sandwich! It's totally worth the calories. They bake the 7 grain bread on premise - can I say delish!

    When my daughter was in college there was one right around the corner from campus and it was my twice yearly treat to get one of those when I dropped her off then went back to pick her up.

  3. Oh, enjoy your "moi" time. Congrats on casting away one more pound--it feels good, doesn't it! It sounds like you're doing great, busy time at work and all. Good, interesting food choices, and exercise, and keeping inner-binger lying dormant--er, can I send my Mr. Munch over to keep your inner-binger company??

  4. It does get SOOOO busy and it's hard to post daily. I find that I just can't do lengthy posts and some may not be overly interesting to others but enough for me to stay accountable.

    Glad to see you found some good food! Thanks for the pictures, it looks great!!

  5. Good to see you and I have never tried okra. Maybe I will try it hmmm...

  6. I'm glad you're having a bit of time to take care of myself. Even if it is to feed the hospital nurse within. Your food looks GOOD.

  7. myself should read yourself. GOOD GRIEF!!

  8. Enjoy your time alone! I often think about how I ate Special K for dinner back in the swinging single days!

    I LOVE that healthy eight mix from TJ's (I think that's what it's called) I made some coleslaw from it with just a little bit o mayo, red wine vinegar and a pinch of Splenda. After it sat for a day it was divine and lasted a whole week. I'd imagine it will be great in soup for the winter too. Love when someone else does the chopping!!

    SO glad to hear you are binge free. If we keep filling up on this good healthy stuff it might stay away for good!

  9. Glad to hear from you, and also glad to know that I am not the only person who "forgets" about certain foods - your sandwich sounds great and I love that it brings back such a positive time in your life for you!

  10. I am so glad you are doing well. I was getting worried with no posts up from you!

    That sandwich and chopped salad are right up my alley. Good filling food. Yum.

  11. So glad to see you surface and glad you are doing so well! I must tell you how much I admire nurses and those in the medical profession. I just don't have the fortitude for it and look up to those who do.

    Your sandwich looks yummy and I am GREEN with envy over Trader Joe's. Love that place.

    Enjoy your "spoil me" time!

  12. Those sprouts bring back a lot of memories, Leslie! And I swear by the wheat thins and their cousins, the bagel thins!

  13. What a good feeling - the no binging!! THAT'S a big deal! I know it isn't easy and I think you're doing great!

    My husband and I will be going to a Chicago Bear's pre season game in a couple weeks (just thought I'd throw that in since your men are at a Cubs game/BTW: my husband is a SOX fan).

    You're right about the food in your house and how it aids or hinders your efforts! Our pantry, cupboards and fridge look different than 2 months ago for sure. It's a work in progress :)

  14. I would like that sandwich a lot. Send one right over, please! I remember the days when I did sprouts. Yummy with avocado. You know how to treat yourself right.

  15. Hey, I wasn't even around my OWN blog, but I missed you! Can't wait to read more :)

    You're awesome!