Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cooling my jets

Thanks for all the good comments yesterday.  The theme that emerged, started by my favorite trendsetter Roxie, was that I was perhaps delusional in the grandiosity of my goalsfor this week.  Who, moi?  Obviously you folks don't know who you're dealing with.  You know me - the gal who has managed to gain 15 pounds since starting a weight loss blog last year!  First I lost it, then slowly backslid.  (How's that for a euphemism...makes it sound like a kids'game...Backsliding by Milton Bradley.)  BTW, for readers who are newer to my blog, I've had some extenuating circumstances that included 2 knee arthroscopies last winter that were buggers from which to recover.  Another "circumstance" is there is too damn much good food out there literally beaconing to me on a daily basis.  Yikes - how I can turn excuses into circumstances is frightening!

I guess maybe my goals for the week were a little lofty, but let me explain a few of things.  First, no bingeing is not a lofty goal.  Neither is walking daily - I do this almost every day anyway, so that isn't really something way out there.  Same with the water drinking - I always have tons of water, so the 96 oz daily goal is what I do anyway.  And as far as giving up sugar and white flour, I'm not doing that yet, though I had none of either yesterday.  That wasn't included in the goals, but my garbled thoughts may have made it seem that way.

But looking back just now, I see that I totally forgot about not eating in front of the tv, and not eating in the car.  I didn't eat in the car yesterday, but I did have dinner in front of the tv because I'm home alone until Wednesday night when hubby returns from taking young son to college.  Obviously I had so many goals I couldn't even remember them all.  So the last two goals are off the table.  And I really appreciate you all gently noting when I get all expansive in my plans and goals, reminding me that too many "rules" can set me up for failure or frustration, both of which can send me smack ass to the refrigerator.

I did not binge or overeat yesterday, and that made me feel great when I woke this morning.  I also did a lot of food prep yesterday afternoon - roasting some veggies, making ratatouille and okra "fries".  I cooked up a whole pack of  Trader Joe's chicken sausage that has 100 calories per link, so I'm well set up with healthy food that I love for the next few days lunches and dinners.  Planning and preparing things ahead of time always helps me keep the nose to the grindstone and the inner binge-er at bay, but so often I'm too lazy to do it.

Today I can't find the neat little blurb I read in a magazine that I wanted to talk about.  I swear I left it on my desk at work, but it's not hear.  If I don't find it today, I'll have to wing it and tell you about it tomorrow.  It was just an interesting piece about investing money in things vs. experieces.  Personally, I like both, but this was a good little think piece.  Hope to share it tomorrow.  Have a good Tuesday, all.


  1. I never said delusional or grandiosity :-)

    On the same vein as the article that went missing: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/08/business/08consume.html

  2. A fellow blogger said it perfectly:



    wise words I am going to live by!!!

  3. Great job on the food Leslie! you know exactly what you need to do and that's such a huge part of the battle!

  4. I got some interesting reaction when I put the goal of "no more overeating" on my post! But so far I haven't:) It is amazing, isn't it, how much better it feels to actually eat well?

  5. Hooray for prepping your food - planning is really key!

    We eat in front of the t.v. every.single.night. I have a gorgeous dining table but we only use it for company :(

  6. Planning is a great step. Both goals were doable. No binging and a daily walk. Yep, you can do that!

  7. Glad to hear you shrunk that list a little bit. :)

  8. Planning and prep for the week ahead is a great idea! You are doing everything right Leslie.

    I did answer you on my blog but I don't know if you come back to read answers. Yes, we are going to Spain to visit our daughter. Not until next Spring when she has a break from classes. It will be a long 7 months until then. Thanks for all the words of encouragement! It really helps.