Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday mix

I had a great walk yesterday after work with a friend and our dogs, who are also good friends :)  We probably went about 3.4 miles, and wonder of wonders, it wasn't stifling hot!  I still got sweaty, because I'm a big perspire-er from way back, but it felt so good to not feel drug out and beaten down by oppressive heat.  Never have I been so ready for fall!  This morning on the 7 day weather forecast, it showed another heat wave for early next week - 3 days of low 90's, but at this point we know it's only a matter of time before the seasonal weather shift settles in.

Food was also good yesterday.  I've taken some prep and meal pics but my camera battery is empty and I can't find the little charger gizmo.  I distinctly remember putting it somewhere I couldn't possibly forget so as not to lose it but have no recollection where that place is.  A brain is a terrible thing to lose, lol!  I bought the camera online and am fervently hoping I don't have to figure out how to get another would be drama and time I don't want to spend.  I'm beginning a house cleaning and reorganizing whirlwind because we have company coming in 3 weeks, so hopefully it will turn up as I sort through the myriad piles and stacks that currently cover my dining room table.

Having company coming for a couple days a good way to get things done in the house I've been meaning to do forever.  (Another excellent motivator is having a party.  My kids used to hate when we had big parties because I turned into such a maniacal neatnick, which is opposite of my usual laid back self.)  Hubby will get home tonight from Atlanta and will be excited to see the list of things I've comprised for him to do! 

I have a big list for myself, too - in fact, I'm even thinking of painting the spare bedroom that hasn't been painted since my daughter occupied it years ago.  2 walls are light blue, 2 light green, and all four, plus a couple of built in nooks and alcoves are scuffed, nicked and have residual poster adhesive and picture hanger holes.  The prep work is the most important part, and definitely the least fun.  I wish I could hire a crew to come in and do an overhaul, but I've watched so much HGTV over the last few years I feel we can tackle this project and others without much tension or fuss.  Hope those don't become famous last words!  Rest assured I'll keep you posted on projects, and hopefully post pics, pending locating the aforementioned MIA battery charger.

A friend invited me over for an early dinner today.  I'm really looking forward to it for several reasons.  She is a very healthy eating and told me she's serving shish kabobs with veggies and chicken over brown rice.  Perfect and guilt free for me.  We agreed on no dessert, because if she whips something up I'd feel compelled to eat it.  Also, I'm going to walk to her house which is about 2.1 miles each way.  It's so nice to eat out in a manner that I know won't derail my food plan.  Usually my frequent meals out with friends are in restaurants where I know the sodium content alone will mess up my weight for a day or so.

We're having our big 2nd round licensing at work today, so it's a little tense around here as we make the place look better than it ever does, and follow "rules" set by regulators with unrealistic notions of how to do things in this kind of setting.  I'll be glad when 2:30 rolls around and I can leave the tension and brooding behind.

I hope everyone has a good hump day  Only 2 more days 'til Friday, and it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend that will make next week's 8th heat wave even more annoying!  But summer is definitely on won't be kicking us around too much longer.


  1. Leslie, you are my hero. You lead such an active social life - forever walking with this one or dining with that one. I know the dining out makes life a bit more difficult, but the social part is really cool.

    I'm ready for a break in the weather as well. Good luck with your makeover! That's exciting.

  2. There is nothing better than new paint in a room. I love to redo rooms. I hate the work, but love that fresh perfect look. I guess that's kind of like losing weight. I love the new look but hate the work!!

  3. I am the same way - glad when I have company because it forces me to clean... and my husband will even help:) Think of all the calories you can burn with your work on the house!

  4. I love to paint, it makes everything so fresh and lovely.

    How nice to have a friend who cooks healthy for you! And you are walking there, hey now that it over the top!

  5. Yes, you seem to have a great idea there, walk to friend's house, eat a healthy dinner, then walk back. I need to find a friend nearyby-ish, so I can do that, too! Guess I could walk to Mom's... It's only about a mile or so further. Hmmm...


  6. I love that you are walking to your friend's house! Such a great way to pre-burn off dinner...and a healthy dinner to boot!

    I watch HGTV a lot and get so many ideas - sometimes I go on decorating benders, lol. Have fun with the room...can't wait to see what you do with it!

  7. I mall walked yesterday. The first time in months. I had salad and a baked potatoe for supper. Than tried to walk it off. Don't think I did. I know you will paint the room so pretty. The prep work is awful but the finished product will be great.

  8. I love it that you live in a city where you can walk to a friends house safely. Hooray! I'm glad too that she is sensitively considering your health. That is amazing.

  9. You sound just like me re cleaning up the house. To this day, if my kids see me with pledge, or windex, or a broom in my hand they ask "who's coming?" Good work on getting in the exercise. Our weather has been much nicer for a few days. Fall can't come soon enough for this girl.