Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pest control

A couple things are brewing today that I just have to mention.  I've already written most of part 2 of the Pickled post but just have to put this out first.

Anonymous commenters - I've never had many anonymous folks commenting on my blog, so didn't have a strong opinion about them.  The occasional comment I'd get from what the lovely Loretta calls an "anonymouse" (the plural is even better - anonymice) was neutral and non-provocative and therefore didn't get my undies in a tangle.  But in the last couple of weeks I've noticed the population of anonymice seems to be increasing across our little blogdom. 

In particular, one blogger who's been struggling a bit and getting some strong but concerned and supportive comments from identified followers, has also been visited by a herd of anonymice, feeding off the comments of people who aren't afraid to own their thoughts and words.  It's easy to be judgemental and mean-spirited when you have no identity and can't be called on for your crap attitudes.  I can literally see the thoughts of identified commenters in the words splat out by some of these "livin' down low" folk, and when they're kind - it's one thing.  But many aren't, and it's starting to work my last nerve. 

But my last nerve didn't really get tweaked until yesterday, when a cowardly mouse made a random, rambling and irrelevant comment about my post yesterday.  To my little mouse friend I say thanks for taking the time to comment, but proofread your writing before you publish it to be sure you're saying what you mean to say.  'Cuz it sounded kind of goofy.  Made no sense, though you don't have to feel embarrassed because you don't have enough backbone to claim your words.  And you said, "This is no criticism."  None taken, because why would I feel criticized by someone who isn't confident enough to identify his/herself in any way?

Many anonymice leave helpful and supportive comments.  But others become harrassing and haranguing voices of judgement, criticism and infestation if you will; and the virtual equivalent of bullying, with cowardice as the common denominator.  Look in the mirror and try picking on yourself instead.

I puffy heart blogging and bloggers - There's no way to express how much I love this community, and how often I think of many of you during the course of my days.  Honestly, I can see an ad for a certain food and think of someone.  Or hear about a distance run, or in a conversation with a friend...I honestly feel this virtual community is as vital and helpful to my life as the actual folks I hang with.  Thank you, and whoever invented this bloggy thing (Al Gore as originator of the internet? Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Shit?) for yet another aspect of living in community.  It indeed does take a village.

Pickled Part Deux to follow.  But I just had to get that off my chest.


  1. Oh Dear Lord I came THIS close to doing a post about Anonymous bloggers this took all my restraint not to because I couldn't think of how to write it w/o littering it with cuss words, lol. You said it MUCH better than I would....I probably would have gotten myself banned from the internet altogether, lol. Thanks for putting this out there. :)

  2. Last paragraph - ditto! Can you turn off anonymous comments on blogger? I know you can in Wordpress.

  3. Yes, you can turn them off in the comments section - I prefer it that way!

  4. Leslie, I read the anonymous comment three times to try to get the idea in it. I came close, but alas no cigar.

    I think she was trying to be deep. Being an airhead isn't the same as being profound. Really, it's not. Anonymous needs to come in for a landing. That's an invitation from me. chuckle.

    Loved your post, tho. I'm hoping that part two unclouds MY brain.

    Thank you so much for your comments on my recent posts. It is nice to have someone get what you're trying to say.

  5. People are vexed in our little village -
    and many of our fellow bloggers are
    ..... damaged, or hurt, or injured..... or shy....
    Can't find the word. Imperfect? *whatever*
    I get alot of Anonymoose (Moose)
    comments.... just watch em roll off, eh?
    At least make a fake profile, right?!

  6. I've never really seen the "mice" before. I guess I don't get out much! Sounds like there are lots of goings on that I am oblivious to. I think I like it that way.

  7. I guess I have missed what is going on as well but I get the idea and it is too bad that people resort to that kind of behavior.

    Everyone is the sandbox needs to play nice or step away!

    Kindness matters!

  8. I don't believe in blogging or commenting anonymously. I think it's an act of cowardice. If you have something to say, say it. Or don't. I block anonymous comments. If you want to say something on my blog then you had better put your name to it.

  9. I read the comment yesterday and was kinda like "huh"? I certainly couldn't even come up with a response back.

    And Deb made me laugh out loud. I love people who have balls!

  10. Like I've heard in meetings: before you comment ever and anywhere, ask yourself "is it kind, is it true, and is it necessary?" That would pretty much take care of the "anonymoose." (I like that word, Anne H!)

  11. Leslie, where's your part 2. I need to know more about this sugar thing. I'm confused as to sugar addiction vs. the body's reaction to processing sugar and not being diabetic. I think now maybe this is more what you were talking about. While diabetics need to eliminate, maybe some of us just need to make sure we don't overload. Is that right? I've been avoiding desserts and maybe my pschye is telling me something. I mentioned that on my blog. Waiting on pins and needles.


  12. I finally had to turn anonymous commenting off! I was getting way to much spam and honestly it relieved some stress off of me that i was getting from some comments! Something i definitely don't need.