Monday, November 15, 2010

Pocket science

It's official - a frontal lobotomy has been exacted within my head (see yesterday's post).  I base this claim on the following data:

1)  I'm loving tracking.
2)  I'm planning my food ahead of time for the most part.
3)  I've said "No" to myself several times, and obeyed.
4)  I've purchased a few "reduced fat" versions of things and they taste GOOD.
5)  I've gently told myself to be calm a few times, and calmed down.
6)  I'm putting my notebook on the bedside table nightly, even though there is no food in the bedroom.
7)  Tracking feels like I've found a whole new freedom with eating.
8)  When food nervousness hits, I ask "What's really going on, Leslie".
9)  I wanted to weigh this morning, cuz when I'm doing well, I want to see the "proof".  Said no. See #3.
10) I won't eat something until I tally the callies.  Cuz I have a limit that gives me plenty of food.

Ten items should be enough for now.  This doesn't sound like the usual Leslie, I'm well aware.  I'm grateful for this current cosmic state in which I find myself.  It may be gone in a flash, but it's here now and I'm tickled pink.  I can't say enough for the guiding force that had me pick a higher goal than my eventual goal for getting started here with eating for goal maintenance on Allan's challenge.  In addition to the food warp, I've been exercising daily and feeling really good and clear headed.  Must be something about not eating 3000+ calories daily.

Here's a pair of socks I just finished knitting.  Pretty cute, huh?

That's all for today.  So far the lobotomy is holding.  Can I tell you how much easier it is to knit without constantly plucking cheezits from a napkin?  What else might get simpler and smoother?!  Stay tuned..


  1. That's great Leslie! I find that if I don't meal plan I am a total loss. Hope your lobotomy sticks! :D


    p.s. and I'll happily share the title with T.J.! :D

  2. Way to go ! I think the first , or most important step in recovery of any form is to really get in touch with yourself. Sometimes the best way to do this is to have a yardstick to stand against so you can find exactly how you measure up and develop goals that are definable and perceptible, as well as holistic ( tracking and journaling are good yardsticks !)

  3. Woohoo!!! And just this week I was thinking I need me neighbor to teach me to knit (re-teach since I knew the basics in HS) so I can occupy my hands while watching TV with something other than food.

  4. Glad that the tracking is helping out all the way around.

    Soooooo jealous of your knitting ability. But you know, you need people like me. I'm the one who buys your stuff - lol!

  5. Tally the callies - great line! Happy to hear that tracking is working so well for you. :)

    The socks are so pretty - I really admire your talent!

  6. Oh this just makes me smile...I love the place you're in right now. I hope you camp out there for the long haul. :)

  7. May I just say--WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Deb

  8. I love it Leslie! You wanna share summa dat fire you got burnin under you? I want some!