Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday post on Tuesday morning

Thanks, blog buddies, for all your suggestions and opinions on calorie recording.  You brought up several sites I've never tried, so tomorrow (I'm taking a personal day to take care of my person and not have to sit through a day long non-mandatory inservice on professionalism, geared for our direct care staff!) I plan to check them out and decide how I'm going to keep track of the little caloric buggers.

First - after I posted on Friday morning, my left knee gradually felt worse, so I scheduled an acupuncture treatment for Saturday and an appointment with the Ortho for Tuesday.  It was really hurting and I didn't know what on earth was going on.  In good self-care mode, I went home after work, took Ibuprofen, elevated the legs and iced on and off for the rest of the day.  Well--Saturday morning I woke up and the knee felt almost normal!  Bust my buttons - things like that never happen to me.  It's still a little stiff, but clearly better.  So both of the "on the fly" appointments were cancelled.  I even took a walk each day - 25 minutes Saturday and 45 on Sunday.  I walked gingerly and mindfully so as not to twist or torque said knees - and they held up fine.  Go figure.  I'm relieved and pleased.

So obviously I didn't go to the DC Rally.  It seemed a stupid thing to go if my knee was all jacked up, and even though it was better Saturday, it had to be better for it to lay low.  My son went to the rally with a friend and had a great time.  I watched it from the couch - probably had a better vantage point and was able to continue knee care!

I started the above post yesterday at work but got and stayed so busy that I never got back to it.  After work, I walked with a friend, and then between phone calls, dinner prep, and my usual early bedtime (read falling asleep in sitting position on the couch while family snickers around me) -  I never finished it or published it.  So I'm doing that now at 5 a.m. on Tuesday. 

I'm taking a personal day from work because we have an inservice day with a menu of mind numbing topics to sit through.  So later I WILL write about some eating and food insights that have come to me over the few days.  And as a teaser, I ate almost no Halloween candy this year - it just didn't interest me.  Of course it helps not having 3 young'uns bringing in pillow cases full of my Hershey products of choice after a couple hours of trick or treating.  Yes Reese's cups, I'm talking to you.  And buying stuff I hate also helped.

Oh brother...I just heard on the news that the McRib sandwich at McDonalds, a "cult favorite", will be available at all MickyDees across the country for 6 weeks starting today.  I've never sampled that gastronomic delicacy and am proud to say I haven't eaten at McD's for several years.  This "news", (really? news?) makes me give myself a high five for staying away.   TTYL :)


  1. responds with a **high 5**

    and has to ask:

    I do not get the McRib :) people adore it--but it isnt ribs right??

  2. I gave up McD's three years ago too. Giving up all restaurants with drive-throughs (except Starbucks) was my first step toward a healthy life.

    Enjoying your blog!

  3. I've never eaten a McRib in my life. I am a total swine lover....and the pre-formed mystery meat pattie they call the McRib just seems like sacrilege to me, lol. Glad to hear your knee is feeling better. Enjoy your personal day. :)

  4. What Tammy said. How dare they call that a rib?!!

    Glad you're taking a day to take care of your person. Because she's the most important person of all...

    Looking forward to your eating revelations as well as what you decide about calorie counting.

  5. One thing I do not miss being in a corporate law firm is all the damn meetings!

    Glad your knee is feeling better and that you took it easy.

    My husband loves McRib - a few years ago he comes home and hands me one - he says "your life will be changed forever!"

    I took one bite and thought it was the grossest thing - the flavor was fine but the consistency was too weird for me.

    Actually, there is a soy version of the McRib that I really like - can't remember what its called though!

  6. You gotta take a day sometimes and "sharpen the saw". Good for you.

    Glad the knee is feeling better.

  7. I don't follow your blog, but I noticed your kind and caring comments at "266." Maybe you could invite 266 to try Overeaters Anonymous, the 12 step group, and you both could participate *together* (online)? Just a thought, since AA has proven so helpful for many...dunno, but it might make a difference. :)

    Peace and serenity to you!

  8. High five to you! That is an accomplishment to not have even been to a Mickey's for a number of years. Keep your spirits up! Michele

  9. Gwennie ribs are far better. Good reminder to make some soon. ;) Glad the knee is better! :)