Friday, February 24, 2012

A couple things

I'm not going to whine on another day besides the Wednesday Whine List - but I just have to say that I forgot to mention on Wednesday that I'm entirely done with stupid people who were trained in certain skill areas - signed off on their training, and then claim ignorance and don't do things according to...TRAINING.  I've wasted about 3 hours this morning trying to set something right that was handled improperly, and it still isn't resolved.  If it wasn't Friday, I may have imploded by now.  Still might, but I'm leaving an hour early to take youngest son to the airport for a trip to Atlanta to see his girlfriend.  Implosion averted, hopefully.

I've had 2 days on plan, and 3 with no sugar.  Even though I generally don't give up things for Lent, I appreciate the idea of sacrificing something I really enjoy WITH the idea of reflecting on Greater sacrifices that have been made for me in many realms, including the Spritual realm.  With that in mind, I thought that my intention to give up sugar might have more staying power if I keep the idea of sacrificing out of gratitude rather than my FAT-itude.  (that just came to me...ain't I clever?)

It's amazing, as I've said a zillion times before, how quickly I feel physically clearer and better when I put down sugar, processed carbs, and overeating.  That seems to be a constant as it's happened to me over and over.  Glad to be in that place today.  Glad, and grateful.

Now back to my issue at work!  Have a great weekend, everyone.  I'm planning on finishing the 4th season of Dexter - it is SOOO good and unpredictable.


  1. Good job staying away from sugar and bad carbs. When will we learn? We know this but often go back to old ways. Hooray for the times we stick to it!! Sugar really is a poison!! (metaphorically speaking)

    Enjoy your weekend! And try to be patient with all those STUPID people. You will get so much good karma! ;)

    God bless....

  2. I too feel that kind of clarity when I don't have sugar or lots of other carbs! They are just so darn appealing that it makes them hard to stay away from I guess.

    Dexter is such a good series! Enjoy!

  3. Happy Friday, Leslie! Thank you for the offer of the baby blanket pattern - I would love to take you up on that (not that I'm quite ready for something so big yet...but I'm getting there)!

    I've discussed watching Dexter with my swimming buddy - we "watched" Mad Men and Weeds, and spent many laps kickboarding together talking about the shows. Dexter sounds like another winner. :)

  4. I still haven't watched Dexter! I hear it's good....maybe tonight. And I'm with you, Glad to be in the place I am TODAY. Have a Super Great Day Leslie! You deserve it!

  5. Being of sugar always helps me too. It is so frustrating to work with people like the one you described, glad the weekends coming so you can escape that for a while.

  6. My daughter and husband LOVE Dexter - I just couldn't get into it. Sorry work was a bitch - hopefully you can relax this weekend! :D

  7. Why would you think that dumping all your "whining" on your blog is something readers might enjoy? Blech! Not me...really off-putting.
    I've decided to stop reading your blog also because you are "playing" at "weight loss" tales of never ending snacks and desserts. IMHO you need a good hard 12 step kick in the ass around your "playing diet /weight loss". I do want to applaud your exercise before I leave..that has inspired to move. Adios!

  8. Leslie, feel free to say what you need to say on your blog. I think there is therapeutic value in that. Being without sugar always makes me feel so much better in so many ways. BTW, I love watching Dexter. I can't wait until it is back on for another season.