Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday whine list

1.  Blogger hasn't been one of the first things that comes to mind when I contemplate pet peeves and assorted annoyances, maybe because I didn't even look at blogs much over the 4 day weekend.  But 2 days back in and I'm really done with  Blogger's new word verification that requires not one, but 2 words to reproduce to prove I'm not a robot.  And on top of that, one of the words is always so F-ing distorted that I invariably have to go through the process twice because the distortion is so ridiculous.  I have good eyes people - need only 2.00 reading glasses.  I can see.  Is this really necessary?  Are they trying to weed out terrorists or something?

2.  My encroaching obsolescence.  This could actually be a full post, and maybe it will someday.  Inside, I feel pretty with-it and cool and 'of today', but at least daily something occurs that shows me I'm simply not.  (I AM cool for a baby-boomer, dammit.)  Living with two 20-something boys for the last couple months has driven this home.  I just looked on for the definition of "obsolete".   It has a list of 5 items defining the adjective, and thankfully they don't all apply.  But # 2 says, "of a discarded or outmoded type; out of date; example: an obsolete battleship."  I don't feel discarded in any way, but outmoded?  Um, yes.  Example:  an obsolete battle axe.   Having a high snark quotient and attending a couple Led Zeppelin concerts in my day makes me an interesting relic.  Who's obsolete.

3.  Ignorant people who walk into my office when I'm on the phone and just stare at me.  Even after I kindly acknowledge with a nod and point to the phone, only to be asked, "Oh! Are you on the phone?"  No lie, this happens fairly often.

4.  People who don't use their turn signals when you're waiting to make a left turn, and they're coming toward you and suddenly make their own left turn, which they can do because my signal is clicking and they know it's safe to do.

5.  People who park crookedly and enough out of their own damn lines that the place adjacent cannot be used.

6.  Goes without saying in this venue...the tenacity and intractability of my eating issues.  At least I had a good day yesterday and am INTENDING one for today.

May you have an annoyance free day, friends.


  1. I just wrote about number 1 on my draft of my upcoming thumbs post! I have even asked a few bloggers who I read often to take it off. Those things are very hard to read!!! Yes, they might just keep me from commenting.

  2. Number 1 is coming up on a post of mine too!

    I have a friend who says you only become obsolete once the words "I will never ______ again" as in "I will never wear bell bottoms again." While not totally true I thought it was fairly accurage and funny! Maybe we're not outmoded though, just different moded?

    The turn signal thing, in fact the way people drive aggressively and rudely all the time may be my top pet peeve!

    Here's to hoping we both have a peeve-free day today.

  3. OMG, every time I get on the phone, my boss starts talking to me, and 9 times out of 10 it is work related. Drives me insane. Well, she always drives me insane.

    For instance: I have to listen/look at photos of her daughter for about the first 1/2 hour of every Monday morning - hearing the recap of her daughters volleyball game, pictures of her going out on a date, etc. The second I start to talk about Hannah, or anything NOT related to her, she suddenly has to make a phone call!

  4. I'm looking into to removing it from mine....if there is a way to do that.

  5. You can remove word verification by going in to settings, then comments, and somewhere in that place you can turn off the WV. I LOVE Everyone who does that!

  6. The word verification was put in to stop spam. We had bloggers in the past who were literally over run with spam. I am assuming they increased the words to two because somebody invented something automated that was able to read the one.

    We have also had bloggers who were bullied by anonymous commentors. Seriously bullied. I think anonymous is asking for trouble personally.

    how I am looking at the captcha:

    in addition to keeping away unkind comments and spam

    I have a spelling lesson as now one of the two words is an actual word (this was true the first few days, today they both switched to random)

    I am taking preventive measures for Alzheimer's as they are a brain puzzle

  7. Becoming obsolete. I can see why that's number 1, it sure is for me. :-( I work in a high school and over the past 15 years I have obviously become one of the old folks. I feel the same as I always did, though.

  8. Number one is bugging the heck out of me, too...I wish people would just turn it off. I have mine set where you have to be registered, and I very rarely get spam. And when I do? Just delete big deal, really. I'm not commenting as much on the blogs that have the captcha now because once I get it wrong (which I usually do at least once) I get frustrated and x out.

  9. Captcha has been driving me crazy. As some of you know, I have been having trouble posting and editing, as well as dealing with Captcha, particularly since I've been using my iPad and hubby's laptop, while on vacation. I'm going to try to turn mine off.

    I loved the "baby boomer" comments, as I am one of them. I have always loved being a baby boomer, so I think we're all cool. However, not everyone agrees, and I have noticed that the older we get the more marginalized we may become in the workplace and other groups. I just take it in stride, because there is no one on this earth who isn't going to grow older and then old. Karma...or what goes around comes around!

  10. I am so glad that it's not just me!! I HATE that new double trouble word damnification thing!!!!!! I have excellent vision, too, and still most of the time have to do it twice. I'm almost to the point of like Karen... if people won't remove it, well, I'm tired of fighting it, and will just say sayonara! Thanks for talking about it. Maybe people will realize it's NOT reader friendly.

    And, sorry folks, let's be honest: it's a time issue. It DOUBLES how long it takes to comment if you have to fight it, so if you want to visit lots of folks, well, who to cut?? The ones with Captcha, natch. Yep... a pet peeve of mine, if ya can't tell, LOL!

  11. #1 has been making crazy lately! Its okay to whine, it makes me feel better when I do.